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S/V Catharpin Blue
Island Packet 420-62
Med Moored for Fueling
06/26/2012, Taiohae

Nuka Hiva ais the only place in the Marquesas that has fuel. We asked Yacht Services to help and Jaynn helped us med-moor to the large dock really constructed for ships -- like the Areana3. The only gas station on the island is on the dock. This is the second time we have med-moored. The first time was in bermuda in 2007.

2012 Panama and Beyond
Church at Taoihae Cathedral
Marilyn -- Sun
06/24/2012, Taoihae, Nuka Hiva

We attended church at the Marquesas Cathedral (Catholic of course) in Nuka Hiva. It was a bilingual service -- Marquesean and French. The music was amazing. It, like the church in Taoipae, is made from local materials -- rocks and lava. The candles looked like volcanos erupting.

2012 Panama and Beyond
Island Tour with Richard
Marilyn -- Varied rain and sun
06/20/2012, Nuka Hiva

We enjoyed an all day tour of Huka Hiva with Richard. We went back to Taipavai and saw the church. We went to Hatiheu on the north side of the island for a spectacular lunch and museum tour. We saw two of the archeological sites where Marquesian tribes lived before the missionaries arrived in 1842.

2012 Panama and Beyond
Dinner with Lynne and Barry Thompson
Marilyn -- rain
06/18/2012, Taiohae, Nuka Hiva

On our way from the Galapagos to Hiva Oa, we got an email telling us that my college friend Lynne Thompson and husband Barry were also on their way to the Marquesas. We were able to catch up with them in Tahuata after checking in in Hiva Oa and went to FAta Hiva together. Then we met again in Taiohae, Nuka Hiva. We had a wonderful dinner at Hotel Keikahanui. It was expensive, but the first wonderful dinner since the Galapagos -- over a month ago.

2012 Panama and Beyond
Anchor in Taiohae Baie
Marilyn -- the first rain we have seen
06/18/2012, Taiohae, Nuka Hiva

From Controlleur BAy we came around the corner to Taiohaee -- the Marquesean capitol We saw several boats we know -- including Sunrise (from California), Gypsy Blues and Lisa Kay (from PAnama). We were glad to find there is Yacht Services at the dock and they do things like facilitate getting fuel, reservations for dinner and tours, and answer questions. They even do laundry.

2012 Panama and Beyond

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