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smallCraft NC
Capt Suz & Tybee Rowe sail the SOBX of North Carolina~
Sunday Sanctuaries
Spectacularly Blue Carolina Skies
07/30/2009, Coastal Carolina

Kayaking with friends became a side-line for the year with numerous expeditions out into new waters from Wilmington to the Pamlico Sound. The marsh rivers are a GREAT place to kayak and find peace in the seagrass. So many places discovered and friendships strengthened under that Carolina Blue!
One particular stand-out day was when my kayak buddy, Julie and I paddled out to Brown's Inlet south of Bear Island against a challenging in-coming tide and a southern head-wind. It was all worth it, because on the way back, we had the tide and wind at our back and to make the glide home even more exciting, we threw up the chute, (a sail kite) braced our kayaks together like a catamaran and flew home without having to paddle at all~

Sunday Sanctuaries
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12/31/2009 | Sondra & Terry
Hi Captain & Kelly Belle,
Beautiful blog! We look forward to reading about your adventures on the SOBX. We hope to join you in some of them in the coming year. Terry's sail to Shackleford on the Heather Jane was definitely a highlight for him in 2009. God Bess you and we wish you fair winds and following seas in 2010.
Old Salts in Old Fleet
Beautiful Blue Sky- fresh light breeze
07/11/2009, Shackleford Banks

NCMM's Annual Sprits'l Fleet Race for Independence Day brought down a wonderful crew of fellow sailors for the round-a-bout Carrot Island. Light winds pulled us down the Beaufort waterfront on parade, but we were hoping to find more air out in the middle-marsh. The whole day proved to be light winds, but still enough to challenge each others open-boat handling skills through the Beaufort inlet's gauntlet of crashing surf and sand bars. My crew, Terry enjoyed the day with the fleet and the adventure of new waters under his keel. His wife, Sandra, on shore, enjoyed the Beaufort waterfront for the day knowing her husband was having a grand time sailing on the 'Heather Jane'~

small boat adventures
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Down East Adventure
Thunderstorms~north winds
06/30/2009, Core Sound

Schools Out for Summer Adventure~ group of intrepid teachers head down east to the Core Banks Hilton fishcamp. The narly's took the ferry while the captain took the sprits'l skiff. Dropped her in at the Atlantic ramp after a great lunch at the marina bar there. The weather did not let poured & poured...but the captain did not veer from the course of sailing the 'Heather Jane' across the sound to the unknown. I left before the ferry, but they caught up with me in a following wind and sea, but they led me through the maze of fish traps to our mosquito infested base-camp for the week. Loved the sign on the cabin, "Please don't leave cigarette butts on the floor, the cockroaches are getting cancer!" Numerous other humorous moments all week and a grand finale bonfire on the beach including some delicious hobo sandwiches grilled over the open flames.
The Heather Jane hosted two more sails for various first-timers, including a fishing tour and by week's end, found another following sea & wind all the way home! I think the Heather Jane felt at home sailing down east in her ancestral waters. I have renewed respect and admiration for the design and character of these old wooden swimmers~

small boat adventures
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Summer Sailstice with BSSC
beautiful day~great wind
06/21/2009, Bogue Sound Sailing Club, Emerald Isle, NC

Annual celebration of the solstice shared by as many small craft sailors as I could find in the SOBX area. Every different type of boat participated, young and old alike. Monohulls, catamarans and trimarans all hangin' in the fresh breeze. Evening breeze blew hard enough to carry the last two drifters home~

small boat adventures
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Auctioning off the Captain
Bright beautiful day
05/30/2009, Gallant's Channel, Beaufort, NC

Second year in a row, the Captain has auctioned off a private sailboat ride for a family in support of the local public school PTO fundraiser. This year's recipients brought the whole family and were hosted by 'Captain Kelly', one of the larger sprits'l skiffs maintained by the NC Maritime Museum. Boys & parents had a great time hanging out with all the sailors and having their first adventure in sailing~

small boat adventures
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Rite of Passage
beautiful day~cold breeze
05/17/2009, Bogue Sound

It is a proud day, when a Mom has her adult daughter comes home with a request like, "Mom, I want to learn to windsurf". Although she has sailed more sea miles than most other girls her age, windsurfing is a whole different breed. I'm sure it helped already knowing the wind.....but I was blown away by her natural agility to maintain her balance on the board. Even with my wetsuit on, she worked through the first attempts and before no-time, she was sailing away~

small boat adventures
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