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18 January 2018 | Marina Papagayo
17 January 2018 | Marina Papagayo
16 January 2018 | Playa Mata de Cana
15 January 2018 | Playa Pan de Azurar
14 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
13 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
13 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
12 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
11 January 2018 | Bahia Brasilito
10 January 2018 | Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica - heading to Papagayo
09 January 2018 | Pacific Ocean off Costa Rica - heading to Papagayo
08 January 2018 | Punta Balsa
07 January 2018 | Almost at Isla Ladrones
06 January 2018 | Gulfo de Montijo
05 January 2018 | Bahia Arenas
04 January 2018 | Gulf of Panama
03 January 2018 | Taboga Island
02 January 2018 | Balboa Yatch Club
01 January 2018 | Rio Chagres
31 December 2017 | Shelter Bay Marina

Following the Cows

22 December 2017 | Shelter Bay Marina
Woke early today. We were expecting the sail maker to arrive early, but he was a no-show. Attempted to set up a different wifi service on my phone. It sort of works but is lots more expensive. And still does not work well, disconnecting often. Plus, it very slow to connect to sites. Thanks to everyone that added comments to the Facebook picture I added today. Convinced Mark to go with me on the free shuttle bus to a shopping mall on the outskirts of Colon. We had to take a ferry across the Panama Canal. The Ferry boat was pretty full with vehicles of every flavor, including two small trucks with several cattle on each. We followed these trucks to Colon. The afternoon bus does only stays at the mall for less than an hour, so it's not long enough to make too many stops. We had a list for the boat place, hardware, fishing and grocery stores and we got several of the things that we needed...there were a lot of shoppers at this mall with grid locked traffic. The grocery store was huge and their prices were very good. They sold wine and alcohol as well and their prices were better than Jax! We took a taxi back, which worked out well. And we got another ride on the Ferry with only two other vehicles. We got out and checked out the waterway with several big freighters going in either direction. No stops on our very fast crossing which was nice. We missed the pool time this afternoon as it was overcast and looking like rain when we got back. We got out our Xmas lights and hung them on our life lines all the way around the boat. Tomorrow night there is a contest with the boats and decorations and we will be joining the carolers and partying with our fellow cruisers. We have met a lot of wonderful people. The cruisers here are going in many different directions. It was hot again with a breeze all day. The humidity makes you sweat, regardless. We will be here for Christmas and the social group is arranging a lovely get together too.
This post is late due to no internet last night...
Vessel Name: Charabia
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot / Athena
Hailing Port: Jacksonville, FL
Crew: Mark &Helen
We are both computer folks that were live aboard cruisers back in the 90s. We settled in Jacksonville Florida after escaping the great white north and cruising the Bahamas, T&C, DR and points south down to Trinidad. [...]
Extra: Charabia is a French slang word for nonsense or gibberish. It derives from Arabic "sharab" which means alcohol.When you drink (too much) alcohol, you start talking Charabia. The original owners named her and Mark liked the name so it stuck.
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