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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
Calou at the Giggling Marlin Yacht Club

Calou anchored in front of the Giggling Marlin Beach & Yacht Club, Bahia de los Muertos

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Calou at Los Muertes

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Stopping at Los Muertos on the way to Mazatlan

We left La Paz early this morning and are making our way to Mazatlan. Our first stop is the delightful anchorage at Bahia de Los Muertos, which we visited on our way up. It features good protection from northerly winds, free WIFI internet access in the anchorage, and a great restaurant on the beach called the Giggling Marlin Beach Yacht Club. We had a nice dinner there and are now retired to the boat to get some sleep before our planned departure at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

We took some great photos of the anchorage as the sun was setting.

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12/09/2006 | Heidi
We'll be about a week and a half behind you crossing to Mazatlan... will love to read about your experiences! Bonne Chance... and Fair Winds

Photos now online
12/06/2006, La Paz, Mexico

We now have uploaded some of our photos to some photo galleries on this blog, look for the link on the right side of this page.

We're hanging out in La Paz, waiting for the weather to improve so we can cross the sea of Cortez. Right now it looks like the weekend will be the good time to go.

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12/08/2006 | Doug Boudinot
What happens next..coming home...leaving boat there....continuing with the sailors life in the tropics?
Arrival in La Paz
12/03/2006, La Paz, Mexico

We arrived safely in La Paz at about 8:30 PM. Along the way the winds reached about 25 knots from the north with about 6 foot swells. We were able to maintain boat speed of about 7 knots most of the time but reached 9 knots for brief periods.

When we arrived at the marina entrance and it was time to furl the jib we found that it would not furl. I went forward to inspect and found that the line on the furling drum had unwound but the jib did not wind up. Three screws that connect the furling drum to the sail track had fallen out, disconnecting the two. So we had to drop the jib to the deck instead of roller furling it. Fortunately this failure didn't occur while trying to furl the jib in windy conditions at sea.

It's a mystery how those three screws fell out unnoticed. I'll have to set them with Loktite when I replace them.

We had dinner and slept soundly in our slip at the marina while the winds howled during the night. Another Norther was forecasted to come in and indded it did. The next day we were informed that the Port Captain had forbidden boats to leave La Paz until the storm had passed.

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12/04/2006 | Kim & Sharon
Ahoy Calou! Sounds like you are having a interesting time. We are in Mazatlan until the end of the year. Are you planning to cross the Sea of Cortez? Take care, Kim & Sharon
12/04/2006 | Bruce
yes, we're planning to sail to Mazatlan and spend the holidays either in Maz or PV. We look forward to seeing you in Maz.
Passage back to La Paz

We have about 24 hours between two Northers, so we're sailing south to La Paz now, having left Agua Verde at 6:00 am this morning. It was a good decision to delay our departure, as the winds are good today (15 knots from the north) and the seas are much better (about 3 foot waves). We are sailing at about 6.5 knots and should make La Paz around 10 PM.

We put the fishing poles out this morning, and by 9:00 had caught a ten pound tuna. Looks like we'll have fresh tuna for lunch!

Here's a photo of us yesterday, walking on the dirt road to the vilage in Agua Verde.

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Big waves at Agua Verde

we left Agua Verde harbor this morning in 10 knots of wind and fairly nice seas, but when we got a few miles offshore and into the main channel, there were steep 10 foot breaking waves which made the going very uncomfortable, despite merely 10 knot winds. Apparently these waves were left over from the last few days' winds. So we returned to Agua Verde and will try again at 6 a.m. Saturday, arriving sometime late Saturday or early Sunday.

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12/01/2006 | Doug Boudinot
Good decision skipper to stay put. Hope you get great winds and gentle seas for the passage to LaPaz. What a beautiful trip you have had.
12/03/2006 | Bruce
It turned out exactly as forecast, the second Norther started right after we got into La Paz.
Waiting out the weather at Agua Verde

The winds in our anchorage were strong, but in the Sea of Cortez they were stronger, a front was forecast to produce 45 knot winds and 10 ft seas. So we decided to stay on the hook in Agua Verde instead of continuing on to Lareto. It's Thursday, today's 40 knot winds are expected to moderate to 15 knots on Friday and Saturday, with another Norther blowing in on Sunday. Not wanting to be stuck in Lareto, we will depart Agua Verde tomorrow afternoon, and make an overnight passage straight to La Paz. After reprovisioning there, we'll be able to cross the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan from La Paz.

Here's a photo of CALOU in the anchorage of Agua Verde.

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