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Dad's Retirement Home
Finally, those pesky kids are grown and can deal with life on their own... I'm headed for some warm water, some awesome diving, and an incredible journey ahead... with or without you guys. [Call on the VHF to:] Whiskey-Delta-Echo-8791
OK, starting from scratch
04/03/2009, close to a reef I think...

Yes, I know. You looked for me at those coordinates I posted and I wasn't there. I wish I was. That's a spot I plan on diving when this adventure gets wet.
Ok, so far... I've looked at boats until I'm blue in the face and still haven't decided on one yet. Although I have bids or offers out on three, no-one has yet confirmed the deal for one. I'm looking at a Beneteau 50 which is about $220K but in show-room condition is that's possible for a 1997 model! I offered $175K cash and we'll see.
I plan on listing the property next week and then beginning the long process of sorting out the stuff to keep, the stuff to store, the stuff to sell and the stuff to trash. What a JOB!
Anyway, some acquaintences of mine, Allan and Rina are on their way to the Marquesses (sp?) right now and are about 1/2 way there from Bandereas Bay, Mexico. You can see them on the members google map, maybe in the next day or two they'll cross the equator and everything will start running backwards. LoL
I will try to post a entry once or twice a week until such time as I have the news to post every day.
Hope to see you out there soon.

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