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Sailing Centime
Heidi Love & Dennis Jud
Boiling Lake 2

more pics (walk into the Boiling Lake - see Boiling Lake blog entry)

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Boiling Lake 3
03/21/2012, Dominica

We've reached the Lake.

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04/03/2012 | Andrew Majewski
You guys look great. Adam asked about you both last Friday... as the weather was warm and he wanted to watch us drink out on your porch!
04/07/2012 | Heidi
Ahh we miss little Adam and his generosity with hugs. Please tell him hello and that we've been swimming with turtles. e hope he is learning to swim too. Will you be sailing this summer?
Dennis joins the Sisterhood

Dennis is inducted into the sisterhood. Check out that ankle!

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03/23/2012 | joan sisto
Nice legs.... both of you.
03/26/2012 | Heidi Love
Haha - Dennis was definitely a good sport.
Dancin in the Streets!
Heidi / Beautiful
03/19/2012, Iles des Sainte, Guadeloupe

OMG, Very Cool. Check this out:

Video Courtesy Of Michel

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03/19/2012 | MsLaurn
Too Cool!!
03/19/2012 | Erik
Makes ya wanna dance, don't it!
And now ... The Saintes
Dennis / Very pleasant
03/15/2012, Terre de Haut, The Saintes

With four of Heidi's amazing friends, we are back in The Saintes, Guadaloupe, for just two days, after a text-book perfect sail up from Dominica yesterday: the seas were only about 4 - 5' and the winds, once past the shadow of Dominica, were steady from the east at 18 - 22 knots ... conditions considered terrific Caribbean sailing. Two of Heidi's friends, Judy and Debbie each masterfully sailed Centime for about an hour. Debbie is clearly a natural! I definitely see a sailboat in her future.

Tomorrow, back to Dominica for market Day and some local cooking lessons.

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Irie - We're Happy!
03/15/2012, Dominica - Carib Territory

After our amazing experience at the falls (see below) our guide Paul took us to "Carib Territory." Pure Caribs or Kalinagos are native Americans with Asian features who predated the European settlers on the island. Today many live on the windward or eastern side of the coast
We were famished and stopped at this great little restaurant for lunch. First we had delicious charcoal smoked chicken with roots vegetables, dasheen, yams and plantains, then we sampled a few of the locally made alcohols (pictures above). Paul taught us Dominican cheers and phrases. We clinked our glasses saying "Irie" meaning we're well and very happy.

Photo care of Judy Trepal

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