The 11th Voyage of S/V Capella III, 2017

Capella III and her Crew will take an historic voyage from Seward, AK to Bellingham, WA. From Bellingham, she will be trucked to her new home in Superior, Wisconsin on Lake Superior to begin a new era of sailing in the Great Lakes and Beyond!

27 May 2017 | Gulf of Alaska, 15nm NE of Middleton Island
26 May 2017 | Seward, AK
18 May 2017 | Seward
15 May 2017 | Seward, Alaska
24 April 2017 | Seward AK
22 April 2017 | Seward AK
03 April 2017 | Seward, Alaska
17 March 2017 | Langston, Alabama
25 July 2016 | McMullen Cove, Aialik Bay, KFNP
22 July 2016 | Northwestern Lagoon, Northwestern Fjord, Kenai Fjords NP
08 July 2016 | Seward
01 July 2016 | Seward, Alaska
25 June 2016 | Thunder Bay, Kenai Fjords NP, Alaska
21 June 2016 | Qikutulig Bay
20 June 2016 | Seldovia, Alaska
10 June 2016 | Seldovia, Alaska
05 June 2016 | Port Chatham, Alaska
02 June 2016 | Sunday Harbor, Port Dick, Alaska
29 May 2016 | Home Cove, Nuka Island, Kenai Fjords NP, Alaska

While the Captain is Away, the Girls will Play

27 May 2017 | Gulf of Alaska, 15nm NE of Middleton Island
Kathy/ weather changing
NOTE: Capella III update and new position reported (see map). "All's well here" (position given). "We are just northeast of Middleton Island by 15nm. Should make Cape St. Elias by 2300. Trip was a little bumpy outside Resurrection Bay, but settled down by 0600. It seems the wx has changed so we may make for Icy Bay now to wait for better winds." vmm
So exactly what have Ruth, Kath and Skipper been doing in Seward while waiting for their ferry ride (on June 5) to meet up with Capella III? The tale begins:
Yesterday, Friday, I tried to sell my 1994 Ford Explorer to Joe and Lona. The trip to the DMV to turn over the title resulted in a 2 hr. wait as Karen (dmv-girl) attempted time and again to match up the misconstrued numbers on the document, to no avail. Transaction could not be completed before day's end..."Come back on Tues. (it was Memorial Day Week-end) and we'll solve this 'problem child', sez Karen😟.
Meanwhile, we're using Tall Paul's Silverado truck for our transportation and here's where the FUN begins. Coaxing Skipper to 'hop up' into the back seat was hopeless, so the adventure began with both girls clumsily lifting this #100 puppy straight up to the back seat, a height surely of 6-9 feet it seemed, with minimal help from him. Whew, problem solved, on to the next. Ruth, Skipper and I can't get in to OR out of this enormous, vehicle which has no running boards! As hard as we tried without sky hooks available, we just couldn't figure out a simple way to get in...we knew we were in trouble. The driver hoisted herself into the driver's seat by clamoring up on all fours, desperately grabbing onto anything sturdy within the cab. Once inside, she breathlessly extended her hand to the wannabe passenger who strained to raise herself from ground level up to the 4-1/2' high seat. At this point we were both finally situated in our designated seats...and keenly aware that we were good only ONCE to use this particular procedure to get into this gigantic truck. We drove to the hardware store, parked near a curb (to be able to get out), bought a 12" plastic step stool from aisle 40 and thought we had solved our problem. We drove to a nearby restaurant, "The Girls' Food Truck", for dinner, exited the truck gingerly, reloaded and realized that the last person to get back in could not retrieve the plastic stool...with no handle! By this time we could barely breathe from all the giggling, tears rolling down both of our faces. We petitioned help from the Girls from the Food Truck to retrieve our stool, drove home, Ruth drilled a hole in the stool, inserted bungee cord given to us by the Girls, duct taped the snot out of it, voila! "Brilliant", sez Ruth. Not sure we have the energy to use this truck too often, but thanks anyway, Paul! Now we've moved on to solving the next problem of how to turn on the TV.
Latest update from Capella III: " Just anchored into Icy Bay. Good day, tired. Pull out on Monday probably." vmm


26 May 2017 | Seward, AK
Kathy/Ruth/Lovely Day to Sail!
It was a lovely evening. We were attending the Going Away party hosted by Debra and Randy Altermatt. The oohing and ahhhing prevailed over the seafood parchment paper packets of herb-full Copper River Red Salmon fresh off the grill, halibut cerviche, deviled eggs topped with Russian caviar, multi-faceted pasta salads, uniquely roasted veggies, crusty bread and custard pie adorned with gigantic strawberries and sweet blueberries. It was a feast by anyone's standard!
After the party at 9:30 pm, May 25th (a day early!), Vic and his initial crew, Paul and Sharon Rupple, made their way out of Seward Boat Harbor aboard Capella III...for the last time. 15-20 kt. winds breezed in from the SW, skies were clear, the setting sun promised to be spectacular, and the forecast was "awesome", to say the least. Kathy, Ruth, Skipper, Riitta and Pekka (aforementioned Finnish sailing friends aboard "Sarema") stood on the dock saying their last goodbyes; Kathy, Ruth and Skipper reminded them that THEY would be the replacement crew members in 10 days when they arrived into Juneau off the Kennicott Ferry. As Capella III slipped silently out of the harbor, white flags were spotted waving wildly from the balcony of Debra and Randy's deck overlooking the harbor. It was a special farewell. Thank you EVERYONE for the wonderful send-off. We will miss our sailing friends from Seward and Beyond.


18 May 2017 | Seward
Kathy/ damp and chiiiillllly!
We're within 6 days of leaving the dock, laundry is done, provisions bought, boat fully operational...and the forecast calls for highs 47, lows 38 with rain...arrgh! We shall persistently press forward...praying for sunshine and fair winds. KVS

Landlubber's Report

15 May 2017 | Seward, Alaska
Kathy/Clear but windy
This posting begins with a provocative photo of Cruising World's Capt. Vic as he touts his job well-done as ScrubMeister of Capella III. The foredeck glistens beneath him since applying double-wax on the non-skid areas, a job NEVER before done in Capella's history. Port, hatches and the expansive windshield are spotless, the latter with a 3-dose cleaning agent applied producing extreme clarity and nary a scratch! Tomorrow's project is HULL-WAXING, ending a 3-day moratorium on every speck of dirt, grime, rust, waterstain and bird poop. I know this looks like a slow news day, but hopefully the next posting will be of exciting adventures AT SEA!
Our sailing friends aboard SV Sarema (Riitta/Pekka Kauppila) from Finland (living in Italy) have just arrived back in Seward after a 3-year haitus in Italy. In 2014 they completed a great adventure via the remote NorthEast Passage (from Finland through Russia to Alaska), their plan was to leave Sarema in a nearby Seward boatyard ("on the hard") and return in one year to retrieve her and sail back to Finland, but as luck would have it, they encountered family business complications and unexpected health concerns. Three years later they have finally returned in good health and will restart their voyage home soon. We have so enjoyed the reunion with them, reliving some sailing woes (the scourge of the black mold) and joys (a Serendipitous Sarema-Capella III Reconnection on the Alaska Peninsula without a hint of worthwhile communications available). They have been responsible for emboldening our sailing experiences over the years, and we thank them for that! We will likely meet up with them again in Palazzo, Italy in 2019, trying out some of their new olive oil from their olive orchard and sipping wine from their private can count on that! It's been great, you guys! (photo of Sarema Crew, Riitta and Pekka Kauppila) aboard Capella III)

Preparations Continue...Excitement Mounts

07 May 2017 | Seward AK
Kathy/rainy and 46
Today we celebrate our youngest granddaughter's 8th birthday by updating our blog in her honor. We hope you have a fun-filled, memorable day, Morrigan, we love you!
We're within 3 weeks of D(eparture)-Day and our sights are ever on the weather forecast. Since arriving in Seward we have experienced an abundance of rain/sleet, average 41-degree temps (32 to 52) and gale-force winds, 15' seas in the Gulf of AK, which has us a bit concerned. However, NOAA's Long-Term Climate Prediction has June, July and August slightly warmer and normal precipitation along our Gulf of Alaska, Inside Passage to Bellingham route. We choose to trust in Our Friends @ NOAA.
A shiny, new, upgraded Chartplotter (7610xsv)with high-def charts offering complete coverage of the US, CAN and the Bahamas as well as all the Inland Lakes has been installed successfully. Radar, sonar, AIS and the nav.station-helm chartplotters are all synched, eliminating navigational guesswork and making the navigational process more seamless. At last...ALL the charts we need! The HD touch-screen display and the upgraded sonar also guarantees that no fish is safe:)!
Our Dickinson diesel "fireplace-heater" pump is finally repaired, making life aboard Capella III cozy and warm again.
All the stored boat gear and supplies are moved out of our former house's garage onto the boat; we're re-sailed, re-dodgered/biminied, re-fueled and re-hydrated; all non-perishable provisions are bought and stowed, she's spit-polished, inside and out; ALL SYSTEMS are "GO"! Makes us tired to think of it!
So now we're ready to celebrate your Big Day with you on FaceTime, Morrigan...right after Grandpa's nap:)!
Vessel Name: Capella III
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet/IP 420
Hailing Port: Seward, Alaska
Crew: Vic and Kathy Martin, Skipper (the Boat Dog)
About: We are a 'Barely 70-Something' cruising couple from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula and No. Alabama, sailing with sea-loving Golden Retriever (Skipper) from Seward, AK to Bellingham, WA via Alaska's Inside Passage.
Extra: Capella III is currently relocating to Superior, Wisconsin on Lake Superior to begin another era of sailing in the Great Lakes and beyond!
Home Page: Kathleen Martin
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Cruising from Seward, AK to Bellingham, WA via Alaska's Inside Passage.