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smallCraft NC
Capt Suz & Tybee Rowe sail the SOBX of North Carolina~
Sunday Sanctuaries
Spectacularly Blue Carolina Skies
30 July 2009 | Coastal Carolina
Kayaking with friends became a side-line for the year with numerous expeditions out into new waters from Wilmington to the Pamlico Sound. The marsh rivers are a GREAT place to kayak and find peace in the seagrass. So many places discovered and friendships strengthened under that Carolina Blue!
One particular stand-out day was when my kayak buddy, Julie and I paddled out to Brown's Inlet south of Bear Island against a challenging in-coming tide and a southern head-wind. It was all worth it, because on the way back, we had the tide and wind at our back and to make the glide home even more exciting, we threw up the chute, (a sail kite) braced our kayaks together like a catamaran and flew home without having to paddle at all~