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S/V Catharpin Blue
Island Packet 420-62
More Kauri Trees
Marilyn Sunny
12/27/2012, Manginangina Forest Reserve

After moving to a pile mooring at Opua Marina and the weather cleared we took time to see more sights.

We went to the Pukatui forest near KeriKeri -- near the marina. The Manginagina Reserve has a nice walk through several Kauri groves. The forest area is swampy -- like near Tane Mahuta and the tree roots very shallow. For this reaason they have a boardwalk in the forest for viewing.

While there we met two other cruiser boats -- Katydid and BlackDog -- both with boats at the Marina. Some of the trees have very large trunks. A few of the cruisers decided to ascertain how large the circumference really was. Looks like from the picture, they are quite large. We also noted that these trees are not as big as the giant on on the other side of the island that we saw -- Tane Mahuta.

2012 Panama and Beyond
Cruiser Christmas
Marilyn Cyclone Evan Remnants
12/25/2012, Opua Community Hall

On Christmas Day we joined about 10 other boats for a pot luck dinner at the Opua Community Hall. We decorated the tables and brought "gifts" fot a gift exchange. Ours were wrapped creatively with spare newpaper tied with whipping twine. Turkey is expensive here. So, people brought main dishes including curry and scalloped potatoes and ham. We brought dessert.

We also sang Christmas carols.

A good time was had by all. All in all a great thing to do while the wind was still howeling from the remnants of tropical cyclone Evan. The remnants seemed to get stuck over Cape Reinga. It passed over the tip and then wrapped around and came back. It brought rain and wind for 5 days.

2012 Panama and Beyond
New Zealand Natural Christmas Tree
Marilyn Rain from Reminants of Cyclone Evan
12/23/2012, New Zealand

There is a tree (or bush) that people says is the "New Zealand Christmas Tree". It is a bit like the bottlebrush we know and is named Pahuta Kawa. It has waxy leaves and blooms with red brushlike flowers at this time of year. The buds are white (or grey) making it look like a Christmas tree with red and white ornaments. One is right out from our slip so we do not have to have our own tree this year.

2012 Panama and Beyond
Christmas Lights
Marilyn Cool
12/22/2012, Opua Marina

We hung a string of Christmas lights on the boom to make the boat a bit festive for the holiday.

2012 Panama and Beyond
Mast Replaced
Marilyn Rain
12/18/2012, Opua Warf

The mast was replaced on December 18. It is done by a large crane on the dock. The stays are put in temporarily and a week later we are still finalizing the electronics connections and rigging tensions. The stays that were to be replaced were not because they did not have the correct fittings. It will be done later. The tops of the furlers were replaced. Sam rewired the helm so that the helm is the master navigation syste, This required pulling a new radar cable.

2012 Panama and Beyond

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