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We left Gig Harbor, WA in 2009 and spent 3 winters in the Sea of Cortez then sailed to the Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia up to Hawaii, then to San Francisco Bay. We are once again enjoying the Sea of Cortez as we plan our next adventure.
Happy New Year!!
01/02/2009, Gig Harbor, WA

Happy New Year!
The snow is pretty much gone and right now we're enjoying the first sunny day that's come this way in a very long time!
It's time to take down the Christmas lights and decorations and start plugging away at our list of things to do to get ready to cruise!
Terry's scheduled to have shoulder surgery January 8th, then he'll have knee surgery in March. Hopefully his recovery time will give him a chance to get some writing done on his next book that's in the works.
Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2009!

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01/05/2009 | Dave
Good luck on the surgery Terry and get well soon so you can get this show underway!
Making Plans
Cold October Morning
10/07/2008, Gig Harbor, WA

One thing that we're looking forward to on our upcoming cruise is the luxury of time.
The last two cruises we had a limited number of days before we'd have to return to the rat race. This one should be more open ended.
And because we'll have more time, we can get into cruising mode as soon as we leave our slip in Gig Harbor. Always before we needed to rush down the coast to maximize our time in the southern climes.
Now we plan to harbor hop down the coast, so instead of staying out to sea for a week at a time, we'll pull into and enjoy coastal towns along the way.
We've been lucky to have cruising friends nearby that have shared information with us on their experiences to help us form our plans.
Steve & Kay Van Slyke of Kavenga have harbor hopped down the coast twice and gave us tips on the best stops and "must dos" in each port.
Then we got together with Roy & Winona of Saucy Lady for an evening of reminiscing and they shared their experiences in the Galapagos -- one of our main goals.

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Visit our Photo Gallery!
08/26/2008, Gig Harbor, WA

In addition to the new format we're trying out, to the right you'll now find a link to our photo gallery.
We've only entered a few pictures so far, but many more will be coming, so stop on by and check it out!

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Where are you going?
03/13/2008, Gig Harbor, WA

I think the question we get asked the most about our upcoming trip is "Where will you go this time?"
And our answer is vague, because as we've learned in the past, cruising plans are fluid, "written in Jello", as is said. Cruisers must be flexible and ready to change their plans for any number of reasons. so we won't have a hard and fast scedule when we depart.
We do, however, have a couple of destinations that we really hope to see:
1. The Galapagos
2. Australia
What we do on the way, in between, or after those goals remains to be seen, so even though we have a couple definite destinations in mind we don't have a time schedule for visiting them -- that will be made up as we go.

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12/03/2008 | Juli
Ahoy Terry and Heidi...I really enjoyed your book, and must include a Congrats!! We homeschoolers (Lynch bunch) will be following you along your new adventure!! Best of luck with all your prep work... Juli
Sunrise in Gig Harbor
02/10/2008, Murphy's Landing Marina

Here's a beautiful sunrise off the stern of Cetus one crisp winter morning.

When we moved back aboard Cetus last June we were a bit apprehensive about what living aboard in the winter in the Northwest would be like, but sights like this make it all worthwhile.

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02/11/2008 | Jack and Joan
Here's to another great adventure for two super friends...we will miss you around the harbor and the San Juan cruises.
02/10/2008, Gig Harbor, WA

We've set a date to set sail, so it's time to start a log!

This will be our 3rd Bluewater Cruise and our 2nd aboard Cetus, our Fantasia 35 that we live aboard in Gig Harbor, WA.

There's a link to the right that will take you to a web page with pictures and info from our last cruise to Mexico and the South Pacific from 1998 - 2003.

Our first cruise was aboard Cassiopeia, a Golden Gate 30 that we built from a bare hull. That cruise lasted from 1992 t0 1994, so it was before web pages or blogs so no information is currently accessable on it, but I have plans to get some pictures and stories together on that wonderful time in our lives.

So follow along as we continue to prepare Cetus and the crew for our next offshore adventure and then finally cut loose the lines and sail off into the sunset.

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