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Caribbean Wind
Heading stateside
20 May 2011 | West End to Florida

We've landed stateside via Lake Worth and happy to be back home.

Left West End at 4am and arrived into our slip in a marina on Lake Worth at about 2:30 Friday afternoon. Aside from an hour of 3-4 foot rollers when we started (which we figured might have been from the tide meeting the bank) only 3-4 seconds apart, we had 2 foot seas and a SE, turning to SW wind. The winds were actually so light and variable that we could go faster by dropping the sails and using the gulf stream! Ed actually went off course for a little bit just so he could hit 9 knots and be able to talk about it;) And .......... it's always about the weather!

Jim and Barb - this photo's for you especially! I tried to capture one of the vessels we got close to .... along with the gentle waves of our crossing.
Starbuck buddy
23 May 2011 02:01:42Z
Cannot wait for the stories safe travels.........
02 June 2011 13:46:40Z
YAY, you were movin' Glad most of the crossing was mild....and FAST. Welcome to States! LU Moni
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