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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
we're getting there...

last Friday we found a small leak at the rudder post, what used to be a grease fitting had corroded. This was fixed this morning.

I laid out the new anchor rode today - 200 feet of chain plus 100 feet of nylon rode and painted it with yellow and black markings every 20 feet.

Then I raised the entire thing into the anchor chain locker using the new electric windlass.

I used the Sawzall to cut away the excess wood around the mast partners, so that when the new Spartite is poured, it will not stick to the deck the next time. The edges were coated liberally with Vaseline.

Tomorrow, the boat will be put back in the water and we'll step the mast.

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Cockpit shower

There was one item that was considered a "comfort" item, placed in last priority. The cockpit shower. It lets us rinse things, and ourselves, before entering the cabin. It will be great for the two boys and their sandy legs and shoes.

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10/16/2006 | Ori Lahav
usually people put them on the transom.
10/16/2006 | Bruce
well, it depends on the boat configuration, I guess. To mount it on our transom would be totally impractical.
10/17/2006 | Ori lahav
ohhh - you probably dont have a swimming deck back there. - got you.
AC Inverter Installation Completed

The AC Inverter has been installed; it works like a charm. When running the blender, the draw on the 12 volt circuit was 12 amps. It'll be great to have on-demand AC power.

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How to send us email via our SSB radio


You can send us e-mail that we can receive via our Single Sideband (ham) radio while at sea. This will work even when we're miles offshore. The limitation is that, due to the limitations of SSB radio, the files must be PLAIN TEXT and contain no file attachments (ie, no photos). Also you must promise not to post the email address on any web sites, web pages, or other publications where spammers might find it.

For instructions on how to send us an email, first send a blank email message to: sailmailinfo (at) calou (dot) com. This address is an autoresponder that will reply back to you with the instructions.

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AC Inverter

Started installation of a Xantrex 1000 watt AC inverter today. I wasn't going to get one but they're so cheap these days and it'll be easier to keep things like cell phones, cameras and ipods charged. And we'll be able to run our Seal-a-Meal vacuum food bagger which will come in very handy. We may even bring the blender. This inverter is hardwired into the boat's AC system so it automatically switches over from Shore Power to Inverter mode when the shore power is disconnected.

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Dual fuel filters

I added a second Racor diesel fuel filter/water separator, and plumbed them in with a couple valves so that one can switch from one filter to the other without shutting down the engine. This is important since I've heard the fuel in Baja can be dirty. Also installed a vacuum gauge on the fuel line to monitor the condition of the filters. When a filter is clogged, the gauge will show it.

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10/15/2006 | Ori Lahav
Hi Bruce
don't know if I notice that correctly in the picture, but is your diesel filters are above the engine exaust?

if so... it seems not safe to me. incase of a leak or during your maintenance they might dripp on the exaust and this is a very good reason for fire on board, which you probably want to prevent.

don't know if you can move them, if not just take high caution when handling them.

10/15/2006 | Bruce
thanks for your concern, but what you see is the air intake plenum on the starboard side of the engine. The exhaust is on the other (port) side.
The CYC Burgee
10/14/2006, CYC

Well, maybe you already have one, but this is a good way to test the image relay system, so there we go!

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180 degree items completed

Boat hardware should be secured in case of a rollover. A brass latch was installed to retain the companionway steps. Also, two brass latches were installed on the hatches for the house battery bank. So these items are secured in case of rollover.

Generally, concerning boat hardware, anything heavy must be secured so it doesn't come loose if the boat is inverted 180 degrees. First on this list are: batteries, stove, companionway steps. These are all now secured.

Also, both lazarettes have been secured with latches and weatherstripping, so that in case of capsize or flooding of the cockpit, the lazarettes are closed and watertight.

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