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Sailing Centime
Heidi Love & Dennis Jud

Great friends, great times

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09/13/2011 | Joan Sisto
OK, Heidi and Dennis. This is a photo of one of the first nights of your great adventure. We all are very happy with no sail malfunctions, toilet backups or equipment failures to be seen.

It is really a thing a beauty, right?

Love you both so much and know you are on a trip of a lifetime!

Joan and Dan
09/14/2011 | Heidi Love
Plus we had a boatload of great food on board then - lobster pasta with tomatoes direct from Italy; fresh fish cooked with capers, olives and tomatoes, yummy scones, fine wine...
time to restock.
The adventure begin
09/03/2011, 43 04.44

Dennis and Heidi's big adventure begins. We left Portland Harbor On Sept 3. Thanks for the escort Paul...and the great shot. We had an amazing sail to Portsmouth NH - gorgeous sail into the sunset.

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09/04/2011 | Mary Meuse
Have a wonderful journey!
09/05/2011 | Janika
It was great to hear your voice before you set out. I hope every day (or at least most of them) are as amazing as the first leg of your journey sounds.....hugs to both of you, Janika
09/05/2011 | Olivier Martin
We missed your kick off, were flying from McGill back to Paris after waiting for the first day of classes. Our son didn't make it to Parents' Tent but we kept your card. As they say here, "Bon Vent", especially in the mediterranean. Olivier and Francoise
09/06/2011 | Stu Weinreb
Best wishes to both of you as you sail off to the horizon - and other wonderful places!
Let us know where the best place to rendezvous will be.....
09/07/2011 | Lisa
Dear Heidi and Dennis,
It was wonderful to see you on your last night in Portsmouth. Have a wonderful and safe trip
Lisa and Bill
09/14/2011 | Heidi Love
Merci beaucoup Oliver. J'espere vous voir a Paris prochain ete. S'il vous plait rester en contact.
Heidi et Dennis
Departure date
Dennis / Windy, but not from Irene
08/24/2011, Portland, ME

Well, we are now having to prep for hurricane Irene ... heading straight for Maine! The eye should arrive late Sunday night/early Monday AM. We'll probably have to be hauled out ... major bummer, but it shouldn't have any effect on our new departure date of September 3, 2011 8:00 AM! Hopefully that will be it for the hurricanes up the east coast for this season!!

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08/25/2011 | Janika
Dennis and Heidi - my thoughts are with you - take care as you travel north. I'm not sure where you are, but I hope the trip is fast and not too "exciting." Let us all know how you fare, and whether you need any final help getting ready to go. We are here for you.
Best wishes for swift smooth travel,
09/02/2011 | JPerruzzi
Hurricane Katia is up next although this one may not make it to Maine but I'm sure we'll see something from it. Hopefully you can make it out on the 3rd and find a port before we see the effects. A "real" sailor would want a little wind.....
Best Meal to be had in Doweast Maine
07/15/2011, Isle au Haut

Dianna has been running the Inn at Isle Au Haut for numerous years. And, while the Inn is charming and the views spectacular, the most pleasant surprise you'll discover is the incredible meals she prepares. We've been visiting for about five summers hoping to never miss the opportunity to stop in.

The first two years we kayaked the nearly seven miles from Stonington, and more recently we've sailed Centime to this gorgeous island. This season my brother Vern from Pennsylvania joined us. We had an amazing sail through Fox Islands Thoroughfare, the strong winds giving us enough control to run the gauntlet and barely miss the shoals and abundant lobster buoys that crowd the narrow thoroughfare; then we had a broad reach across to Isle Au Haut. There's a narrow channel between Kimball Island on the West side and Isle Au Haut with about 15 feet of water at mean low tide. There are three large pink mooring balls that Payson Barter rents. His moorings work on the honor system with a plastic soda bottle attached for your $20.

Before heading up to Dianna's we walked down the road to Black Dinah's. Steve and Kate are true chocolatiers and they make delicious gourmet chocolate. Even better, if you can get any better then finely-crafted Belgian chocolate, they throw the leftovers into homemade ice cream. The only downside is you don't want to eat too much and spoil your appetite for what's to come at Diana's. There was however nothing holding us back from buying a stash to help us through the sailing ahead.

When we arrived at the Inn we started the evening by opening up a bottle of chilled white Muscadet wine sitting at the bar stools that line her kitchen. Diana cooked on one side while we poured wine, swapped stories and caught up on the past winter - new adventures, retirements, the sadness of a relative passing away and the joy of a new grandchild. Gradually the fragrances build, one delicious dish after another appears and Daina's warmth fills her kitchen.

The first treats of the evening were warm shrimp puffs. She used fresh Maine shrimp in a sort of light beignet dough with a thick creamy dill sauce. They had a light crunch on the outside and were soft and delicious inside. I did try to only eat only one knowing that a full meal would follow, however I just had to splurge on a second of these irresistible morsels.

Before we opened the third bottle of wine, Diana and Alison, a National Park Ranger on the Island who works with Dianna, shepherded us into the dining room for round two. For this course we were joined by Fred and Faith from Alabama who were up celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. There Diana served a velvety Fennel and Squash Soup with a small sprig of mint and homemade rolls and butter.. As we enjoyed the soup we learned of Faith's bucket list, things she hoped to try before her time on Earth was up, which included sky diving, and hang gliding.

The next course consisted of fresh seared Tuna with Olive Sauce which we had watched Diana make earlier, organic broccoli from Diana's garden and Eggplant Napolitano with ricotta cheese and fresh tomato sauce. She followed the main course with homemade blueberry cobbler with Island blueberries of course and homemade cinnamon ice cream. The meal was simply delicious - the best in Downeast Maine.

Before we left there was time for just a small bit of conversation about tomorrow's guest - the man with the apricot scarf or should we say "scartlet." And then a fun encore as I joined the women in chorus and dance to our own rendition of "You're so Vain." I laughed til I had tears streaming down my face. Thank you Diana, we do hope you and Alison will join us in the Caribbean this winter.

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08/01/2011 | Janika
We wouldn't mind joining you in the Caribbean either this winter. Sounds lovely. In the meantime, may your fun-filled journeys continue with sunshine and wind at your back.
Hope to see you very soon!
The Itinerary
06/20/2011, Maine

We're heading south...soon. Our rough itinerary currently looks like this:

July, August - Home port Portland, Maine. We'll sail the Maine coast with several stops in Penobscot Bay.

Sept. 1, 2011 - If all goes well the big voyage begins...straight out of Portland Harbor, hang a right.

Sept, Oct - Portsmouth, NH; Cape Cod Canal; Newport; New York; Cape May; Chesapeake; Norfolk...all sound good to me.

Mid Nov - Our first major passage with the Caribbean 1500, from Norfolk Virginia to Tortola BVI

Nov - May - Eastern Caribbean from the BVI to Grenada or beyond. New Years Eve at the Bitter End (Virgin Gorda) or Foxy's (Jost) perhaps? Look for us on the webcam :)

Hurricane Season 2 (May - Oct 2012) - Who knows? Grenada? Bonaire? Panama? Europe? or Maine? are currently in the running.

Beyond the horizon - Possibly Belize, Panama, the Canal...hopefully the Galapagos, South Pacific, maybe even Australia if we're lucky.


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07/28/2011 | Michelle McGarry
Heidi and Dennis,
Wishing you both happy sailing into this next chapter in your lives! It sounds like a great time. Best of luck, we'll be following your blog, looking forward to your next post.
Michelle and Co.
08/23/2011 | Bonita
What a spectacular adventure you are setting your sails for...I will follow your course closely and I anticipate hearing of the experiences along your journey. May you have steady winds to bring you to your destinations, sunshine to warm and energize you and may the moon and stars guide you at night while their light dances on the safe! Love you guys!
08/30/2011 | Mike Downs
Heidi, I"m so glad I called. I hope you and Dennis have a wonderful and safe trip.
Can't wait!
06/04/2011, On the hard, Portland Maine

After more than nine months of refitting and a bit of new paint, splashdown is scheduled for Wednesday!

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07/03/2011 | Janika
I hope you splash successfully, we will be thinking of you on Wednesday. Your itinerary and travels all sound lovely, and so very foreign - I'm sure there will be many of us keeping track of you along the way as you blog. Joy in travel, and may fair winds push/follow you as you fly.

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