C'est la Vie

31 January 2010
02 September 2008 | Sunset Island, FL
01 September 2008 | Gulf of Mexico
26 August 2008 | Coconut Grove, FL
25 August 2008 | Bahamas
24 August 2008 | Nassau Harbor
24 August 2008 | Atlantis Resort, Nassau
24 August 2008 | Atlantis Resort, Nassau
24 August 2008 | Atlantis Resort
24 August 2008 | Atlantis Resort, Nassau
24 August 2008 | Atlantis Resort, Nassau
23 August 2008 | Atlantis Resort, Nassau
23 August 2008 | Nassau
23 August 2008 | Nassau
22 August 2008 | Exumas
21 August 2008 | Exumas
20 August 2008 | Lee Stocking Island
20 August 2008 | Exumas
18 August 2008 | Stocking Island, Exumas
16 August 2008 | Elizabeth Harbor

When is checkout time?

12 August 2008 | Georgetown, Exumas
Anne seems to be on a slow rebound. She did manage to consume most of her P&P pancake breakfast. Determined eke every second of air conditioning, TV, and internet out of our room we lounged around until just after the noon check out time.
In the image, Anne is playing the hook and ring game that seems to be a staple of any nautical establishment. I'm inspired to find a place on Sunset Island for one.
The Building in the background is the P&P bar. The building was originally the cookhouse built in loyalist period in the late 1700's. The walls are 18" thick and Neville claims it is the world's best site for hurricane parties. We hope not to test this theory, but are keeping our eye on a tropical low that is threatening our area.
Back on the boat. We spent the remainder of the day taking care of our to-do list... we changed the oil, changed the fuel filters, and reprovisioned.
Vessel Name: Cest la Vie
Vessel Make/Model: 1966 Charlie Morgan 34
Hailing Port: Everglades City, FL
About: Anne - thirtysomething culinary godess that won't admit to being a fine sailor. Jeff - thirtysomething jack of all trades that constantly reminds Anne she is a fine sailor. Carlie - nine year old Jack Russell that loves to watch the dolphins.
Extra: Currently our winters are spent working for the North Carlina Outward Bound School based on Indian Key Pass in Everglades City, FL. Our summers are spent in the Outer Banks of NC running the Outward Bound Schools sea kayak programs along the Cape Lookout National Seashore.
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