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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
Thanksgiving in La Paz
11/23/2006, La Paz

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at a nearby marina, a couple hundred yatistas got together and did a potluck, with some benefactor providing several roasted turkeys. To have turkey dinner in tropical conditions is definitely a change of pace!

We plan to leave La Paz this Saturday, destination Isla Ispirito Santos. This island offers many beautiful coves.

After that, we will visit ports along Baja before making passage to Mazatlan.

We have extended our return, from December, to January. The one rule we've learned, is that when cruising, you can't make schedules.

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11/26/2006 | Heidi
If you see S/V Aquarius at Marina Palmira, say hi to my husband Mark and crew Kent and Laurie... from the photo it looks like you guys are there too. Happy TG.
Calou at Ballendra Bay
11/21/2006, Bahia de Ballendra

A nice photo of Calou at Ballendra Bay

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Beach at Bahia de Ballendra
11/21/2006, Bahia de Ballendra

Another of John's great photos, this one of the white sand beach at pristine Ballendra Bay.

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Francois at Ballendra Bay
11/21/2006, Bahia de Ballendra

Francois at the bow of our boat at glorious Ballendra Bay. Photo by John.

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More dolphins!

These two were swimming right under the boat.

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11/21/2006, Sea of Cortez

Here are some fo the dolphins we saw on the way to Bahia de Ballendra.

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Bahia de Ballendra

We left at 5:00 a.m. headed towards La Paz, the most convenient anchorage being Bahia de Balendra. This is a gorgeous bay with crystal clear water and white sand beaches.

Along the way, we caught 3 tuna. One first, about 10 in the morning, and then two more simultaneously, at around 10:15 a.m. All three were small five pounders. We cooked one tuna for lunch, saved one for a future dinner, and made ceviche with the third.

Not long after, we had the most incredible display of bottle-nose dolphins. They swam all around our boat, and thanks to the flat seas and crystal clear water, we could see them swimming under water at much as 20 ft depth. John got some great photos.

We arrived at our anchorages and saw the most incredible display of flying fish. They were fleeing a larger fish, maybe a tuna, and became airborne in order to escape their predator.

We invited the crew of KETCH 22 aboard for drinks and snacks. We supplied margaritas, fresh tuna ceviche, and fried tortillas. They brought freshly baked bread and vodka which we added to the margarita punch.

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11/19/2006 | Jeffdulac
Ae ae ae ! je le savais ! tortillas et vodka, jamais vous ne pourrez repartir ! le bateau sera bien trop lourd !
11/20/2006 | ori lahav
the position you have reported to the sailblog system is way of your rout.
1. maybe report again.
2. check the echo sounder - it seems like you are in Brasil. :)

great trip you have there ahh?


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