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Cabadetis Boat Club
Cookout Cup Race Results
Glenn Allen
07/12/2009, Round Pond

Race Results for the Cookout Cup Race (time adjusted)
July 11,2009

1. Fling
2. Backhome
3. Tavi
4. Quest
5. Sonrisa
6. Interlude

Congratulations to all racers

07/12/2009 | Judy
Thanks for the Race results!!! What a great venue for sharing CBC news.....hope many more members use it!!!
Summer is here
B and B Erickson
07/06/2009, Round Pond Harbor

Reminder! July's Activities

This Saturday-
July 11, Sat Cookout Cup Race
Followed by Cookout at Paul and Mary
Perkins's at Brown's Head

Paul and Mary will furnish hot dogs,
hamburgers, beer and soft drinks.
Please bring a dish to share and
BYOB if you don't want beer....

Good luck to all the racers!

July 18, Sat *"Bang and Go Back" race event

July 25, Sat Hugh Williams Memorial Cup Race followed by Beer and Brats at Post Office Road

July 26, Sun Race Day

07/08/2009 | Cheryl
Summer was here, wasn't it great.
Looking forward to the weekend. Thanks.
Jezebel's Launch
Glenn Allen
07/06/2009, Round Pond

We assume she floated but frankly couldn't see a thing!

07/06/2009 | B & B Erickson
I think I remember seeing that launch. It was sometime in June wasn't it?
07/06/2009 | Judy
Great photo, Allens! Saw Bill on Tuesday and he wanted to know where is gift was!!!??!:)

HAPPY to see the sun - momentarily!
Quickie Cruise
Glenn and Cheryl Allen

This is pretty last minute but we are heading out tomorrow (Friday June 26) for a cruise into Penobscot Bay returning on June 1. We plan on spending Friday night at either Long Cove in Tenants Harbor or Dix Island Harbor and Saturday night in Rockland Harbor visiting friends. From there we may head to Castine or the Barred islands. We will probably start heading back on Tuesday. We monitor ch. 16. Would love to meet up with any of you.

06/25/2009, Round Pond

On Tuesday the 30th Jezebel will be launched at Round Pond. All are infited to this festive event ( it only happens once a year) There will be much merrymaking. No doubt you all will want to bring a gift t commemorate this occasion (try to keep it under $50) See lyou there!!!
oh yes...the launch is at 7:00 am


06/25/2009 | Glenn Allen
Sorry we would love to join you but we will be away. See latest blog.
Upcoming CBC Event
Glenn Allen

July 11, Sat Cookout Cup Race followed by Cookout at Paul and Mary Perkins's at Brown's Head

06/21/2009 | Dick
I followed the link that you gave me and it took me to the CBC site and let me enter this message without joining.
06/23/2009 | Bob Loney
No problem getting the instructions and getting to the site. I think this has potential - thanks for setting it up.
Now, if it ever stops raining, we'll get the season started!

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