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We left Gig Harbor, WA in 2009 and spent 3 winters in the Sea of Cortez then sailed to the Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia up to Hawaii, then to San Francisco Bay. We are once again enjoying the Sea of Cortez as we plan our next adventure.
A Walk on the Beach
10/13/2011, San Quintin, Baja Mexico

After a long day of driving it was a real treat to find this nice affordable (about $42 for the night) and pet friendly hotel on the beach. Our good friend Vicky, told us about this little gem and gave us the directions "turn right at the 3rd Pemex station out of San Quintin, go about three miles down the road and turn left after the over hanging trees. If you go to far you'll be in the ocean." Well they turned out to be perfect directions and what a treat to be able to get out for a nice beach walk to stretch our legs!

San Quintin was also one of our stops when we sailed down the Baja coast -- and it's surprising to see the size of the town because from the anchorage it looked so remote -- and we didn't go to shore just rested for the night and moved on.

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Off to Mexico!
10/13/2011, Chula Vista, CA

Later this morning we'll start a new adventure! Driving down Baja.

We'll divide the 700+ mile drive into 3 days -- taking it leisurely so we aren't pressed for time trying to find a place to stay before nightfall -- because the one thing you don't want to do is drive at night on Baja's Hwy 1. When one hears that you shouldn't drive at night down there you imagine all kinds of things like banditos or something, but the truth of the matter is it's because of the cows! At night you can't see the cows that can wander into the road and to hit one would really put a damper on your drive. So you drive during daylight hours and watch out for the cows!

So we're excited to be this close to getting home to Cetus -- though there will be lots of work those first few days to get her back in the water and all homey again.

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10/13/2011 | Jeanne Walker
Good call on the day light driving. It seems like every time Rich Boren makes that drive he either hits something or has a blow out on a tire.
Revisiting old Port's o'call
10/09/2011, Emeryville in San Franciso Bay

We've been enjoying our drive down the coast highway on our way back to Puerto Escondido and have loved checking out all the anchorages and marinas we've stayed in in our two sailing trips down the coast -- first in 1999 then again in 2009.

We especially enjoyed our stay in Emeryville because that was really like old home week since we actually lived in the marina there for a year from 1998-1999 while Terry finished up a job there before we continued down the coast. It was fun to ride the BART into San Francisco and go to our favorite places (one of them being Ghiradelli Square for a hot fudge sundae). We were also treated to an impressive air show since they were celebrating Fleet Week while we were there.

We also saw Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey and now are in Morro Bay with its impressive Morro Rock marking the entry to the protected bay.

I've been sending out SPOT position reports to test our our new SPOT Connect and have been very happy with it so far. It's nice to be able to have more contacts and predetermined messages on it than with the original device. If you'd like me to add your email address to our SPOT so you can receive Google Map updates when we set out cruising again, drop us an email and I'll put you on the contact list.

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10/09/2011 | wayne from Morro Bay
I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!! I am driving home after a weekend on my boat and I notice a couple that looks just like you folks on the Embarcadero in Morro Bay. Now you post you are in MB, I guess it WAS you guys. Welcome to MB and have a great stay
10/09/2011 | Monica Stoner
Hey guys, we hope to be down to the boat for 3 weeks the first of December. Saw Rod and Jane last weekend. Miss the boat!
10/11/2011 | Jeanne Walker
we are bummed to have missed you....we just left there. Dang it. Oh well, I guess we will have to catch up to you in Mexico. we are in Oxnard today, and leave for Msrina Del Ray early Wed morning.
We're Cruising Again!
10/06/2011, Hwy 101

But for the next week or so we are cruising in our car, not our boat.

We're on our big road-trip back to Puerto Escondido, Baja California Sur, where we left Cetus on the hard so many months ago. We can't wait to get back and get her back in the water where she belongs and finally be in our own home -- and sleep in our own bed! again.

Our Chevy Trailblazer is packed to the hilt with some new equipment, spare parts, hard to come by food and miscellaneous items. All summer long we were hunters and gathers as we checked things off of our lists that we had prepared before heading home last June. When we finally assembled everything to pack in the car, I must say we were a bit surprised at the sheer volume -- a case of a lot of nothing adding up to a mountain of stuff.

But we managed to get it all packed in -- and still had room for Rosie ;-) and us!

We're taking the scenic route to San Diego traveling down Hwy 101 doing some sight-seeing and revisiting all the ports we stayed in on our sail down the coast in 2009. We visited Newport, OR earlier this summer (that was our 1st stop in 2009) and today we went to Crescent City (stop #2). Tomorrow we plan to visit Fort Brag, then on to Emeryville in San Francisco Bay. It's nice to see all of these places minus the heavy fog we had on the sail south!

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Sailing in Greece
New Photo Album
07/18/2011, Santorini, Greece

One of our "off boat" adventures this summer was a once in a lifetime trip to Greece! While there we visited the ruins in Athens, drove to the small village of Kotas and then we enjoyed a week on the Greek Isle of Santorini. On Santorini our friends chartered a crewed catamaran so we got to get out and sail, swim and enjoy a nice dinner and a sunset out on the water. We had a wonderful trip and I have posted an album of pictures from our day sailing in the Greek Isles.

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07/18/2011 | Jeanne Walker
How cool is that!! sonds like an awesome time!! We are back in the states getting things ready to head south..see you soon
Mother's Day
The New Arrivals
05/08/2011, Isla Coronados

While enjoying Mother's Day on Isla Coronados we came across one of the Seagull nests that we'd seen when we passed through a few weeks ago. Only today we were delighted to see a couple new chicks where only eggs had been before!

It's kind of hard to pick them out in the picture because the chicks seem to be the same speckled camouflage color that the eggs were. If you look close you can see one egg still in the middle of the nest with one chick near by and the other one up near the brush above the nest.

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Now this is cruising!
A perfect Spinnaker day

We began the day hoisting the anchor at Punta Pulpito during a spectacular sunrise and after about an hour a light breeze came up and we were able to hoist the Spinnaker and enjoy the ride over the gently lapping seas.

You may have noticed from a lot of my posts that much of the "sailing" in the Sea of Cortez turns out to be motor sailing or just out and out motoring, so we love it when we actually get to be a true sailboat again. We've found sailing in the Sea to be much like sailing in Puget Sound -- you can do a lot of sailing if you're just going out to sail, but if you've got a specific destination that you want to get to you usually have to use the engine at least part of the way to be sure to get there before night fall. But on this short passage from Punta Pulpito to Isla Coronados we had plenty of time to get there so we enjoyed the luxury of being a sailboat again. There's nothing quite like the sound of a sailboat slipping through the water.

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05/11/2011 | Jeanne Walker
looks like fun....wayless clothng than we`are wearing up here in Canada! As far as sailing goes, we have this pointy thing at the top of the mast that always seems to point right where we are going!! I guess it works good 'eh? we will be down there soon...
Popcorn Rays
05/06/2011, Punta Pulpito

Our second stop on our trip south brought us back to Punta Pulpito where we stayed over a day so we could enjoy the area a bit. We had a great day of snorkeling and both of the beautiful sunsets were enjoyed while watching small rays jump out of the water all around us! We'd just been remarking a day earlier how we haven't seen many rays jumping this year, and then we were treated to two spectacular shows!

We are "on the road again" heading south with plans to linger and enjoy all the beautiful anchorages in the Loreto area for the next two weeks. We're hoping that the crowds of boats that have been in the area following the big 3 day event in Puerto Escondido called Loretofest, are beginning to thin out as boats disperse for their summer plans. May is the month when people that haven't already left the Sea for the South Pacific or Central America either put their boat somewhere safe for the summer (in a marina or on the hard) and return home, or they begin the journey to the far north Sea to weather out the hot summer months.

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05/07/2011 | Jack
How is the sailing? are you able to use the spinnaker. We are done washing and waxing, now a little varnish and Interlude will be ready to head north and chase the dungess crab..
On the road again......
another beautiful shell beach....
05/04/2011, Santo Domingo

After a week and a day in lovely Santa Rosalia, we untied the docklines to begin our journey south. We stayed just a little longer than we originally planned in Santa Rosalia due to a BIG norther that blew for a few days creating BIG seas that nobody wanted to venture out in. So Wednesday morning, May 4th, boats throughout the Sea left their safe anchorages to be on their way, whether going north or south.

We went as far as Santo Domingo at the head of Bahia Conception. We stopped at this anchorage last fall as we headed south and it was a miserable rolly anchorage and we didn't bother to go to shore. But this time, with winds and seas predicted from the ESE it looked to be the perfect anchorage and it was. We enjoyed walking and the shell strewn beach before a nice swim and had a peaceful, calm night.

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05/06/2011 | joni lang
Hola mi amigos. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to stay on your boat for the good, the bad and the ugly. WOW Clint would be proud of that. I had the best time with you guys and can't wait to sail again. It was the time of my life, you are both very gracious hostesses. Adios miss Rosie and crewmates
Back Home Again.... in Santa Rosalia
04/25/2011, Santa Rosalia, BCS, Mexico

As we entered the harbor here at Santa Rosalia we had a sense of coming home, just as we do when we get to La Paz.

Santa Rosalia is where Cetus spent a few months last summer when we went back "home" to the States and we spent many weeks before and after our trip. It's also where we rescued a little street cat we named Rosie who has become a great boat cat and nice addition to the Cetus crew.

We had a warm welcome as the marina workers grabbed our lines and greeted us, remembering us from last year, so we're very happy we decided to make the trip north to enjoy this charming place one more time before turning south again.

So now we have three places we call home: Gig Harbor because that's where we are from, La Paz where we have spent the last two winters and Santa Rosalia, our "summer" home.

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04/28/2011 | Rod
Hola team... Saw both of your articles in 48 North & Good old boat. Great Job. On our way back to the boat in San Carlos.
Heading South
11/23/2010, The Sea of Cortez

Carly flew out of Loreto yesterday at noon and finally got home about midnight last night after her flight was delayed leaving LA and then dealing with the snow and high wind conditions in the Seattle area for her ride home.

We left Puerto Escondido early this morning enjoying a beautiful sunrise behind Isla Danzante. We're hoping to make it a long travel day with some wind for sailing since tomorrow the winds are supposed to die -- the calm before the storm -- as a big norther is supposed to blow hard Thursday and Friday so we'll be tucked into a protected anchorage for 2 or 3 days before continuing on towards La Paz.

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It's a small world.....
11/21/2010, Loreto

We returned to Puerto Escondido after our 3 island tour and caught up with our old friends on Prairie Oyster who returned to the Sea after being back home in Canada for the last 6 months. They accompanied us on our trip to Loreto on Saturday where we did a little sight seeing and shopping. When we stopped for lunch at a little cafe in town the words "Gig Harbor" caught our attention from a neighboring table, so Carly asked them if they were from Gig Harbor. Well, I turned around to see some familiar faces from back home! They aren't from Gig Harbor, but they are all members of Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma and sailed down with this year's Baja Ha Ha! Their boats, Kokomo, Intuition and Sound Effect are moored here in Puerto Escondido with us. Small world.

Today was a great adventure! We drove up to an old mission -- the 2nd to be built in the Baja Californina region. The 1st is the mission in Loreto, but this one was just fascinating as it hasn't been remodeled as that one has and you could feel how old it was. Built in the 1700's it was awe inspiring. And the drive to it up in the mountains was simply beautiful with several date palm oases along the winding road and a panoramic view of the Sea of Cortez in spots.

Tomorrow it's off to the airport for Carly, then we'll return and prepare Cetus to begin the journey down to La Paz, weather permitting.

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11/22/2010 | Jeanne Walker
We have stayed in contact with Denny and Becky on Kokomo since meeting them in Tacoma last summer before they left. It's the 6 degrees of seperation thing...

Snow on the boat this morning so I hope you are enjoying the warm weather!!
Island Number 3
11/19/2010, Honeymoon Cove, Isla Danzante

We did the island trifecta with a stop at Isla Dansante this afternoon where we enjoyed some snorkeling, swimming and hiking to a great view of the Sea of Cortez.

Then after our short stop we motored the mile to Puerto Escondido and grabbed a mooring ball for the night with plans to do some land exploring tomorrow.

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The Island Tour
11/18/2010, Isla Coronado

When we left Puerto Escondido on Wednesday morning we planned to go to Isla Coronado but the weather forecast sounded like there could be some north wind in the night so we went to Puerto Balanda on Isla Carmen which has a bit better northern protection.

We had a fantastic day with perfect weather -- snorkeled with LOTS of bright colored fish and did a little beach walking and lots of relaxing, reading and talking and ended the night with a rousing game of Yahtzee.

The winds did come up a bit in the night, but it was a calm anchorage. The forecast for today called for flat calm so we decided it was a good day to hop over to Isla Coronado. So we hauled the anchor and when we got out of the protected harbor we were greated by some short choppy waves from the north and had a fairly rolly 8 mile trip over to Isla Coronados where we ducked in on the south side of the island to get out of the waves. If it does indeed become flat calm later today, we will go around to the east side of the island to the pretty white sand lagoon.

For now we're happy to be anchored in the pretty blue water and out of the rocky sea -- another beautiful day in paradise.

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We're off to the islands!
11/17/2010, Somewhere in the Sea of Cortez

Carly flew in to Loreto yesterday and today we're heading out to the nearby islands for a few days to enjoy some swimming, beach combing, kayaking and snorkeling -- looks like we've got some perfect weather for it!

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Return to Paradise
11/05/2010, Isla Coronados

Our long travel day we had planned for yesterday turned even longer when we changed our destination along the way.

When we left Santo Domingo a little before 7 am we planned on a long day traveling to the popular anchorage at San Juanico some 45 miles away. No wind was forecast so it would be motoring the whole way. Luckily, the currents were with us, the seas were flat and we had a freshly cleaned bottom so we motored along at good speeds for old Cetus averaging about 6 knots (we usually use 5 knots as a planning number when calculating when we should reach our destination whether it's power or sail it's a good working number).

As we approached San Juanico, a couple hours earlier than we'd anticipated a swell began to pick up from the East. The anchorage is open to the East, so we knew it would be pretty rocky and rolly in there until the swell subsided. Then we heard someone from the anchorage talking to someone else that would be coming in later that day and they confirmed our fears that it was pretty rocky in there -- plus it was getting crowded with 6 boats in there and 4 more (including us) on their way. So I checked the GPS to see how long it would take us to get the the next stop on our itinerary: Isla Coronados. It was only 18 miles further and at the current speed it said we could be there by 5:30 pm -- sounds good, until you consider that sunset is at 5:45. It would be close -- especially if we hit some contrary current or winds that could slow us down. With the prospect of an uncomfortable night and the thoughts of having more time at lovely little Coronados, we decided to take our chances and go for it and our luck held. We dropped our anchor off the beautiful white sand beach protected from the rolly east swell at about 5:15 and we were swimming in the turquoise water at sunset! The anchorage was so calm it felt like we were at a dock last night and this morning we enjoyed kayaking and beachcombing and plan a hike to the top of the volcano tomorrow -- nice to be back in paradise.

We spent about 10 days on this lovely island on our way north last Spring, and it is still one of our very favorite spots in the Sea of Cortez -- it's a postcard perfect picture of paradise and we are thrilled to be here again to enjoy a couple days of "vacation" before we go into Puerto Escondido to have the boat hauled out to paint the bottom on Monday.

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11/06/2010 | Joan and Jack
What a wonderful blog. We are sitting in the rain looking at our new dinghy.......
We're goin' sailing, sailing.....
11/03/2010, Santa Domingo, Bahia Conception

Had a nice little downwind sail from Punta Civato where we've been holed up waiting for the strong northers to die down so the buffalo would quit running and today was the day! We sailed the 14 miles with our Genoa out and it was a bit rolly with the remnants of the waves from the norther, but not too bad. We had a pod of about 100 dolphin join us for a half hour or so and they put on quite a show! It's great to be sailing again!

This anchorage is a bit rocky, as we've heard it could be, but we only plan to spend the night and be on our way tomorrow.

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11/04/2010 | Dave C.'s header might make a decent
song! ;^) 5 years, 9 months to go and WE'RE going sailing, sailing!
11/04/2010 | searaven
Isn't sailing grand. Love the wind in the sails and the sealife.
11/04/2010 | Jeanne Walker
That is so awesome!!! We can't wait! today is 145 days in our count down..... For me any way. Jeanne gets to stop working 30 days sooner than I do! Now that's gonna be tough!!

Keep up the great posts!! At this point we are living vicariuosly thru the both of you!!
Ahhhhhh.... we're cruising again
10/30/2010, Punta Chivato, Sea of Cortez

It was a pleasant day for our first time out traveling in the boat in 3 months. Sunny skies, smooth seas and dolphin jumping at our bow, but no wind for sailing so we motored the nearly 30 miles to Punta Chivato, one of our favorite stops when we headed north last April. We plan to spend 2 or 3 days here before moving on since a moderate Norther is expected to blow through Tuesday and we think this is the perfect spot to wait it out.

No internet, so I can't post any pictures, but we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset last night and had a great swim in the 70 something degree water. This is a nice little piece of paradise.

It's great to be out cruising again!

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10/31/2010 | Jeanne Walker
That is so awesome!!! enjoy all that warm weather!!
Adios Santa Rosalia

This morning we're busy with all the final preparations to leave Cetus here at the marina in Santa Rosalia while we travel to the States for 2 to 3 months.

Doing one last load of laundry, strapping down the dinghy, finishing packing and cleaning then we'll catch the 12:30 bus to Loreto where we'll stay in the Santa Fe hotel until we fly out on Thursday.

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The Long Road Home
I got the green light!
07/09/2010, flying in to Loreto

Despite the nasty cold I came down with a few days ago, my trip back home to Cetus in Santa Rosalia went very smoothly.

I had 3 large duffel bags full of "stuff" in addition to my 2 carry ons and I was a bit concerned first of all, how I was going to manage schlepping them from place to place, but most of all how I would get through customs without any problems.

I had a 6 am departure scheduled from SeaTac and my original plan was to be dropped off at the Inn at Gig Harbor where I would catch the Airport Shuttle, but my wonderful friend Liz bought me a trip to the airport in a town car -- she really saved the day! He was able to drop me -- and my heavy, awkward bags -- off right in front of the terminal where I could get a cart to push them in, where if I'd taken the shuttle, they let you off down in the bottom floor of the parking garage and it would have been a much bigger struggle to get them to the check in counter.

Check in went well, too. I was afraid a couple of my bags would be over the weight limit, but the heaviest weighed in at 49.5 so I was good to go and by the time I got through security and walked down to my gate, the plane had begun boarding so I walked right in without having to wait. Perfect!

I had a brief lay over in LA for my flight to Loreto then we were off. Once we touched down in Loreto the next major hurtle would be getting through customs because I did have a few "boat parts" with me. They did ask me about what was in the big bag after it went through xray and I said I had a couple things for the boat but that I had a list (friends had told me that having one might help if there were questions) and when I pulled out the list that was with my 10 year temporary import certificate that we got when we entered Mexico, he said that's all he needed to see. But I still had to push the famous Red Light/ Green Light button.

That's Mexico's system for determining who's luggage gets searched (though they will look if there's something odd looking on the xray) and it's always a bit nerve wracking -- for even though I'm not taking anything illigal into Mexico, it's still a very time consuming orderal and who knows what they might find suspicious and want some examination on. But luck was with me and I got the green!

Then it was off to the bus station. I had no idea when the next bus to Santa Rosalia would be leaving and figured I'd probably have a three or four hour wait in the small station, but once again things went smoothly and as I was purchasing my ticket, the bus pulled into the station! I bought a bottle of water and made a trip to the bano (bathroom) and I was on the road again.

Three hours after boarding the bus, and 14 hours after leaving Liz's house, we pulled into the terminal in Santa Rosalia and Terry and I lugged the bags the short distance (maybe about a block all the way to the boat) and we began unloading all the "stuff" -- it was like Christmas in July!

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07/09/2010 | svscottfree
Wow, I hope our travels next week go as smoothly! We are pretty nervous bringing back a dingy but we do have our import permit.

Cross your fingers we get a green light and that we see you two soon!
07/10/2010 | Dave C.
Welcome home Heidi! It was good seeing you in the "Haba". Glad that your trip went swimmingly.

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