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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
Cliff divers of Mazatlan

Mazatlan is famous for its cliff divers (or more accurately: rock divers). These daredevils leap from a tall rock into pretty shallow waters. This requires a fairly daring horizontal traverse in order to not hit the rocks. A diver was killed two months before when he failed to clear the rocks. I noticed the diver doing the sign of the cross before jumping. Now I understand why!

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Hiking up to Faro Mazatlan

We hiked up to the top pf the hill where Faro Mazatlan (Mazatlan Lighthouse) is located. This lighthouse is one of the world's highest. We could see it while 30 miles offshore.

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New Year's at Canuck's

We spent New Year's Eve at Canuck's, a watering hole and dancing spot for expatriate Canadians (and Americans) in Mazatlan. The music was great and we danced all night. Friends Bob and Roberta Soleway, who sold everything and are moving to Mazatlan, joined us.

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The Crew and friends Bob & Roberta enjoy Christmas dinner

left to right: Pascale, Bruce, John, and our friends Roberta and Bob Soleway at the dinner table on board Calou.

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12/27/2006 | Doug Boudinot
Who said cruising was for bums? Looks like you guys are totally enjoying the best cruising has to offer. Enjoy!! Thanks for the new postings here..its fun to follow your journey with you.
Christmas Dinner on board Calou
12/25/2006, Mazatlan, Mexico

Pascale made a Christmas dinner on board Calou, with roasted turkey and chorizo stuffing, smoked marlin appetizer, orange almond coffee cake, and for dessert, cheesecake mousse with sliced strawberries and Veuve Cliquot Champagne. We had friends Bob and Roberta Soleway, who have moved to Mazatlan, join us.

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12/31/2006 | jeffdulac
Hola mexicanos !
Oh la belle dinde ! Envoies nous en un morceau par le net !!! ;)
Bisous et bon réveillon à tous !
Attention à la tequilla, ça fait mal à la tête !
Fresh Lobster
12/24/2006, Mazatlan, Mexico

We had fresh lobster for dinner Christmas Eve at an al fresco restaurant in Old Town of Mazatlan. Look at the size of this lobster!

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01/02/2007 | JoJo
What an awesome fest..... I showed this to my nephew and could not really believe that lobsters came in this size.
Merry Christmas
12/24/2006, Mazatlan, Mexico

Here's our electronic Christmas Card to family and friends. Feliz Navidad! We're standing on a hilltop overlooking Mazatlan's beaches.

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01/01/2007 | jeffdulac
A vous également les joyeux navigateurs, une bonne année 2007 et faites nous vivre encore de sympathiques moments et de merveilleuses images !
01/12/2007 | the bundschuhs
Hope you all have a very Happy New Year! We pray that you are safe on your journey. Give Bob and Roberta our regards if you see them again.
Mazatlan cathedral

The Cathedral in Mazatlan

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