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Vessel Name: Changing Lanes
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 38
Hailing Port: Holyrood, Newfoundland
Crew: Joan Lane
About: Great sailor, great companion and wife. She especially likes navigation and she loves having the grandkids on board
31 March 2011
31 March 2011 | Delatville
24 March 2011 | deltaville, va
06 March 2011 | Fredricton, nb
12 September 2010 | Halifax, NS
30 July 2009 | Holyrood, NL Canada
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Still in Deltaville

31 March 2011
Saturday, March 26, 2011
Temperatures dropped to about 40 degrees and it rained; (normal temperature for this time of year for this area is 65 degrees). We did the usual chores around the boat and headed to Williamsburg by car.
Williamsburg was originally called Middle Plantation in 1602. Quite impressive historic military town. The seeds for the American Revolution were set here by George Washington. It`s a noteworthy place because of the restoration already completed and still ongoing by the Rockefellers. This family has spent $63 million dollars in this small town. They actually bought 67 properties and restored them to the original state. John and Abby Rockefeller owned The Bassett property and Abby loved to stay there for long periods of time. John so loved this town and so appreciated Abby`s devotion to it that upon her death he established and named a museum after her.
We went to the Visitors Center in Williamsburg…..absolutely amazing; worth the trip just to go there. They have 2 theatres; one does a 45 minute film on the Rockefellers and another called The Patriot about 35 minutes long. Included in your ticket to visit the area are free shuttles . Needs about a day and a half to do!
We arrived back at Changing Lanes about 7:30 and rushed like crazy to ready the boat for departure on Monday. I also had invited Barb and Mike for Sunday supper and wanted to prepare the meal ahead because we had purchased the tickets to tour Williamsburg on Sunday. No rest for the weary!!!
One of the big chores Saturday evening was to let off all the water and refill the tanks. There was residue
from the antifreeze…took about 1.5 hours to do. Finally off to bed about midnight.

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