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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
The Intrepid Crew Ready To Go

Once we got that last item from Radio Shack, we were ready to go! Go boat go!

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getting down to the wire

we're getting down to the wire now! Got the boat out of Andersons, finally. Calou is in her home port. Tomorrow will be a frenetic day of cleaning, removing nonessential stuff from the boat, provisioning, and taking care of last minute chores and details. The list of things to do is very long. Can we get it all done in a day? I'm not sure. We'll give it our best shot.

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the latest news

Anderson's put the boat back in the water today, and stepped the mast. Their diesel mechanic began the checkout of the engine. They recommended replacement of the raw water pump with new, which I ordered.

An unanticipated glitch, is that they poured the new Spar-Tite (this is an epoxy plastic that fills the gap between the mast and the deck), and Spar-Tite recommends 48 hours cure time before the rigging is tensioned. So this means another two days before they can tension the standing rigging. This pushes us back another day, but, oh well, there's nothing we can do about that now.

With the mast back in, I re-connected all the mast electronic cables (radar, masthead instruments, and mast lights).

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10/19/2006 | Bruce
I guess 48 hours wasn't needed, because they tensioned the rig 24 hours later (much to my relief).
Are we lost yet?

Well, WE aren't!

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First picture DIRECTLY from CALOU

Here's a photo from CALOU! A bit blurry, but who wouldn't be after that bon voyage?

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we're getting there...

last Friday we found a small leak at the rudder post, what used to be a grease fitting had corroded. This was fixed this morning.

I laid out the new anchor rode today - 200 feet of chain plus 100 feet of nylon rode and painted it with yellow and black markings every 20 feet.

Then I raised the entire thing into the anchor chain locker using the new electric windlass.

I used the Sawzall to cut away the excess wood around the mast partners, so that when the new Spartite is poured, it will not stick to the deck the next time. The edges were coated liberally with Vaseline.

Tomorrow, the boat will be put back in the water and we'll step the mast.

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Cockpit shower

There was one item that was considered a "comfort" item, placed in last priority. The cockpit shower. It lets us rinse things, and ourselves, before entering the cabin. It will be great for the two boys and their sandy legs and shoes.

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10/16/2006 | Ori Lahav
usually people put them on the transom.
10/16/2006 | Bruce
well, it depends on the boat configuration, I guess. To mount it on our transom would be totally impractical.
10/17/2006 | Ori lahav
ohhh - you probably dont have a swimming deck back there. - got you.
AC Inverter Installation Completed

The AC Inverter has been installed; it works like a charm. When running the blender, the draw on the 12 volt circuit was 12 amps. It'll be great to have on-demand AC power.

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