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Stories of a new sailor exploring the California Delta on his 1982 Catalina 25

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08 August 2014 | Isleton, Ca
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Sailing through Hell

20 May 2009 | California Delta
Orrin, Triple digit heat and no wind
Well after a late start on Saturday we made it down to the boat. Pegirae and I were set to spend a great 17th anniversary on the water. Well we didn't make it down to the boat until late afternoon, and I decided to just motor up to Potato Slough our destination for the weekend. We arrived and found another sailboat there, we anchored nearby and chatted with "charles" for a while before I went below to get dinner ready. It was already hot in the cabin even with the front hatch open and the companion way open. I had finished my propane conversion of the old alcohol stove but could'nt find the gas line for the stove before we left so I ended up using the cheap "wall-mart" camp stove which was a little scary because the grate was not flat and the hot pots kept wanting to slide off any time the boat moved.
After a nice Italian (spaghetti) dinner with a celebratory glass of wine to toast our 17 years together in marital bliss, just the two of us and about a million mosquito's and other flying bugs (they got in before the netting went up) we settled down to our first night at anchor. Even at eleven pm it was still about 80+^ on the boat thank God for the forethought to get insect repellent because I was not sleeping under the covers that night.
About 3am I changed my mind because the boat was finally cooling down to around 30^ below, actually about 60^ but laying in bed with no cover at 3am it felt like 30^ below. We woke with the sun, this has not been a problem before because when we spent weekends on the boat over the winter the sun came up at a respectable hour, and the cloud cover usually enabled us to ignore it and go back to sleep. Not so Sunday morning we were up at six, hit the air pump on the mattress, answer natures call and sneak back to bed for another hour of sleep, by then the cabin was warming up to a nice high 70's temp wise.
I do have to admit this was the earliest we actually got up and got sailing. We had a light breakfast of Honey Do Mellon, I got out the cleaning bucket and cleaned the bow decks, then pulled anchor, pulling up all kinds of mud all over my newly cleaned decks (perfect). After breaking out the bucket, rinsing off the mud, then motoring out of the anchorage (the Honda worked flawlessly this weekend). We headed over to Franks Tract, the winds were very light and I pulled out the asymmetrical spinnaker we got with the boat. I had only used this sail once before and the winds were so light then, it was useless. I've been Leary of using this sail because of the reputation spinnakers have if you are single handing, but the sail worked great, the winds were just light enough that I was able to tack without going forward and "chuting" the sail through the tack, I just tacked, let the sail lightly shift sides, then when everything was clear adjusted the sail, and off we went. We were pulling a steady 3 knots in about 7mph of wind
We sailed around Franks tract for about 1 1/2 hours, I was able to actually use a bungee cord on the tiller and go below for visits (escapes from the sun) for up to 5 minutes without having to go above and adjust course. There were only power boaters out and we had the open areas of the tract to ourselves.
To make a long story less long, oh yeah too late. We got off of the tract and I pulled the chute down over the spinnaker leaving the main up, but pretty much just motored down false river, and up fishermen s cut, then accross the San Joaquin, dropped anchor and went swimming because it was so freaking hot, over 100^,
after finding out how badly the boarding ladder and railing were designed we headed back to Owl Harbor and home. When I was loading the boat up at the end of the day I looked at the digital thermometer and it read 111^ in the cabin, I would have taken a picture but I was too busy sweating and trying not to pass out.
Here's a Google earth track of our weekend sail,
anniversery cruise
the kicker was that on Monday my friend bill went sailing with a couple of other guys and the temps were in the mid 80^ and winds over 30mph, wtf???? Oh well here's hoping for a better sail this weekend with memorial day and all.
Vessel Name: Cheddar Cheese II
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 25
Hailing Port: Isleton, Ca
Crew: Orrin & Pegirae Anderson
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California Delta Sailing

Who: Orrin & Pegirae Anderson
Port: Isleton, Ca