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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
Back to Mexico on April 19!

We've booked our flight back to Mazatlan and to our boat on April 19! From there we'll get the boat ready for the crossing of the Sea of Cortez, and then start sailing north!

Meanwhile, temperatures here in Tiburon, CA are pleasant and temperate. We drive up to Lake Tahoe periodically for some skiing, and we look forward to going back to Mexico.

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04/17/2007 | Jeff
Alors bientôt de nouvelles belles aventures !
Super ! Nous vous suivrons tout les jours avec attention !
Jeff Renée
Diamond Peak
03/03/2007, Incline Village, Nevada

Here we are at Diamond Peak, elevation 8540 feet (2600 m), taking a break from tropical temperatures and sailing by...what else?... freezing temperatures and skiing. The area had a heavy snowfall just a few days earlier--notice how snow frosted the trees are.

Diamond Peak has a great view of Lake Tahoe.

Our boat, meanwhile, is in Mazatlan, Mexico. We'll return in April to sail her in the Sea of Cortez.

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Back Home For Now
02/20/2007, Tiburon, CA

At first I didn't want to write about this, but I later decided this could be of interest. I got bronchitis, (I know this sounds incredible, how can you get bronchitis in sunny Mexico and 85 degree weather??).

This time of year thousands of tourists from Alaska, Minnesota, Canada, and the like, migrate to Mexico for the winter, and they bring their winter illnesses with them. And I caught the bug from one of them.

After an exam and an X-ray, the doctor diagnosed pneumonia. I was down for a few weeks. The doc put me on very potent antibiotics.

My weakened physical condition put me in a position of just wanting to be home with Pascale and the boys.

(As of this writing, the penumonia has completely cleared up, thanks to the Mexican pharmaceuticals).

We've read that the best weather for sailing north into the Sea of Cortez is in the month of May.

So I've decided to fly home, take care of business for a few months, and then fly back to Mazatlan sometime in April, where we'll prepare Calou for another sea journey, and set sail northwards in the first part of May.

That time of year, the notorious "Northers" will have ceased, and we'll enjoy warm weather sailing again.

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03/02/2007 | jeff
Wouah ! Super ! Donc encore d'autres aventures de Calou !
A bientôt sur l'onde bleue du Pacifique.
Et j'ai hâte de voir les belles photos de ce carnaval de Mazatlan.
03/08/2007 | Ori Lahav
feel well Bruce
03/21/2007 | Bruce
Ori: thanks for your wishes, I had an injection and a course of antibiotics which have completely cleared it up. I have heard that "walking pneumonia" is not something to take lightly.
Poolside in Mazatlan
02/01/2007, Mazatlan, Mexico

Back in Mazatlan, it's nice to be back in tropical weather again. Crew member John flew home on Jan 25.

I keep busy by reading, doing projects on the boat, playing volleybal in the pool, and cooking on board Calou.

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02/07/2007 | Lisa Wear
Hi Bruce & Pascal, I really enjoyed your photos! Fabulous! We're in Cabo after celebrating with the Warrens in Puerto Vallarta. Enjoy your sailing. I'm just loving those photo shots!
02/08/2007 | jeff
Bon retour à Tiburon pour Calou Antoine et François et bonne continuation à Bruce pour la retour du fier navire vers le nord !
Tarahumara baby

We saw this adorable baby on the platform while waiting for the train to take us back to Los Mochis.

A word about the train: it has full dining and bar service, but credit cards are not accepted. Furthermore, there were NO ATMs at any stops along our voyage. So we found that, on our return trip, we had just barely enough cash on hand to pay for our meals. The train staff pitied us and gave us a price discount so that we could purchase full meals.

Not being able to enjoy snacks, sodas, wine, coffee, etc. during the 9 hour train ride, put quite a damper on things! Lesson learned: when starting a Copper Canyon train trip, bring as much cash with you as you can, to cover all your incidental expenses, souvenirs, and the meals and snacks on the train both ways. I'd recommend bringing at least 3000 pesos per person, preferably more.

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01/24/2007 | kate
Thanks for your informative posts! What communication system are you using to update your blog? Sattelite phone or ICom? We will be following your path next fall.
02/20/2007 | Robin McNally
Great photo!
03/21/2007 | Bruce
In answer to the question below, we use a wifi connecetion when we're in a harbor or anchorage that has one, and when we're at sea, we use an Icom 802 Single Sideband Radio and "Sailmail" to update our blog with text and the occasional photo.
10/23/2008 | Kitten
you dont want to be at a train sation for to long you might git hungry. you might want to eat your sister or brother!
Tarahumara family cliffside

We were astonished to see this family, with the young girls and babies, perched just a few feet from a vertical drop of hundreds of feet, as the mother made and sold baskets.

It gave us shivers to watch the toddler girl prance around a few steps from the precipice. The older siblings made sure she didn't fall.

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Tarahumara log cabin
01/20/2007, Copper Canyon

This is a typical Tarahumara dwelling, a tiny log cabin with a wood burning stove, a vegetable garden, no electricity and no indoor plumbing. There are hundreds such dwellings around and in the canyon in the area where Francois traversed on horseback.

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