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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
Sail to Chamela
02/05/2011, Chamela, Jalisco, Mexico

We left Tenacatita this morning about 10:30 and headed north about 50 miles up the coast (give or take) to the delightful anchorage of Chamela. Our trip was uneventful, except for the 6 foot waves and headwinds. We motorsailed most of the way, thus making more speed that would be possible with either sails or motor alone.

Tomorrow we'll head further north to either Ipala or La Cruz.

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Fun in Tenacatita
02/04/2011, Tenacatita Bay, Jalisco, Mexico

We've spent a few very relaxing days here in Tenacatita, or "Ten Bay" as it is sometimes called. The boys spend their days boogie boarding, or paddle boarding, or swimming in the warm waters. The grown ups tackle landing a dinghy through the surf on the beach without getting capsized, or even more difficult, launching the dinghy and getting offshore into deep water before the first big wave comes in to swamp the boat! It can be quite the test of nerves, but like a lot of things with the ocean, it mainly takes waiting for just the right moment.

The crew of catamaran "Phambili" is anchored close to us, so we enjoyed a dinner aboard their boat and also had their kids (three girls and a boy) aboard our boat for two evenings for rounds of Poker while Mom and Dad (that's us) watched movies in our cabin.

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Arrival at Tenacatita
02/01/2011, Tenacatita, Jalisco, Mexico

We arrived in Tenacatita this afternoon, setting anchor around 1530 hours.

When we went to inflate the dinghy, we discovered that there was a flap that was supposed to be glued to the rigid fiberglass bottom, that became unglued. I spend a few hours via email with our crew member John back in the US to research which glues, of the 3 we had available, would be the best to use. John came through for us in spades :)

This photo is taken from our stern, as the sun sets in this delightful anchorage.

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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Moving on... to PV and beyond
02/01/2011, Barra de Navidad

We're leaving Barra de Navidad today, heading north to Tenecatita, and other ports along the way to Puerto Vallarta. We are considering doing the Puddle Jump from P.V. to the South Pacific... stay tuned!

If we are to do this, we have a fairly short time to get the boat ready by the March 1 departure, and a ton of projects to get done in the mean time.

Stay tuned, we'll keep you informed.

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Antoine catches his first Marlin (video)
12/21/2010, Barra de Navidad, Mexico

Antoine went fishing on his friend Churchill's boat, and caught and reeled in a huge 200+ lb (100 kg) blue marlin!

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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12/28/2010 | Blair Hunt
Congratulations Antoine!!! That looked very exciting for you!
Rodeo grill
12/19/2010, Colimilla, Colima, Mexico

A vendor grills meat for delicious looking tacos at the rodeo in Colimilla.

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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Rodeo band in Colimilla
12/19/2010, Colimilla, Colima, Mexico

We went to a rodeo in the village of Colimilla. A brass band played Mexican Oom-pah music, really loud. The Mexican people really love their brass bands!

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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Thanksgiving Turkey
11/25/2010, Barra de Navidad

Pascale made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner which included a roast turkey, cranberry sauce made with fresh cranberries, pumpkin bread, green beans with garlic and ginger, sweet potatoes, herb-garlic-cornbread stuffing, and of course, pumpkin pie with chopped pecan crust. It was heavenly!

Mexico Sailing Trip 2008-2011
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