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Chaotic Harmony
A family adventure by sail around the world
Panama Canal
02/11/2013, Panama City

We have made it through the canal. Now in Pacific Ocean. What an experience. Will send a blog soon.

The Crew
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Kids Fleet, Portobello, Birthdays and Panama
02/01/2013, Shelter Bay, Colon

Well, since our last post we have left the San Blas Islands and Chaotic Harmony is safely tucked away at the Shelter Bay Marina. It is a bit like
Darwin here except for the weather. Lots of sunshine and showers but without the killer humidity.

While we were at the San Blas we ran into the Kids Fleet of "ONE WORLD" (USA. Wes, Kim, Laily, Max, Ella and Solomon), "BLUE KAI", (USA.Danny,
Susan, Hannah and Rye) "FLOUR GIRL", (USVI. Kim, David and Zac), "SINAN" (USA. EJ, Shana, GiGi and Jason) "SWENJO" (CANADA.David, Natalie,

Maxim, Goyim and Noami) and "MAC-PELICAN" (AUST..Paul, Bernadette and Finnley) and have sailed on and off with the fleet since then making new
friends along the way. We also met up with "SYNERGY" (John and Cindy) and "SAPPHIRE M" (John and Marion) . So now for the first time since we left we all have friends on boats and will sail the Pacific with the majority of them. Keely has made good friends throughout as usual and especially with Hannah.

Even the radio skeds had a kids part. Everyone wanted to know where the kids fleet was. The kid boats so they could meet up and the childless so they could stay away or join us and meet the kids. It made for a really fun time. There is now a dedicated kids net so we can keep in tough at 0800 local on 8107MhZ.

From San Blas we made a quick 6 hour trip in blustery N trades to Isla Grande about 60nm to the west and promptly decided to leave first thing in the morning. Isla Grande isn't so grand. It is a tourist destination for the Panamanians and water taxis scoot past the boat at breakneck speeds. Next stop was Portobello with its forts, shops and history. We stayed a few days and soaked in the pirate atmosphere as it was here that all the South

American gold was shipped and it became a favorite sacking, pillaging and raping ground for English buccanneers and crown approved pirates. Rumour has it that pommy land would be broke many centuries ago if it was not for the murderous intent of these guys. We celebrated Australia Day here with a cold beer at 50c a can and thought about the state of Oz and if we should ever go back.

Actually we be back in Australia for Christmas 2013 and plan to make landfall in Sydney so we can watch the NY fireworks display from Sydney
Harbour before heading north up the East Coast and onto Queensland and make a decision to move ashore or go back into the deep blue.

On Gill's birthday we dressed ship and with our colours and all signal flags flying we sailed the 20nm to Colon which is the entrance to the Panama
Canal, arriving on time to have a birthday party here with LOTS of kids including ONE WORLD's tribe who spoiled him rotten. Gill had one present of chocolate and chips in the morning but is now the owner of a new speargun, wetsuit, gloves and Leatherman tool. We will fill out the remainder of the dive kit in Panama City in a few weeks as Gill is not only the Ships Master Diver but also an adept hand at spearing crays. With Gill now being 14 he becomes First Mate and will keep sea watches with Jo and I meaning more sleep for the big passage ahead.

There are about 10 Australian boats in the marina so it is interesting to once again hear the slang and vernacular of Aussies. The flags stayed up till the 30th as we also flew them for my birthday and it brightened up the marina to the extent that the manager wanted us to keep flying them. Keely has made many friends and is a good mate of Hannah on BLUE KAI.

Colon is interesting as the marina is on the site of an old US military and training base and there are dungeons (CIA training), ammunition, old
abandoned buildings and lots of cool things if you are a teen. Colon is where we will haul out and scrape the bum and repaint it (pun intended) We will haul out on the 4th February, scape and paint, do a bit of varnishing (if I can with kids and cat) replace the sonar transducer and install some new instruments that we have picked up. Back into the water on the 8th or 9th and our transit is booked for the 10th February. You can see us transit on the web at

The transit times are not known but I think we should be entering Gatun Locks for the raise upto the lake at about 0500-1000 local time. You work it out as we are 5 hours behind GMT here and in Australia at present it is anywhere from 9 1/2 hours to 11 hours ahead of GMT. At 0500 in the morning here it is 1000 in London and around midnight in Australia heading into the next day. They are scheduling yachts for a 2 day traverse at the moment due to one of the locks being inoperable so if you miss the 10th we will traverse the Miraflore Locks on the 11th.

From Panama we will head to French Polynesia and drift across the Pacific to Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands and onto Sydney with enough time to
spare to let Santa know where we are.

The Crew
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02/07/2013 | Khami Aughterson
Happy Birthday Gillen!! I saw your birthday pop up on my calander, but I haven't been on fb for ages. Glad to hear you are all safe and well and enjoying lots of friends as well as some Aussie lingo. So we might be seeing you all earlier Xmas 13!!? But I want to visit you somewhere exotic if I can twist a holiday! Have fun and keep well, the Aughtersons xxxxx
Christmas Crayfish, Crabs and New Year Kuna Tours
01/14/2013, San Blas Islands

Hi all, Chaotic Harmony is still at the San Blas islands just to the east of Colon at the northern entrance of the Panama Canal. We have been enjoying our time here and have met some very nice people; some of whom will be crossing the Pacific with us this year including the crews of "Synergy" and "Sapphire". The photo above is of Tizer the HoP in his favorite fishing position.

Christmas came and went for us at Coco Bandero Cays. Santa came on Christmas Eve to one of the small islands where the kids had built a small thatched hut to allow him to leave some early presents while the adults joined in the excitement. Christmas Day started at the usual time of 0500. The booty was small this year as it was a long way for Santa to come but we eventually sat down to a great crab and crayfish lunch washed down with cold wine and beer. Our friends from SINAN, EJ, Shana, GiGi and Jason joined us and it was a day of fun with kneeboarding, swimming and kayaking after lunch with all the kids fleet who had assembled at the cay.

We have had a good look around this part of the world and it is quite beautiful but would have been a lot better some years ago. Several of the cruising boats have been here for years and the fish get smaller and the rubbish collects. We have a vege and beer boat calling to us most days so essential supplies never seem to run out but the flour situation will become critical in a week or so.

We have met up with John and Cindy from "Cynergy" and really enjoy their company. Both John and I are similar and even Jo and Cindy treat us both the same way so we commisserate well. They will cross the Pacific with us this year. Keely has made friends with Hanna on "Blue Kai" and so we try and meet up with them as often as we can. We met up with Kirk on "SALSA" who we first ran into at Cocos (Keeling) Islands and again in Hout bay in South Africa so it has been fun discussing the things that have happened over the last year.

2013 came for us on "CYNERGY" and surprisingly we all made it to midnight. It did take a few days to recover the lost sleep as we all hit the sack around 8pm exhausted after a day on the islands.

The next day we sailed to Salardup Island to meet Lisa the transvestite and Master Mola Maker for our trip up the Rio Azucar to see the jungle and waterfalls. The Kuna people are female oriented so if there are no daughters the first son is evidently raised as a girl so there are a few around here. Lisa took us for a small boat ride to the river, up it for a kilometer and then a massive 4km trek up the mountains. The trail is easy to follow but very steep and very slippery in places. Keely made it all the way with a little chocolate for encouragement. We are all very proud of this. We eventually made the waterfall and had a great time. It was fresh water to swim in which was a novelty and had small deep pools you could dive or jump into from between 3 to 6m up. Really cool stuff for the teens in the group. The trip back was down river for 3km and required us to swim, walk, stumble and tube down several smaller cascades. It was smiles all round but on one tube ride I lost my sunnies while Keely rode my back down the tube. The last section was overland and once again Keely made it although it was a bit tiring for her and all of us then back through the cemetery and the waiting canoe for the sea trip back to Chaotic Harmony.

We are currently at Nargana Island which is a small Kuna town waiting for the supply boat to get some eggs and flour and a few other treats if possible. They have internet access so we are able to get this through to the web. Today we dingied up the Rio something or other (Diablo) to see if we could find and monkeys or tapirs as it is wild country and rarely visited. We found diddly squat wildlife but lots of graves.

Plans are now to wait for our friends from "ONEWORLD" to arrive for a small holiday here then we leave San Blas for Colon and Shelter Bay Marina where we will haul out on 4th February for a bottom job and a few minor repairs before traversing the canal and heading out into the wide blue Pacific Ocean. Currently we are hoping to be in Sydney by the end of 2013.

Tizer the HoP has discovered the sugarscoops are an excellent fishing platform and now fills the cockpit with weeds and is quite proud of himself.

To our family and friends and those wonderful folk we have met so far on our travels we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a good start to the New Year.

be good.

The Crew
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San Blas 1.
12/15/2012, Coco Banderas, San Blas Islands

San Blas Islands

We are at the San Blas Islands and I must admit it is a bit hard to handle. Back to the life of long sleeps, fishing, snorkelling and beach combing.

The trip down from Colombia was ROUGH. It is apparently one of the roughest coasts in the world. We left Santa Marta at about 1000 Monday morning 10th December 2012 into a 20 to 25 knot NE'er looking forward to a good sail on a bright sunny day.

The wind gradually rose to about 35knots as we passed Barenquilla to port about 15nm offshore and then rose again to approx 45 to 50 for the rest of the night. Bare pole sailing for us all night at 7 knots with warps streaming. Day 2 saw the wind moderate back to 20knots dead astern with us on a course of 240T and an incredibly confused sea that made everyone including the cat slightly seedy. We were due in at 1900 the second day but discretion saw us slow down again to arrive at sunrise at Coco Banderas Cay. Anchor down by 0800 and it was so so good to be back in clear water, coral, fish and islands after the over-hyped, degraded and polluted Eastern Caribbean.

We are visited daily by dugout canoes that wish their phones to be charged or to sell crabs, crayfish, fish and the lovely Molas they make. I suspect I have a MOLA shirt for Christmas but will have to wait to confirm. Tizer the HOP is finding it hard to have actual sand in his kitty litter tray. Poor little lamb has finally had his claws cut back so the genoa is safe for a little while.

The weather has moderated and we have a lovely anchorage and this morning swam and snorkelled the outer reef but no large fish for the gun. Keely has managed to feed us with small Sweetlip so we hope she continues her fishing for tonight.

Gill is now 1st Mate and is under heavy training to become skipper. He now must do everything Dad does to learn the art and science of seamanship and is excelling at this task. The rate he is learning I will be bale to pass on the mantle of command within 6 months. Perhaps we have another explorer/expeditioner in the family.

Jo of course reckons this is great and she no longer needs to remember everything she does not really want to. The extra sleep and relaxation is good.

Plans? We will hang here for another day and head to some more islands before Christmas in Lemmon Cays and Gill's Birthday in Shelter Bay, Panama. The Canal is scheduled for late February so then a few more years in the Pacific and we are back where we started.

Photos when we get the Internet. So be patient.

The Crew
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Enroute Santa Marta to San Blas
12/10/2012, SW Caribbean Sea

Hi all,

Well we left Santa Marta this morning at 0930 into a near gale and have been averaging 7 to 12 knots with a scrap of genoa flying. Seas are quite rough and boisterous and at the moment we are about 10nm off the coast in 4 to 5m seas. At this rate we should arrive at San Blas perhaps tomorrow night but I think the last 100nm will be a bit slower.

CH going well as usual. We remembered to close the hatches this time so she is quite dry but occassionally getting pooped by breaking seas. Tizer a bit crook but getting better.

Will write a blog of the trip after arrival.

The crew

The Crew
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1st Internacional Marina Santa Marta Regatta
11/26/2012, Santa Marta

"Welcome to the first Internacional Santa Marta Marina Regatta......"

The first of the big winds for this part of the world this year arrived in time for the regatta. We made it away from the dock in one piece in 15knots and got back in several pieces at 25-30 knots. The regatta start was a little hazy but no one seemed to care with boats starting wherever there was room. The big cats took the lead early in demanding conditions and managed to beat all others by at least 45minutes of a 20nm regatta course. The marina put on a helicopter to take images and movies of all participants so they will look good in the log. Lots of speed and spray.

The wind blew at a steady 30knots with sustained gusts to 40knots from the NNE out there so it was a race well suited to New Zealanders but I thi
nk they were the only country not participating. 4 Aussie boats out of a fleet of 16 with Americans, British, South African, and several European countries all having a sail. At the start the wind picked up to 35 knots and saw us powering up and beating up the first leg at 18.5 knots SOG with 2 reefs.

Then...........we blew out the Genoa and mistakenly left a hatch open so soggy clothes and mattresses as well as a shredded Genoa but good fun even if the wallet started to cry. We thought we would win a prize for the most damage but there are boats worse than us. Smashed sails, halyards, radar mounts, you name it.

Chaotic Harmony along with every participant won prizes including rum, hats and other bits and pieces. We also won a free air trip to anywhere in the world so it was good to us even though we now need to find a sailmaker. Pictures shows CH leading the fleet out over the start line.

If you are ever in this part of the world be sure to stop in Santa Marta. The Marina here is very sailboat friendly.

The Crew
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