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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
Antoine's Ukelele Lesson
07/20/2011, Scott's Bay, Moorea

Antoine plays the hula "Moana" with his instructor, Robert.

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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Polynesian Music and Dance in Moorea
07/18/2011, Cook's Bay, Moorea

Traditional Polynesian music and dance at Cook's Bay, Moorea.

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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Short Dinghy Ride from Shore to Boat in Moorea
07/18/2011, Cook's Bay, Moorea

Video of short dinghy ride from shore to boat, to get a more 3 dimensional perspective of the scenery at this beautiful anchorage here in Cook's Bay.

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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Flying the Spinnaker into Moorea
07/16/2011, Moorea, French Polynesia

Here's a superb photo of CALOU sailing across the finish line in the Tahiti - Moorea Regatta last month. (Photo kindly supplied by Andy Turpin of Latitude 38)

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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Ukelele in Paradise
07/16/2011, Cook's Bay, Moorea

We purchased a locally ukelele here in Moorea, and Antoine has taken a keen interest in playing it. He's taken some lessons from a local teacher here, and can't put it down. He's getting pretty good at it already, learning the basic chords and rhythms.

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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Arrival in Cook's Bay
07/14/2011, Moorea, French Polynesia

Before leaving La Polynesie, we've decided to make a stop at Cook's Bay, Moorea. This is such a beautiful island that it's a shame to visit it only once.

We arrived at the anchorage just after sunset, navigating by the lighted bouys and range markers. As we entered the bay, the sound of traditional island drums resonated. We felt as if we were James Cook and his ship, arriving for the first time in this magical place.

We'll be here until we're ready to make the 2500 mile passage north to Hawaii.

Here's an 18th century sailing song:

"Come cheer me up, me lads,
'tis to glory we steer,
To add something new to this
wonderful year,
'Tis to honor we call you, as free men,
not slaves,
For who are more free as the sons of the waves?"

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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07/14/2011 | Lynn A.Stokes
If you still need a crew member, feel free to drop me a line. Just finished a Oahu to Morro Bay delivery and could use some more sea time to re-new my 100 ticket. Got side-tracked and let it expire! (
Photo Album: Mexico to Paradise

John has uploaded a fantastic set of photos from our 23 day crossing from Mexico to the Marquesas... better late than never.. click on the link below:


Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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Farewell Dinner at Papeete
07/11/2011, Papeete, Tahiti

We enjoyed a farewell dinner with Pascale's cousin Colette and Didier, at restaurant Casa Bianca at the marina. We ordered a meter long pizza! It was delicious. This brings to a close our visit to Tahiti as we are sailing soon to our next stop, Hawaii.

Pacific Puddle Jump 2011
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