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smallCraft NC
Capt Suz & Tybee Rowe sail the SOBX of North Carolina~
Vessel Name: SPARROW
Vessel Make/Model: Marshall 22' catboat
Hailing Port: Morehead City, NC, USA
About: Capt Suz & Tybee Rowe (Kelly Belle in spirit)
About: Tybee Rowe is a newbie to the sailing scene, we're hoping he'll take to it. As for me, the seas in my veins & my tradition remains~
a lifetime of boats: 11' cat-rigged Penquin 16' Hobie catamaran DN Iceboat 26' Seafarer sloop 41' Corinthian trimaran (liveaboard) 23' San Juan sloop 23' Venture of Newport cutter 17' O'Day daysailor Native Watercraft Kayak 14' Hobie catamaran 14' Hilu proa Mistral Windsurfer 17' NC [...]
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20 August 2014 | Morehead City, North Carolina
After a six-month haul out, the studio boat SPARROW is finally back in the water and gearing up for the best season of wind, weather and color!
30 May 2014 | Morehead City, NC
Closing in on a 6 month haul-out. The list keeps getting longer, but are all jobs that the SPARROW desperately needed. She is a fine lass and deserves the attention she is getting....
28 March 2014 | Russel's Boat Yard, MHC-NC
It has surely been a cold, wet, snowy, icey winter here in the Carolinas. We sailed down to Morehead City on a blustery New Year's Day with gloves, caps, mittens and layers to keep warm. Thankfully the partly cloudy day didn't dampen our spirits, what with a newlywed couple onboard, homemade pumpkin [...]
27 March 2014 | Morehead City, NC
We rescued each other from the cold, dreary winter blahs! My new pup came to me through the Lenoir Shelter during one of the worst snow & ice storms we've seen here in coastal Carolina. We've spent quite a bit of time bonding and overcoming psychological baggage and as spring is now in the air, so [...]
11 January 2014 | Cedar Point, NC
"....many waters I have sailed
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06 October 2013 | Port of Swansboro
The Sparrow has proven her gentle salty nature as a stout vessel capable of distance cruising. But she has so much more in her nature, she sails with grace.....a beautiful 'rack of the eye' that gets attention everywhere we go~
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