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Vessel Name: Changing Lanes
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 38
Hailing Port: Holyrood, Newfoundland
Crew: Joan Lane
About: Great sailor, great companion and wife. She especially likes navigation and she loves having the grandkids on board
31 March 2011
31 March 2011 | Delatville
24 March 2011 | deltaville, va
06 March 2011 | Fredricton, nb
12 September 2010 | Halifax, NS
30 July 2009 | Holyrood, NL Canada
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12 September 2010 | Halifax, NS
John/ North wind
We left St John's, NL 1 month ago today enroute to the warmer south to leave the vessel over the winter.
Currently in Halifax for a few days.
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