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S/V Catharpin Blue
Island Packet 420-62
Bermuda Radio
05/09/2007, Georgetown HArbor, Bermuda

We heard Bermuda Radio transmissions over 100 miles from Bermuda. They really are helpful. Here is their installation in Georgetown.

In Bermuda we were able to spend a day touring the island. It is a beautiful island and the most affluent one we have seen in our travels. We were surprised to learn that John Smith (of Jamestown, Va fame) was shipwrecked here before going on to Jamestown for his second trip in 1609. When shipwrecked he found cedar trees and pigs (from another shipwreck they think). The foliage is more like home and there are beautiful gardens. We would like to spend more time here.

People can have only one car per household. They may have as many motor scooters as they want. Foreigners cannot rent cars. This sure helps the traffic problem.

2006-7 Caribbean
05/08/2007, Georgetwon, Bermuda

We "med-moored" for the first time at the St George's Dinghy Club. This was quite an experience. We had to drop our anchor and back up to a wall between two boats. Placement of the anchor is critical. We dropped anchor a little too far from the wall and had to make last minute allowances to get moored.

Provisioning in Bermuda was a pleasure. The store was nice and they gave us a 15% discount. When we asked how to get a taxi, they offered to take us back to the dinghy club for free. We were able to get "duty free" fuel when the cruise ships left and then we left for home.

2006-7 Caribbean
The trip to Bermuda
05/05/2007, At Sea

The trip to Bermuda was 884 nautical miles and took us 5 days 10 hours and 30 minutes. We were second smallest in the fleet to start, and then the smaller boat (Destiny) developed autopilot problems and returned to the Caribbean. We came in 5th in the fleet (after being last in the fleet of 14). We were pleased with our performance. We had virtually no breakage and the crew did well.

We had a variety of weather. We even had spinnaker wind.

2006-7 Caribbean
Starting Line
05/03/2007, Sopers Hole, Tortola, BVI

We left May 3rd and went over the starting line at 11:15AM in great form (all sails up). Here is Joy For All crossing the starting line.

2006-7 Caribbean
Catharpin Blue Crew from Tortola to Bermuda
05/02/2007, Roadtown, Tortola

We gathered our crew for the trip home via the Atlantic Cup in RoadTown, Tortola. The crew was Marilyn and Sam, Pam Bussard (Morale director), Stan Sowers (First Mate), and Paul O'Meara. We left on May 3rd for Bermuda.

We picked up crew member Pam Bussard in Trellis Bay on April 29th. This is right next to the Beef Island Airport and so is a convenient place to pick up crew. We then went on to Village Cay in Roadtown and met our crew Paul O'Meara and Stan Sowers. We spent two or three days doing final preparations including lifting the new dinghy upside-down, tying down the anchors, cooking meals to freeze, and generally familiarizing the crew with the boat and checking out systems. The rally activities included weather briefings, a send-off dinner and other socalizing.

2006-7 Caribbean

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