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We left Gig Harbor, WA in 2009 and spent 3 winters in the Sea of Cortez then sailed to the Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia up to Hawaii, then to San Francisco Bay. We are once again enjoying the Sea of Cortez as we plan our next adventure.
Comfortable Anchoring
04/24/2011, April Issue of 48 North

Check out the April issue of our favorite sailing magazine, 48 Degrees North, to read my short article on "Comfortable Anchoring" where I pass on some tips we've picked up through the years. Enjoy!

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04/28/2011 | Dave C.
Had to read your article online since my marina was out of the April issue. Excellent tips there, I especially liked the sentinel idea...that's a new one on me. See you guys soon!
Good Old Boat
Check out Terry's latest article!

Pick up the March issue of one of our favorite boating magazines, Good Old Boat, to read Terry's article on solar panel mounts. He designed a nice, simple system that allows us to adjust our rail mounted solar panels in any direction to maximize the sun exposure, thus maximizing the power generated.

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Adventures Aboard S/V Casablanca
Now available!!

Order your copy on today! It's easy -- go to our website Cetus Media Works and click on the Amazon link that says S/V Casablanca and it will take you right there. Also, be sure to add your name to our guest book when you visit the site!

If you'd like a signed copy, go to West Marine in Gig Harbor -- they'll have a limited supply beginning 10/23/2010 or drop us an email and we'll see what we can arrange.

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10/12/2010 | Chuck wife, Michelle, will be stopping by for me since I will not be home until late October/early November.

The new phone-book is here, the new phone-book is here!

Actually, it's not the phone-book, but Terry's new novel, Adventures Aboard S/V Casablanca.

I just received the 1st copy this afternoon -- the author''s copy -- so we could take a look and give our OK to go to print. We said "start the presses!" so it should be available to order in just a few days on or the publisher's website, Black Rose Writing

Be sure to come to the book signing at Gig Harbor's West Marine on October 16th -- Go to Cetus Media Works for more information.

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09/28/2010 | Dave C.
09/28/2010 | Jeanne Walker
Congrats!! Looking forward to the new book!
09/28/2010 | Jeanne Walker
Congrats!! Looking forward to the new book!
09/28/2010 | Chuck
Cant wait to get my copy. Actually the wife will be coming to the signing since I am still deployed.
Book Signing!
12/18/2009, Adventures Aboard Rick's Place

Terry will be doing book signings at the West Marine booth at the Seattle boat show this year!
Come on by to get an autographed copy -- or just to say hi.
The show runs January 29th thru February 6th -- Go to the Adventures Aboard Rick's Place link for more information.

Other notes:
Check out the link to the right for Bryce Dylan Edwards -- he's my very talented great nephew. His artwork is amazing! His dad's website is right next to his: Brian Edwards Photography

Also click on Kavenga's Wake -- our friend Steve Van Slyke has a new book out, "Sex, Lies and Spinnakers" that's an exciting who done it set on the high seas and a must read.

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12/18/2009 | Dave C
Hi guys and Merry Christmas! I'll be playing at the Seattle Boat Show on February 3rd for a sailing promotion day they're doing. Hope to see you there! Dave
Terry's latest article
10/01/2009, Blue Water Sailing

Check out the October issue of Blue Water Sailing to read Terry's humorous and informative article on replacing our engine in Tahiti!

Also look at the noonsite link to the right for the latest information from the cruisers that were in Pago Pago American Samoa when the terrible tsunami hit. It's a chilling account.

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10/08/2009 | Dave C
Well lessee, I've been to 2 West Marine stores and 2 Borders book stores and nobody carries this magazine...grrrrrrr :^|
Jimmy Buffett's Book Club
06/23/2009, Adventures Aboard Rick's Place

There's a new book club that looks like lots of fun -- it's Jimmy Buffett's!

They are taking suggestions for books and we're hoping to get Terry's book, Adventures Aboard Rick's Place in -- so please help us out by going to the website (click the Jimmy Buffett's Book Club link to the right) and filling out the form.

Here's the information you'll need to supply:
Your name
Your email address
Book title: Adventures Aboard Rick's Place
Book author: Terry J. Kotas
Link to book on
(just copy and paste this Amazon link onto the form)

If you're not familiar with Rick's Place -- Go to the link to the right to read more about it!


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06/25/2009 | Christine Watson
Count me into the book club; I plugged your book. Enjoyed reading it, shared it with friends, and the cover is so lovely it sits where all can see it.
Happy Sailing!
Book Signing
Adventures Aboard Rick's Place by Terry J. Kotas
04/13/2009, Strictly Sail Boat Show

We will be going to the Strictly Sail Boat Show at Jack London Square in Oakland California April 16-19.

Terry will be doing book signings for his novel, Adventures Aboard Rick's Place, at the West Marine booth Thursday through Saturday from 12 till 2!

For those of you not familiar with his book, it's a fun travel-adventure novel about a solo sailor building a boat and then sailing off to the South Pacific. It is a fictionalized account of our experiences building and then sailing our first cruising boat, Cassiopeia.

It is a great escape novel, sure to bring a chuckle or two, and it's been enjoyed by young and old alike, sailors and landlubbers. For more information go to or click on the link to the right.

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The Boat Show!
01/28/2009, Seattle

It's that time of year again!
The boat show is always an exciting time for us -- a chance to browse the new products or look for good deals on things we want to purchase.
Many years I have worked the boat show at the West Marine booth and last year Terry & I took a shift at the Seven Seas Cruising Association booth -- a group we've belonged to for many many years.
This year we have the added excitement of doing book signings -- and it's been a lot of fun so far! To check out his signing schedule click here:
Rick's Place

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Book Signings
The Author at Work.........

Terry's scheduled to do some book signings at the
Seattle Boat Show January 24 - February 1st
and then at Border's Books in Gig Harbor on February 21st.
For a complete schedule check out this web page: Rick's Place
Hope to see you at one of the events!

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Tinker Toys
Terry J. Kotas
11/12/2008, 48 North

Terry had an amusing article in the November edition of our local sailing mag 48 degrees North
Check it out by clicking the link to the right called "Tinker Toys"

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Terry J. Kotas
10/18/2008, Gig Harbor, WA

We received the "proof copy" yesterday from the publisher and after a quick review gave the go ahead to start the presses!
Rick's place is now available -- for more information or to order books please go to Rick's Place or Black Rose Writing

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10/20/2008 | Dave C.
AWRIGHT! I want one! Congrats Terry...
10/22/2008 | Jack and Joan
Cover looks awesome.....congratulations Terry and Heidi.
Soon to be released!!
09/16/2008, Gig Harbor, WA

It's a busy week!
We've got Cetus hauled out of the water at Hylebos Marina in Tacoma for her routine maintenance: bottom painting and changing zincs, plus Terry is replacing all of her underwater thru hulls this time, as well.
In addition to that, we are working with the publisher of Terry's novel on the final stages before publishing! He's set a tenative release date of 10/15!
You can read about it on the web site -- just click on the Black Rose Writing link to the right and it will take you to the Latest News page. Scroll down a bit and read a synopsis of Rick's Place!

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Rick's Place
Terry J. Kotas
06/03/2008, Ruku Ruku, Fiji

Terry's novel, Adventure's Aboard Rick's Place, has just been picked up by a publisher and should be out in print sometime next fall!
It's a "semi true" story -- he's taken our experiences building and sailing our first cruising boat and fictionalized it to make an enjoyable read centered on a solo sailor named Rick. Terry's unique humor makes it very entertaining as Rick travels across the South Pacific.
We're very happy to have Travis Johnston onboard doing the artwork and the picture above is one he has designed for the cover.

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06/08/2008 | Carey
Can't wait to read it! Are you out yet? I'm in Mexico City right now for a short visit with friends after a week working at Comunidad Crecer (a school for children and adults with disabilities). Hope you are both well and having good sailing. We'll miss youi in Troncones!
08/14/2008 | Debbie
Terry, That is so cool, I can't wait to read the book. Heidi, how come you never told me Terry was so talented ( oh yea we knew that did we). See you Saturday in Port Gamble.


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