Catching The Dream

15 January 2018 | Buffalo River Yacht Club
14 January 2018 | Buffalo River Yacht Club
13 January 2018 | Buffalo Yacht Club (as in the photo)
13 January 2018 | East London Buffalo River Yacht Club
11 January 2018 | Aghulas Current 60 nms from East London
09 January 2018 | Durban Marina
09 January 2018 | Durban Marina
07 January 2018 | Durban Marina
03 January 2018 | Point Yacht Club, Durban marina
31 December 2017 | Durban Marina
31 December 2017 | Durban Marina
30 December 2017 | Durban Marina
29 December 2017 | ZYC
26 December 2017 | Zululand Yacht Club pontoons, Richard's Bay
26 December 2017
26 December 2017 | ZYC
03 December 2017 | Zululand Yacht Club pontoons, Richard's Bay
23 November 2017 | Zululand Yacht Club pontoons, Richard's Bay
20 November 2017 | ZYC
15 November 2017 | ZYC

Pleasures of the shoreside.

29 October 2017 | ZYC
Another night moored alongside! I saw Spurs lose to Manu yesterday and will see the Seagulls entertain the Saints this afternoon with a cold pint to hand in the club bar. Deep joy!
First though, about 10 boats are meeting for a lunch time braai with the local weather guy who helped us - and especially Sofia - with updates and advice. Des does it for free as a retirement hobby. What a star!
DC is in pretty good shape, but there are some service jobs - engine, the inevitable s/s etc. Also, we need to get the liferaft serviced and update the flares before we leave SA.
With Durban closed to new yachts, there's increased pressure here. The 15 or so boats on the World Arc will be here in a fortnight, quite apart from those others needing to get out of the cyclone zone N of here and get around to Cape Town. We may have to anchor for the week the Arc are here: we're not bothered.
The Club is very welcoming, with good food and ridiculous prices (cheap!) The mooring is a little under £6 a night, and since it's a catamaran berth, that's £2 more than I would pay if they had a big enough monohull space available.
The weather has been stormy, chilly, and wet while that system passed through, but the forecast is for sun and warmth this week, which is welcomed as we get back on top of those jobs.....and laundry.
UTA! - Give the Saints a hellish time!
Vessel Name: DreamCatcher
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau 49DS
Hailing Port: Cowes
Crew: Martin and Margaret Rutt
Extra: We're only popping out for a sail. We've 'done' the San Blas, Panama Canal, Galapagos, Marquesas, Rangiroa, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Tanna, New Caledonia and Brisbane; and up to Darwin so see you in........err....Durban.
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