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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
Farewell to the Grand Bay Hotel staff

We said our "adios" to the wonderful staff at the Grand Bay Hotel, and to Maria from Maria's tienda, they have become friends to us and we will miss them very much!

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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Preparing to Sail South

We have been taking care of many projects prior to sailing south. Now, finally, we are ready.

Prior to our departure, we did a major upgrade to the fuel filtration system on board Calou. Fuel filters are of critical importance on a diesel powered boat. The fuel filters on board were really inadequate. The new filters are Racor filters about 4 times the size, and there are two of them, with valves so that we can switch from one filter to another while the engine is running. We can now also change a fuel filter while the engine is running, and transfer fuel from the auxiliary fuel tank to the main tank.

Our friend Bob Soleway joined us for this part of the trip, he'll be sailing with us for the next few weeks.

We were ready to depart today from Barra de Navidad (we've been here since January!!). However at the last minute the water pressure pump blew a fuse. We had noticed that the pressure pump was also taking a long time to come up to pressure. This was a signal to us that the pump needed tp be replaced. Fortunately we had packed a new replacement pump on board when we left California. So instead of leaving Barra today, I spent the afternoon installing the new pump. The old one was so noisy, and the new one is so quiet, we can't hear it at all! So we're happy to have taken care of that item.

Now it looks like we're all ready to sail south to Manzanillo in the morning. We'll spend one or two nights in Manzanillo to provision before heading south to Zihuatanejo.

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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11/23/2009 | John Thompson
It's great to see everyone and the boat! It looks like all has been well prepared. Nice you had the spare water pump, and were able to do that last minute job. Having a new fuel filtration system should do away with a lot of stress that can come up when the engine decides to quit at inopportune times.

Looking forward to hearing about this next chapter in your saga!
Francois the Happy Diver

Francois and I both passed the PADI Open Water scuba diving certification today. Now we're diving buddies. Francois is one happy diver!

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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11/17/2009 | Jeff
Bienvenue au club des pieds palmés à tous les deux et bonnes bulles !
Francois' first Scuba lesson

Francois takes a breath from the regulator at the pool in Barra de Navidad during his first Scuba lesson. Francois and I hit the books over the weekend to pass the tests and get certified.

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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11/17/2009 | Jeff
Félicitations François pour cette formation de plongeur !
Cela doit rappeler de bons souvenirs de baptême à Pascale !
Bzzz à tous
C.Boubou heads South
11/08/2009, Barra de Navidad, Mexico

Our friend Henri left Barra today on his boat, C. Boubou, heading south towards Costa Rica. Notice the prevailing winds in the palm trees!
We'll soon be following close behind.

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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Poolside in Barra

View of the pool at our marina in Barra de Navidad.

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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Halloween in Barra

Pascale and Antoine dressed up for Halloween here in Barra. Pascale put her former movie-makeup-artist skills to good use! The boys Francois and Antoine went trick-or-treating, but it had a different outcome from what they expected. They were inundated by little Mexican kids asking for the candy that they had collected, and by the time the night was over, they had given it all away!

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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11/03/2009 | Mark Leonard
How cool is that? Was he OK with his largesse? If it was a voluntary donation, that's a lesson in generosity. If it was forced, that's a lesson in taxation!

Pascale is frightening in that photo!
11/06/2009 | Bruce Powell
no it wasn't forced, it was voluntary and both boys were chagrined, but OK with it!
Back in Barra
10/28/2009, Barra de Navidad, Mexico

We flew back to our boat Oct. 20 along with a ton of spare parts and projects. Our plan is to get the boat ready for the next leg of our trip and then head south towards Panama.

The boat was in good condition when we returned, after leaving it in the marina for 4 months. The only problem seems to be the refrigeration, which doesn't get quite cold enough. I'm having a refrigeration specialist (a freon jockey) look at it tomorrow.

We had a friend (Henri) carry back a trunkload of spare parts in his car. Among these were another 4D battery and a polyethylene battery box (actually a West Marine 13 gallon holding tank with one end cut off). I installed it under the forward bunk, thus increasing our house bank capacity by 25 percent.

We also brought new fans (the old ones got so much use they stopped working). We have a large number of other projects to be completed before we leave Barra.

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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11/09/2009 | Jeff
Salut les fiers navigateurs !
Alors bon vent vers le sud et Panama.
Une fois dans les Caraïbes, c'est plein Est vers le étroit de Gibraltar puis plein Est, un peu Nord Est aux Baléares et ensuite vers le port de Santa Lucia de St Raphaël ;)

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