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Cruising with the crew of CALOU on the Baja Ha-ha and Pacific Puddle Jump
New Boat, New Adventures
09/06/2008, Tiburon, CA

We're planning another sail to Mexico this October. As of July 2008, we have purchased another boat, a Jeanneau 47 that we have christened "Calou".

Bruce is outfitting the boat with the necessary cruising gear. Last week a Spectra watermaker was installed, as well as our Icom 802 SSB radio. Yesterday the installation of new instruments (radar/chartplotter, wind, speed and depth) were installed at the helm.

New refrigeration is going in; this will be a Frigoboat keel cooling system.

Other projects in the to-do list include installation of solar panels and a motor crane, and replacing the Xantrex 5200 inverter with another one that is more efficient. (Can you believe, the Xantrex 5200 draws 7 DC amps from the battery when there's no AC load?!)

Also, we're putting all new standing rigging, servicing the winches, and possibly adding two new winches to the cockpit.

Stay tuned here, as we will begin posting about the boat preparations until our departure scheduled roughly October 10.

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09/21/2008 | sherry in Anchorage Alaska
Are you traveling in your boat down to Baja again? Your videos on Youtube are AWESOME! If you get this message.. I'm curious, if you could select one place in Baja to live, where would it be? La Paz? Cabo? Somewhere else? Thanks much ~ and Safe Travels!
09/28/2008 | sherry
Hi again! ...Guess you've been busy and haven't been able to drop by your blog lately.

I'll continue to check it time to time to see if you come back with some new notes and maybe even a response :o)!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~LOVE this site!!!
09/29/2008 | Bruce
hi Sherry - you're right, we're busy, busy, busy!!! Preparations are taking 16 hours a day, 7 days a week now, with 12 days to go. We're making progress, but there's little spare time to update the blog. That'll change after we leave the dock. In answer to your question (where would we like to live in Baja), well here goes:

We hate Cabo for numerous reasons: it's Americanized, outrageously expensive ($150 a night for a slip in the marina). We love La Paz and Mazatlan. To live in Cabo is different than cruising and sailing, though. It depends what one's priorities are. La Paz is nice because it offers the comforts of home (good shopping and access to the necessities we Americans are used to) while still being an authentic Mexican town. If you want to get away from it all, I'd buy a palapa on the beach at Bahia de Concepcion. If dusty small towns are your thing, I'd look at Muleje or Loreto. These are all great places.
09/29/2008 | Bruce
in the above message, when I said, "to live in Cabo", I MEANT to write, "to live in Baja".

Oops! I hope this clarifies things.
Video: Sea of Cortez, Part 3: Concepcion to San Carlos

Here's a video with the highlights of our sail from Bahia de Concepcion northward in the Sea of Cortez, to Santa Rosalia and then across the sea eastward to San Carlos.

This video is Part 3 in a 3-part series.

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Video: Sea of Cortez 2 - Sailing from Puerto Escondido to Isla Martin

Here's a video with the highlights of our sail from Puerto Escondido northward in the Sea of Cortez, to Isla Martin.

Video and stills of our sailing trip in the Sea of Cortez, from Puerto Escondido to Puerto Ballandra where there was an informal cruiser's potcluck on the beach, then to San Juanico, then to Playa El Burro on Bahia de Concepcion, which featured a palapa-lined beach and a homey little restaurant called Bertha's.

We then headed north to an anchorage on Bahia de Concepcion called San Dominico, and met a guy named Garth on the boat INCLINATION who taught the boys about all the types of sea life in Bahia Concepcion, and showed them how to hunt for scallops and clams (steamer clams and the larger, popular "chocolates", so named because the shells are chocolate brown).

This video is Part 2 in a 3-part series.

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07/16/2007 | Rich Boren
Fabulous....absolutely fabulous Guys! Watching these clips makes it hard to wait the 353 Days until we cast off with our two kids and head your save some fun for us!

07/16/2007 | Bruce
thanks, Rich, we look forward to hearing from you in the Sea of Cortez!
Hauling the Boat out in San Carlos
07/07/2007, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

CALOU was loaded on a truck this morning, using an ingenious submersible trailer that they back down the boat ramp under our boat, and six hydraulic arms are raised up that support the boat. Then the boat is pulled out of the water.

CALOU was then taken to MARINA SECA, where Pascale and I began the task of removing sails and all the rigging and the boom, in preparation for pulling the mast out on Monday.

Then sometime on Wednesday a semi truck will haul her first to Tucson, then home to Sausalito, California. We'll report on this blog how the trucking experience works out for us.

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Further Adventures in San Carlos
07/07/2007, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Our first day in San Carlos was marked by having our dinghy stolen, it seems it couldn't get worse, but we were stricken with food poisoning on the third day. Francois had a mild case, but for Pascale and me, we had to be taken to a clinic and be put on I.V. to get us hydrated, we had lost so much water.

Following this, we had little appetite and were unable to eat for another three days. Today we're doing better.

We were very lucky to find a very beautiful and luxurious 2BR condo for rent here, at the same price as two cheap motel rooms in the surrounding area. It's part of the Hotel/Marina complex, and opens right onto one of the three beautiful swimming pools. (Our condo is just to the left of the house-shaped topiary in the photo).

It's so nice to sleep in a king bed and have A/C in these 100+ degree temperatures! We'll stay in the condo the next 5 days while we get the boat ready for her journey back home by truck.

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Crossing the Sea of Cortez to San Carlos

We left Santa Rosalia a 5:45 a.m. and are sailing north east across the Sea of Cortez to San Carlos. The seas were flat at first and now we have about 4 foot waves. The winds are about 16 to 18 knots on a close reach which makes for excellent sailing conditions.

We put out the fishing lines and caught a Dorado this morning. Francois and Pascale filleted it and we're planning to have the fish for dinner this evening when we arrive in San Carlos.

We're about midway across the Sea of Cortez now, about 6 more hours to go.

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At port in Santa Rosalia

We arrived in the quaint town of Santa Rosalia, nicknamed El Ciudad De Madera (the City of Wood) because of its unique wood architecture. In 1885 a French mining company established a copper mine in the area, and built the many homes and buildings of the town out of wood. So the town's architecture has a distinct look reminiscent of France.

It even has a steel church, designed by the French engineer Gustave Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower fame).

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Whale at Isla San Marcos
06/21/2007, Isla San Marcos

We were sitting on the cockpit of our boat while anchored at Isla San Marcos in the early evening, when I saw what looked like a fin approaching us from astern. I said, "Look, Pascale, a dolphin or a shark!" I wasn't sure what it was.

A minute later, a huge whale, about the size of our boat, surfaced right next to us, about 15 feet off our port side, exposing her entire back and letting out a big puff of air, before descending back into the depths. What a magical moment.

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06/30/2007 | jeff
Coucou tout le monde !
Nous espérons voir les photos de ce beau cétacé ;)
et éventuellement de l'aileron de requin... :)
Bises à tous et bons vents !

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