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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
Video: Sailing from Los Muertos to La Paz
05/23/2007, Sea of Cortez

Here's a video of our sail from Los Muertos to La Paz.

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On the way to La Paz

The second night on anchor at Los Muertos was like the first, the Coromuel winds came in at around 10 PM and blew 25 knots all night until dawn when it moderated to a light breeze.

We raised anchor around 9:30 a.m. and motorsailed all the way to La Paz. The winds were about 8 to 10 knots, mostly on a close reach close hauled. It was a pleasant day on the water, the engine running notwithstanding.

We arrived at Marina Costa Baja in La Paz at about 6 PM, tied up at the dock, and had a nice dinner at one of the restaurants that surround the marina.

It's cooler here in La Paz, the temperatures were in the 50s late at night, we had to sleep with blankets for the first time.

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Casa Del Trens
05/22/2007, Bahia de los Suenos

Here's a photo of the interior of Casa Del Trens (House of Trains), a the Bahia de los Suenos resort.

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Bahia de Los Suenos
05/22/2007, Bahia de Los Muertos, Baja Ca. Sur

[photo: view from one of the residences at Bahia De Los Suenos]

Having arrived at Los Muertos, we anchored in the cove by the Giggling Marlin. The winds were extremely light the entire day, but at about 10 PM it started getting windy. By 3 a.m. it was blowing 25 knots from the West, and this continued all night until dawn when the winds just stop and it's dead calm.

These annoying winds make for an uncomfortable night. It's hard to sleep soundly when you're wondering if the anchor is dragging or some other boat is dragging onto you. Fortunately the anchor held, we had put out a 5:1 scope of all chain.

We spent the second day at Los Muertos catching up on our sleep, the boys playing on the beach all day. In the afternoon Pascale and I decided to walk down the beach about a mile toward some distant structures. We could see thatched roofs and plam trees by the beach. As we got closer it became clear this was some kind of resort.

This turned out to be "Casa de los Suenos" (House of Dreams). We got a tour of the place by their scuba instructor Tom. It was built by a billionaire as part of a project to turn the area into a resort.

This place is extremely luxurious! I found their web site, check it out at

They have a restaurant called Casa Del Trens (House of Trains). The owner has a serious interest in model trains, and built this two story structure to house his million-dollar model train collection. It also serves as the restaurant for the resort development. We returned in the evening with the boys to have dinner there and let the boys admire the model train collection.

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Video: Crossing the Sea of Cortez
05/21/2007, Mazatlan to Baja

Here's a video of the highlights of our sailing trip from Mazatlan to Los Muertos on the Baja peninsula.

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Night Crossing of Sea of Cortez

We left Mazatlan at 7:00 a.m. May 19 and sailed in light winds coming out of the South. In the morning the winds were very light so we motorsailed, but the winds increased to 12 to 14 knots in the afternoon so we were able to shut off the engine and sail under canvas alone for awhile.

Around 6 PM the winds lightened again to about 8 knots so we started motorsailing again.

It's now 4:30 in the morning and I'm doing the 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. watch. The winds are only about 7 to 8 knots so we have to motorsail in order to maintain reasonable speed.

At the current 6 knot rate our ETA in Bahia De Los Muertos (70 nautical miles away) is about 12 hours which would have us arriving about 4:30 PM. Of course the winds could change, hopefully a bit more wind so we can make better time.

During the night watch I edited some video we took today, then watched a movie on the laptop (16 Blocks with Bruce Willis, it was pretty good). I've only seen one other boat or ship during the night, it was doing about 12 knots and going the opposite direction. It's a moonless night so radar is the main navigation tool. The stars and the milky way are SO bright it's quite astounding. We're about 100 miles from nearest city so the view of the sky is very clear.

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Our last night in Mazatlan

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of "la choucroute", a dish consisting of sauerkraut and roasted meats, a specialty of Pascale's region of France, Alsace/Lorraine.

Joining us were the delightful French couple Michel and Viviennne, who now live near Guadalahara.

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05/19/2007 | jeff
Bonjour fiers navigateurs !
Bon vent bonne mer pour ce retour vers la Californie !
Les premières photos sont déjà dans le dossier ;)
Bises à tous.
Jeff et Renée qui partent pour une semaine de vacances vers Rome, Naples, Capri, Amalfi et tuti quanti !
Playa Bruja
05/14/2007, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Playa Bruja is a beach north of Mazatlan, with good surf, and a nice palapa restaurant with a good deal on lobster dinners.

In the photo with us are David and Carolyn of the boat AZTEC and Steve and Blanca from ALOHA.

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05/17/2007 | jeff
Bon anniversaire Calou et en même temps bonne fête le 17 mai !
Grosses bises de Jeff et Renée

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