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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
dinner at casa Silverio
05/06/2007, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at our friend Silverio's house in Mazatlan, prepared by Silverio and his wife Estella. We were pleased to meet his sons daughters-in-law, and little granddaughter Camilla (2). She was so cute!

Silverio runs a jewelry stand by the pool at the Marina El Cid, and Francois has spent many afternoons there helping Silverio out and learning jewelry making.

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Things are Getting Better

Today, we got the problem with the head fixed. I snaked out the drain and filled the holding tank with water. One or both of these strategies managed to get the macerator pump going again.

And the injuries to my leg and foot are getting better. The bandages came off today. I am lucky, that I am currently taking antibiotics the last few days to treat an ear infection. Those antibiotics are serving a dual purpose for preventing infection of my injuries as well.

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05/08/2007 | Michael
EEEW to this one and OWWWW to the previous. Oh the glamma of Yachting!
More trouble
05/05/2007, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Two bad things happened today. One, I was climbing on the breakwater to watch a boat enter the channel and slipped, falling with all my weight onto jagged rock, putting deep abrasions in my shin, sole of the foot, and wrist. The wounds on the shin are spread out so I have to wear this big Ace bandage until it heals, which means I can't swim for a while.

Two, we found that the macerator on the holding tank doesn't work. Either there's a clog somewhere or we have to replace the pump (fortunately I carry a spare). So we have to work on the "head" system yet again. This falls into the category of yacht repair I would characterize as "unpleasant". arrrrgh!!!!

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05/06/2007 | Doug
Bruce and crew...
Great to hear from you again. OUCH on the fall on the rocks. Right now I have a margarita on the rocks, mucho better than skin on the rocks!! Hope you get everything done on the boat without more problemas and get out there to sail and explore. Glad to hear you are all doing well and back in the sailing mode. Take good care and enjoy for us here. It snowed yesterday!
05/10/2007 | Bruce
Great to hear from you Doug! Snowing, eh?? We were skiing just a few weeks ago at Squaw Valley. Conditions were fantastic. Now we're in Mexico and snow seems like a distant memory. We are planning our passage to La Paz. Meanwhile I'm getting wrok done on the boat like plumbing repairs, electrical upgrades, and revarnishing. Why not revarnish, when you can get it done for ten cents on the dollar??
05/01/2009 | Jim
Hey guys...remember me? I am the puppet guy from Mazatlan; Jim on ANN MARIE.
Just wanted to say hi. I did a blog for The Roy Show and found your blog. I am still doing the show and still cruising each year on ANN MARIE.
If you have the chance write back. My e mail is [email protected]
Puppet Show on Anne Marie
05/04/2007, Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Jim of the sailing vessel Anne Marie from Santa Monica, CA, puts on a puppet show, "the Roy Orbishark Show", for kids and adults while in Mazatlan. Francois helped out, handling the clams and other cast members.

In the photo above Jim the puppeteer and Francois receive applause from the audience.

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05/05/2007 | jeffdulac
Salut les amuseurs !
Tout simplement géniale cette vidéo !
Je ne sais pas ou vous avez trouvé ces coquilles St Jacques ...mais moi j'en ai vu des centaines dans l'anse de Carentec et aucune ne chantait !!! ;)
Bisous à tous
Jeff et Renée
05/12/2007 | DAN Cooper
Hi Powells,
Loved the Blue Bayou with the crooning shark and backup clams. Have a great adventure.
Boat projects
05/04/2007, Mazatlan, Mexico

Yesterday we got the faulty seacock (valve) replaced. We were able to do it without hauling the boat out by putting a wooden plug in the through-hull while replacing the valve.

Also, replaced the faulty kitchen faucet with a new one. And we hired a local guy to strip and revarnish the teak on our boat, which was showing some wear.

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Pascale and Antoine do History
05/04/2007, Mazatlan, Mexico

Pascale and Antoine do his History lesson together on board Calou. Antoine is learning about the Ottoman Empire. His retention is very good and he passes his quizzes easily. History is probably his favorite subject. Besides that he does English grammar, spelling, science and math.

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05/04/2007 | Kate
I recognize the history book! Is Antoine also using the "activity" book that accompanies the series? I'm currently gathering home school materials for our trip in Sep. Welcome back to the boat.... grumpy heads and all!
05/04/2007 | Bruce
Yes, he's doing tha activities which includes, for instance, drawing out maps that show the boundaries of various civilizations, etc. Susan Wise Bauer's history book series is superb. We are also using Susan Wise Bauer's "The Well Trained Mind", a guide to a classical education, as the reference source for our homeschooling pogram.
05/04/2007 | Bruce
The expressions aren't grumpy, btw, just serious and absorbed in the story they are reading together. Pascale and Antoine take turns reading paragraphs out loud.
05/04/2007 | Bruce
I think I underdescribed the Activities Book, besides the map drawing, it consists of projects, like making for example a Richard the Lionhearted's shield, or a Celtic axe, etc.
head games

Today I rebuilt the head (marine toilet), using the rebuild kit I had brought with us. This consists of completely disassembling the complicated system and replacing all the O-rings, flapper valves, and the like. This has to be the sailor's LEAST FAVORITE chore!

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Repairs in Paradise
04/24/2007, Mazatlan, Mexico

There's a saying, that sailboat cruising amounts to "doing boat repairs in exotic tropical locales".

There's also the adage, "that which doesn't get used, breaks". Well, we left our boat unused for six weeks, and after coming back a few days ago, we have to contend with some repairs, all plumbing related.

1. the seacock for the holding tank is stuck in the closed position.
2. the head (toilet) does not flush.
3. the kitchen faucet drips, needs to be replaced.

#1 is the most serious; I have to replace a 1-1/2" ball valve that is threaded onto a thru-hull fitting. Removing it would let seawater into the boat so I have to either, (a) haul the boat out of the water or (b) plug the thru-hull from the outside using the services of a diver. Getting the old valve off and the new one on wil be difficult because of the tight clearances of cabinetry around the valve.

#2 is annoying but not a big problem since I brought with me a rebuild kit for the Raritan PH-II marine toilet. I plan to tackle this one today.

#3 should be not too bad provided I can find the right replacement faucet size at the Home Depot here in Mazatlan.

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04/25/2007 | jeff
Bonjour à tous,
[prise l'à travers-coque de l'extérieur en utilisant les services d'un plongeur]
Bon ben j'arrive alors !

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