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Sailing from Turtle Bay to Mag Bay

02 November 2013
We had a nice time at the beach party in Turtle Bay. The cruiser all got together on the beach for a potluck dinner, volleyball and tug of war games.

We departed Turtle Bay this morning and are now sailing south to the next stop, Bahia de Magdalena (Mag Bay). This sail should be one overnight plus a day, though depending on our speed and the winds, it could take two nights to get there.

We had nearly perfect sailing conditions today, with 12 knots of breeze coming on the rear quarter. We've been making 6 to 8 knots all day.

We caught a tuna and had fresh tuna for lunch today, cooked with garlic and butter.

At one point we had a situation where it appeared we were on a collision course with another sailboat. The thing is, there appeared to be no one on watch on the other sailboat; we could see no one in the cockpit. So we altered our course slightly to pass astern of the other boat. Right after we did that, we noticed the entire crew came scrambling out from belowdecks and looking over their stern. It seemed that they had a fishing line out that we ran over.

I also noticed at that moment that our knot meter stopped working. I guessed that their fishing line had gotten caught up in our knot meter paddle wheel.

The skipper from the other boat came on the radio and seemed angry that we had run over his fishing line. I pointed out that there was no one on watch and we changed course to his stern to avoid a collision, and no one warmed us that they were trailing a fishing line. After several minutes he came on the radio again and sounded apologetic, and offered to dive on our boat to remove the fishing line. So we rendezvoused in the middle of the ocean, and I hove to so that their crew member could dive under our boat. Sure enough there was 300 feet of monofilament line (and a lure) wrapped around our keel, which she removed. And, yes, after that our knot meter worked again.

Later on as the sun was setting we did a little ceremony for our crew member Johanna whose dad passed away recently. She read a poem about her dad, while Antoine played Amazing Grace on our piano and Pascale sang. Then right at sunset Johanna scattered her father's ashes onto the blue Pacific. It was beautiful and deeply moving.

So now we're sailing at night, dinner is cooking (chicken Tikka Masala with onions and new potatoes). We'll continue sailing all night, taking 3 to 4 hour watches, a routine that we are getting used to.
Vessel Name: Calou
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 47
Hailing Port: The Corinthian Yacht Club, Tiburon, CA
Crew: Bruce, Pascale, Antoine
Extra: Sailing on the 20th Annual Baja Ha-ha, departing mid October 2013 from Tiburon, and continuing to cruise Mexico. This will be our 3rd Haha. In 2011 we sailed the Puddle Jump from Mexico to French Polynesia, then up to Hawaii and back to San Francisco.
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