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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
reaching to Santa Barbara

It's been beautiful sail so far, the sun broke out and we enjoyed a spinnaker sail in 15 knots going around Point Concepcion. Having rounded the point we are now on a broad reach heading for Santa Barbara.

We had a little visitor along the way. A tiny bird (NOT a sea bird) found our boat when we were about 20 miles offshore. At first he looked tired and found a place on the foredeck to sleep. Francois fed him chopped almonds and held him in his hands. The little bird sat on Pascale's finger. He stayed with us for a few hours, occasionally flying away only to return a few minutes later.

We also saw dozens of dolphins which followed our boat and played in the bow wave.

We had omelettes with the leftover chili and sour cream for breakfast. For lunch I made grilled ham and cheese open-face sandwiches.

Friends, if you wish to email us send a blank email to [email protected] That is an autoresponder which will reply to you with instructions on how to email us.

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Passage to Santa Barbara
10/23/2006, 20 miles offshore past Morro Bay

I'm on watch until 5:00 a.m., as we make passage towards Point Concepcion. John piloted from 9pm to 1 a.m. just prior. Our current course puts us on track to round the point mid morning. We had a great sail today, with a 15 knot following breeze, we put up the kite and sailed until it started getting dark. Right now we have a 15 knot wind coming from astern. The fog is thick so I'm watching the radar.

Earlier today we started taking on water, I pumped a bucket or two out of the sump under the engine. We traced the leak to a small puncture in one of the cockpit drain hoses. The puncture was under the waterline intermittently. Fortunately I had brought along some Zspar Splash epoxy. This stuff cures in the presence of water. Got the leak fixed right up, until we can replace the hose.

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Latest Photos from CALOU

Here's a photo from CALOU

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10/22/2006 | Heidi and Mark
Congrats! You are well on your way to Baja... Have fun Ha-Ha-ing.

Hasta Luego...
10/26/2006 | Jeff
Hello les fiers navigateurs ! bons vents et bonne mer !
J'espère que Calou n'a pas oublié son masque et ses palmes !
Demain nous prenons la route pour Venise !
Grosses bises à tous !
Jeff Renée
Mighty Pascale!

Clear evidence that she is (A) still aboard and (B) still happy! Go Calou Go!

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approaching Point Concepcion

we have foggy conditions, visibility less than 1/4 mile, and it's a moonless night. all one can see is the bow wave. navigating by radar and gps. the wind is coming from the north at 8 knots, though it was reaching 15 knots earlier. have to motor to make headway.

we filled up the diesel tank at Monterey, and calculated fuel usage. When motoring at 6.5 knots we use 0.7 gallons per hour. This gives us a range of about 464 nautical miles on a tank of fuel.

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enroute to San Simeon or Morro Bay
10/22/2006, Pacific Ocean

we all got up at 6 a.m., refueled, and left Monterey harbor this morning. Winds are less than 5 knots and coming from the south (grumble). Se we are motoring again. We look forward to that downwind run to San Diego we kept hearing about.

We saw a pod of dolphins just now.

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10/22/2006 | Frank Jenkins
Maybe we will c u in SLO, SB or LA/LB Harbors.
Latest Photos from CALOU

John at Monterey

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Who is driving?

Bruce At The Helm

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10/23/2006 | julle
Hi Bruce,
you look totally relaxed, reading all your mail, it sounds like
a lovely afternoon sail. Good work on the leak, not easy to detect!
I read nothing about a glass of good french wine?
Thank you for sharing.

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