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Happy 2011
01/02/2011, Gulf Harbor, Whangaparoa

Happy New Year - we are anchored of Wahike Island for an unforgettable last sunset of this decade.

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staying in NZ till april of 2011
Dietmar Petutschnig
06/15/2010, Whangarei NZ

I'm giving up - after trying to get to Fiji for over 50 days - we have decided to stay a season in NZ - the effort and energy wasted to get there to only turn around in November is getting to us plus the thought of quarantine of Vienna all over again in November and my involvement with ISD a stainless steel company based in Whangarei - aided in the overall decision.

So all is well in the fog - in the bay of islands - next project - stabilize and normalize the autopilot system - which since the addiiton of AIS and the new software has plagued us with errors ...

where can one buy a diesel heater ?

Viva Nueva Zelandia !

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06/17/2010 | Phillip J. Faillers
Hmmm.... I was just on a boat in the Sea of Cortez that had two diesel heaters they no longer use as they don't plan to sail back to Seattle. I wonder if shipping would be cost prohibitive. We wish you the best with the new bussiness venture.

07/10/2010 | Jeff
Reviews look quite good--no personal experience. I miss you guys--hope you're enjoying NZ even if you're staying longer than planned. The Fjordland is the beautiful place I ever saw.

Will ask the guy I crew for if he knows anything about diesel heaters--he's pretty knowledgeable, though, as you know, in this area, not too much need for heat.
07/11/2010 | Giselle
Hi Dietmar and Suzanne

Sorry to hear you guys never made it out of here!!! Hope to run into you sometime you know where we are. Guess we will be departing the same time next year!!

Giselle, Kasey and Crew on Monkey Feet
08/01/2010 | Kathy & Allen Simis
Hello Suzanne and Dietmar,

This is Kathy, Allen, and crew from SV Love Song. (we sent this to your sailmail and now the blog, our sailmail is [email protected] or [email protected]) We heard you are still in NZ on account that you probably love it there and that you got Vienna cleared into the place legally. We just arrived in Fiji a couple weeks ago from the RMI and had a horrible trip down, and we're not sure what our next plans are (we were planning on going to Vanatu, PNG, and Indonesia but 4K in the next 4 months isn't all that appealing)so we were thinking about NZ. In reading the regs for importing dogs on yachts, it appears we have several choices, however, since our dogs are not chipped, it changes everything. Would you know the name of one of the vets or someone I could email about getting the dogs chipped there, and do you know the fees for the quarantine in the MAF approved facilities? I see there are a few choices (we'd be coming to Auckland)and they won't quote
09/28/2010 | John & Leanne Hembrow
Hey Dude, Having a great time in SOCAL on our way to San Diego to meet up with the Baja Ha Ha then to Mexico for some fun in the sun , good to hear from you hope everything is how you wish it to be , John & Leanne
It was just a matter of time ...
Dietmar Petutschnig
06/09/2010, whangarei nz

... till you run aground ...

well we did !

yesterday - on a calm and beautiful day at lower tide then expected - we hit the ground - actually the mud and 45 minutes later with an incoming tide we where off again - so there it is - we ran aground - we sat it out and we recovered - thanks to the moon ;-)

the rain falls must have filled the riverbed with runoffs which aided in our stoppage.

we also calibrated everything on all instruments including the "depth sounder"


next week finally off to Fiji ..

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