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S/V Catharpin Blue
Island Packet 420-62
Minerva Reef Chart
Marilyn Clear
11/03/2012, Minerva Reef

After passing through the passage into Minerva Reef we went across the reef and joined the others anchored on the Eastern side (about three miles).

This is the chart we have. We are glad it was correct. We got it from another cruiser.

Other charts we had for Tonga were way off and we were sailing on land some of the time with the charts (Garmin, CMap and S63 all are wrong for Tonga).

2012 Panama and Beyond
Minerva Reef
Marilyn Clear and no wind
11/03/2012, Minerva Reef, Tonga

We arrived in Minerva Reef from Tongatapu in the morning of the third day sailing (mostly motoring). The pass was easily negotiated but even so, since our charts were not accurate in Tonga, we checked waypoints with those already anchored there before entering. Our waypoints were correct.

It is an interesting reef -- only less than a foot high. Waves break on both sides. We took a dinghy ride and "walked" on the reef. It is flat and has coral and shipwreck leftovers on it. The water is amazingly clear!!! We were anchored in over 50 feet of water and could see the anchor easily.

All in all there were 8 boats there -- including Chapter 2 -- another Island Packet just like ours.

2012 Panama and Beyond
Tongatapu to Minerva Reef

We left Big Mamas in Tongatapu and went out the East entrance and south to Minerva Reef. The first day we went the wrong way and then we motored from close to Tongatapu again.

Maps of our Adventures
Marilyn Clear
10/25/2012, Tongatapu, Tonga

The south side of Tongatapu is a cliff. There is a reef near sea level. In this way it is like Niue. Along the reef -- for miles and miles -- there are "blowholes". I have never seen so many at once.

2012 Panama and Beyond
Making Tapa Cloth
Marilyn Clear
10/25/2012, Captain Cook Monument, Tongatapu

On our island tour we saw women making the famed tapa cloth. It is quite a process. There were children bringing trees that could be used to strip the bark for the raw materials. There was cloth drying and other cloth being painted. In addition, women were pounding the "pre cloth" to make is soft and flexible.

2012 Panama and Beyond

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