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Calou's Blog
Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
Enjoying La Cruz

We have been in La Cruz for a week now. We are still waiting for our outboard to be fixed and a sun cover to be repaired for our jib.
While waiting, we are enjoying going on walks around La Cruz and surroundings.

Tuesday Tacos at Marina La Cruz

Enjoying Paradise Village after our 9 miles walk from La Cruz

Our new hangout at Vallarta Gardens very close to Marina La Cruz

We are also enjoying our friends Elisabeth and Doug, John and Anita from s/v Hilbre, and Delphine and Robert from s/v Wahkuna.
We went to Masala here in La Cruz for dinner, delicious with an elegant colorful ambiance. The Sunday Market was a blast once again!

Beautiful cat box from the Sunday market in La Cruz

We found a resort with a pool nearby where they allow sailors to use the facilities as long as you order food and drinks. It was easy enough to get in!

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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beautiful carved wooden bench
04/02/2014, Isla Navidad

One last picture before we leave for La Cruz.

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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04/02/2014 | Bruce Powell
the bench is not the most beautiful thing in the photo.
Landing a fish in Banderas Bay
03/31/2014, Puerto Vallarta

We caught this fish, a 20 lb. Pacific Crevalle Jack, in Banderas Bay on our way to La Cruz. I cut the meat into chunks and cooked it in butter, with garlic, onions, and chopped green olives, served over couscous seasoned with a spicy sauce. It was delicious.

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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Arrival at Tenacatita

We arrived at Tenacatita Bay and spent the afternoon kayaking and enjoying the beach.

We enjoyed the most spectacular sunset while at anchor.

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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Sailing north to Chamela

We made good time today sailing north from Barra de Navidad to Tenacatita Bay.

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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Barra de Navidad

Karaoke Night with good friends Debbie from s/v Sailors Run and Anita and John from s/v Hilbre

Jeff from s/v Sailors Run and Barry from s/v Seaswift having fun!

Another fun night with dear friends!

Walk to our secret beach on Isla Navidad

Antoine our son enjoys our new toy!

Dinner on s/v Sailors Run

Good times on s/v Sailors Run

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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03/24/2014 | Richard Helmich
Wow what a site. I have just spent the last hour or so reading your adventures. Would love to add you to my sailblog friends but do not have an email to send to from your site....Keep the post comming. Fair winds and Calms seas.
03/29/2014 | Daryl Silva
Great site ...looks like fun for all.
We are experienced sailors from SF Bay and going to be staying at the Grand bay hotel on Apirl 26
being that close to a marina gives us thoughts of connecting up with some yachties, Any advice
04/01/2014 | Pascale s/v Calou
Hi Daryl,
Too bad we left the Grand Bay already. If you want to meet some cruisers, just come down to the Marina and introduce yourself to the boat owners there and also the Marina has a cocktail hour organized every Thursday and you're welcome there as well.
Isla Navidad Marina

It's been already a month since we arrived at the Grand Bay Marina. We did a lot of fun things. We started with a Valentine's Dinner at the Terrace restaurant on the day of our arrival.

Then, we visited the market in Melaque several times, went to celebrate sweet Debbie's Birthday from s/v Sailor's Run in Santiago Bay.

We rented a car to go to Colima. We stayed at Hotel Ceballo on the beautiful square. In the evening, we were entertained by the Festival Cultural de Colima with colorful dance from each State in Mexico. In the morning, we drove to Sichutlan to visit a local wooden mask maker, stopped at a coffee cooperative and saw the volcano spewing ash.

Casa Alvarada

After that, we checked in Casa Alvarada in Comala a wonderful Bed and breakfast. We were prepared for the Botanas at the square under the arches. One can go there order a beer and they will keep on bringing you FREE Mexican appetizers until you ask them to stop! We retired at The Casa for a siesta we were so full!!
The next we drove back to the Grand Bay which took about 1 hour and a half. On the 27th, we celebrate my brother in law's at Banana's in Barra where they have delicious and tender Filet Mignon.
After my sister and her husband flew back to France on March 2nd our friends Lisa and Steve came for a visit for a week. They stayed at the Grand Bay. We had a fun week with them walking on the beach, doing Karaoke, going to Antonio's, playing games, and hanging out at the pool.

Cabo Blanco

Now, our friends Debbie and Jeff are back in Barra for a little while for fun times together.

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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Sail from La Cruz to Barra de Navidad

After being in La Cruz for 3 days, we sail South to Barra de Navidad. It was the first for my sister to sail offshore, be at anchor overnight, do a dinghy landing on the beach and go snorkeling. Except the snorkeling, everything else went well.

Sailing along the Costa Allegre with my sister and her husband

Ipala anchorage

Caught a Yellow Fin between Ipala and Chamela

Captain Bruce and "Calou" at anchor in Chamela, right center

Chamela anchorage

Snorkeling with my sister at Chamela

Colorful fish in Chamela


Huge crocodiles at La Manzanilla

Beautiful La Manzanilla anchorage

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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