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Don & Deb's Big Adventure Continues in Oz
We are now living in Melbourne, Australia after selling our beautiful yacht 'Buena Vista' in New Zealand. Even so...the big adventure will continue one way or another!
Tight But Pretty
06/23/2012, Opunohu Bay, Moorea, French Polynesia

The anchorage for the 'Rendezvous' weekend is lovely, but it's not big enough for the 40-50 boats who have crowded inside. We went in and had a quick look around and decided we'd rather be anchored in 85 feet of water than be on top of each other in there. So we went just outside the anchorage next to shore and dropped our hook in extremely deep water. We only have 310 feet of chain so we let it all out and finally we got hooked up. In this beautiful picture Buena Vista is the second boat from the right, next to shore.

07/04/2012 | mike
Wish I were there. Of course I wish I were in the huge ship in the middle!
06/23/2012, Opunohu Bay, Moorea, French Polynesia

It's first thing Saturday morning and there's a mad rush by all of the boats here to get our anchors up and make our way back to the main harbor. Just outside the harbor the race from here to Opunohu Bay on the island of Moorea gets started. We've got nice wind for the race, about 15 knots from the northeast and a pretty good swell is running too. Buena Vista had a great day and passes the finish line in exactly 3 hours with Charisma, Cie La Vie and Ladybug close behind.

More Pretty Girls of Tahiti
06/22/2012, Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

More of the nice show put on for the Puddle Jumpers.

Pretty Girls of Tahiti
06/22/2012, Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

We really enjoyed the dance show on Friday night. The girls are so expressive and boy can they move those hips.

We're Here To Have Fun!
06/22/2012, Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

These guys are in a store upstairs and way in the back at the market...I wonder why?

We're Here To Have Fun!
06/22/2012, Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

It's Friday afternoon and a bunch of us are hopping on the local bus headed downtown for the beginning of the Tahiti Puddle Jump reunion festivities. After leaving the bus we walk over to the main Papeete market. Don got me me a lei to wear to the party which was really nice. The party was held at the main Papeete Visitor Center. There's a lot of people here, some I know and lots I don't know. We mingle around for awhile, tasting a bit of Polynesia fare that was on display and trying some local wine...from a winery that's actually located on one of the atolls of the Tuamotus. Who knew you could grow grapes out there. Here's the Papeete market on a slow day.

First Thing - Chain Locker Difficulties
06/18/2012, Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

With the beating the boat takes on these passages from one island group to another, it's no wonder that things break. We emptied out the V-berth area (which any cruiser can tell you is absolutely full of god knows what) to get to the inner doors of the chain locker. It's immediately apparent what the problem is. We've got two sets of chain and rode up there divided by a half-wall structure to keep them apart. Well, sometime in the last two days the wall has broken away from the hull and the top chain/rode has fallen down on top of the bottom chain - our primary anchor chain. Also the 'cone', that stack of chain that happens when you bring it back onboard after being anchored has tipped over and now it's a big mess. We spend the next three hours untangling the two sets of chain and pulling it all back up on deck so that first, we can use the primary chain and finally get off the mooring ball and anchor the boat...and then so the wall can be, then re-fiberglassed. Dang. Thought we were here to have fun!

Finding a Place to Anchor - Maybe
06/18/2012, Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia

I've really fallen behind on the blog thing - sorry! I'm writing this over two weeks after the fact. I must say after a month in the Marquesas and a month in the Tuamotus (both quite remote and quiet) pulling into Papeete Harbor here in Tahiti was a bit of a shock. We called the port captain to request permission to enter the harbor just as a large ferry was leaving, on it's way to the island of Moorea. Moorea is only about 12 miles away and clearly visible from here. As you enter the harbor between the red and green buoys, you pass the fringing reef on either side with waves breaking on it. Look forward and there's lots of homes on the hillsides with businesses below and plenty of traffic on the roadway. Look off to the right a jet is landing at the airport. So much activity to take in after seeing none of this for over three months. We motor over to the downtown quay, one of our choices for staying here. It looks very crowded and we're not sure we want to pay $30 a night so we turn around and head toward the channel that leads to the Maeve Beach area where there is a free anchorage. Negotiating the channel is easy, but it's very different than anything we've experienced before. You've got the island on the left and the fringing reef out on the right with the breaking waves. You're out in the middle of the waterway following the red and green buoys through the channel. They first lead you off to the left, then off to the right, keeping you away from various reefs and dangerous areas that you can't really see but you know they must be there. A few miles down we motor pass the airport runway and call the port captain again to request permission to pass the airport. Maybe four miles from the main harbor you finally get to the Maeve Beach area and it is really crowded here. It's because all of the Puddle Jumpers are here, getting ready for the Tahiti-Moorea Sail Rendezvous and party that's starting Friday night. We found a spot to anchor out between several boats on mooring balls. The wind is gusting up and we're looking forward to being anchored safely. We start to drop the anchor and only about 5 feet of chain comes out and then it stops. What the heck??? The chain won't come out of the chain locker. What is going on? Luckily there was a free mooring ball close by so we pull up and tie onto that so we can figure out what's up with the chain.

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