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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
Merry Christmas
12/24/2006, Mazatlan, Mexico

Here's our electronic Christmas Card to family and friends. Feliz Navidad! We're standing on a hilltop overlooking Mazatlan's beaches.

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01/01/2007 | jeffdulac
A vous également les joyeux navigateurs, une bonne année 2007 et faites nous vivre encore de sympathiques moments et de merveilleuses images !
01/12/2007 | the bundschuhs
Hope you all have a very Happy New Year! We pray that you are safe on your journey. Give Bob and Roberta our regards if you see them again.
Mazatlan cathedral

The Cathedral in Mazatlan

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Carnaval parade in Mazatlan

as the Christmas symphony ended, a walking jazz band (trumpet, tuba, drums, and the like) playing "As the Saints Come Marching In" entered the theatre, and led everyone out onto the street, where thousands of local Mazatlanas joined us in their traditional Christmas Carnaval Parade, which included a donkey cart pulling a beer keg with free beer for everyone, a beauty contest with several attractive senoritas vying for the coveted title, fireworks, noise, music, cheering and dancing for hours on was fantastic. See our PHOTO GALLERY for pics and video clips.

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Opera House in Mazatlan

We saw a Christmas symphony production here, it was beautiful... see our GALLERY for more pics.

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Old Town Square, Mazatlan

Here's a view of one section of the old town of Mazatlan, a town square lined by chic restaurants.

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3 CYC girls dance it up

Corinthian YC members Sharon Warren, Sharon Barr, and Pascale dance it up at the Christmas Posada party

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John, roughing it in Mazatlan

John is obviously roughing it by the pool at El Cid Marina, Mazatlan.

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getting in the Holiday spirit
12/14/2006, Mazatlan

Bruce and Francois decorate the small Christmas tree that will be set up inside the salon of CALOU.

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