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Sailing Centime
Heidi Love & Dennis Jud
01/24/2013, Sandy Spit, BVI

"Your life is a postcard," remarked our friend Phyllis. We had picked her and her husband Allen up in St Thomas and after a brief stint in St John, we sailed together to Little Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. Her comment the following morning started the day's adventure. We took the dingy into Sandy Spit - a beautiful tiny island with gorgeous white sand on all sides, palm trees on top, and all of it surrounded by azure water. The water is perfect, with several shades of vibrant blues, and just the right temperature, cooling from the tropical sun yet warm enough to luxuriate in it for hours.
Allen and Phyllis have been friends with Dennis since his college days, more recently I've been blessed to enjoy their company too. Phyllis wears a great smile most all the time, and Allen keeps things lively with his guitar playing and singing. It's great fun to share songs on the boat for sure.

Anyway, I swam across from Sandy to Green Cay, less than a quarter of a mile, looking at a triggerfish, blue tang and a school of parrotfish on the way. Large pelicans were diving for fish, looking a bit prehistoric with their large wings collapsing into their dives. On Green Cay I hiked to the top for a panoramic view of Sandy and Jost nearby, and large Tortola behind. It also gave me a birdseye view of Centime and her lovely anchorage.

Later the four of us went by dingy to climb Little Jost. The view was spectacular. I chose a large high rock to sit on at the top. And then, just when I began to think that someday I could live in the Virgin Islands again, we were treated to a visit by an osprey - a good omen - for a postcard picture perfect day!

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02/02/2013 | Muchel
Did you and your guess ever make it to the ''Bubbly Pool'' ?
02/02/2013 | Dennis
Muchel ... sadly no, but we did have a great time up there! More guests coming end of week, so we have another shot at that.
Here's to old friends!
01/22/2013, Frederiksted, St. Croix

Great fun reminiscing in Frederiksted, St. Croix with long time confident Laurie Leigh! What fun!!

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A Beautiful Island and Reef
01/13/2013, St. Croix - Two

And here Heidi captured this beautiful shot of the beach at the west end of Buck Island. This island is the centerpiece of the Buck Island Reef National Monument. We can't wait to get out there and do "the snorkel trail!"

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01/18/2013 | Jon Perruzzi
Looks like a neat place.
Sailing off into the sunset
01/13/2013, West of St. Maarten

About an hour and a half after we left St. Maarten Friday afternoon, I realized that we had our first "sailing off into the sunset" moment so far on our journey. We had a very pleasant overnight sail from St. Maarten to St. Croix, due west magnetic, where we will catch up with one of Heidi's oldest friends in Frederiksted. What was also amazing is that a bit before sunset we were joined by a small pod of leaping dolphin. It all happened so fast, I couldn't get my camera in time ... maybe I didn't want to get it and miss out on the spectacle! After they arrived (and they arrived with gusto, leaping completely out of the water, almost vertical, seeming to surprise even themselves with how far out of the water they came!), they settled in at the bow where Heidi almost fell in trying to touch them as they leaped left and right seemingly right over the bow sprit. Magical indeed!

We are now settled in at a very protected marina on the north coast of the island. This is key, because for three days we are expecting large northerly swells deriving from a combination of a large low with gale force winds west of the Azores and a large high pressure system pushing east, both generating lots of northerly winds over a very large area in the middle of the Atlantic. Hopefully they will be settled down by Thursday, and we can go anchor somewhere. We are finding out just how exposed this island is!

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Great solo sail from Antigua
Dennis - perfect weather
12/31/2012, Sint Maarten

I am currently anchored in Simpson Bay Lagoon in St. Maarten, on the Dutch side of the lagoon. Heidi flew up to Miami from Antigua, and I sailed my first Centime solo from Antigua to St. Barth's for a quick overnight, then to Philipsburg in St. Maarten. It was awesome! After a smooth entrance through the canal, I am now anchored in the lagoon, not far from where we were last spring, it looks like. Heidi will be returning tomorrow (New Year's Day), when we will celebrate the new year. For now, Happy New Year to all!!! See you on the flip side!

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01/02/2013 | Jon Perruzzi
Happy New Year Dennis & Heidi! I've been off for a week and a half and just catching up on your blog. Nice pictures and fish.
Dennis, nice day after a sloudy one yesterday
12/24/2012, Jolly Harbor

Currently in Antigua ... Jolly Harbor. But don't stop here ... read Heidi's Barbuda story below!

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12/24/2012 | Laurie & Craig
Merry Christmas, Heidi & Dennis! Have a wonderful Caribbean celebration. Hope to see you in a few weeks...

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