S/V Catharpin Blue

Island Packet 420-62

30 April 2016 | Majuro MI
28 April 2016
28 April 2016 | MIR, Majuro, MH
28 April 2016 | Majuro, MH
25 April 2016 | Majuro, Marshall Islands
10 January 2016 | North and South of Equator at Date Line
09 January 2016 | Majuro Shoreline
08 January 2016 | Majuro Shoreline dock
05 January 2016 | Marshalls
05 January 2016 | Majuro
05 January 2016 | Majuro
04 January 2016
03 January 2016 | Long Island, Majuro
02 January 2016 | Majuro
30 December 2015 | Majuro, MH
28 December 2015 | At Sea
24 December 2015 | At Sea
23 December 2015 | At Sea
21 December 2015 | At Sea

Getting Ready for the Next Leg

09 June 2016
And now it is almost time to start the next leg of the adventure. With Marilyn gone, Sam needed a "compatriot". We hope to have one this week.

They hope to stop in a couple of other Atolls in the Marshall Islands and probably check-out in Ebeye (Kwajalein). From there they will proceed to Dutch Harbor, Alaska (with a possible stop in Midway). From Dutch Harbor the next destination is somewhere in the Alaskan / Canadian "Inside Passage". The final destination is Seattle -- where he will perhaps "hang it up".

Test Setup from Majuro

30 April 2016 | Majuro MI
Sam Fowler
Preparing to depart for Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Crew Member Tom Chapman expected to arrive 5/5/2016 in AM.

And they are off

28 April 2016
People get in the water and have their boats set sail. Some are fast, Some sink. And everything in between. The kids love it. There are prizes. I think the one they liked best was a pizza.

Beer Can Race

28 April 2016 | MIR, Majuro, MH
Fun was had by all at the "Beer Can Race". Participants use a beer can to make a boat. They race in the lagoon just in front of MIR (Majuro Island resort).

Majuro Harbor

28 April 2016 | Majuro, MH
Majuro is a large atoll just north of the Equator near the International dateline. It is a gathering place for the tuna fishing industry. At any one time there are 50 or so tuna fishing boats anchored just behind the cruiser anchorage.

The boats come from many countries including S Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, USA etc. The boats are in groups -- one "mother ship" and several supporting ships. The supporting ships go in and out fishing and bring tuna back to their mother ship where it is frozen. When the mother ship is full they leave.
Vessel Name: Catharpin Blue
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 420
Hailing Port: Deltaville, Va
Crew: Sam Fowler
About: Marilyn Hilbers
Sam and Marilyn have been sailing since 2000 and on Catharpin Blue since 2001. In that time they have sailed the Chesapeake and from the Chesapeake to Maine. From November 2006 to May 2007 they were sailing the Caribbean. In 2010 they again sailed to Tortola and plan to go west through the Panama [...]
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