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Research Vessel Cape Hatteras
The R/V CAPE HATTERAS is owned by the National Science Foundation and operated under a renewable Charter Party Agreement by the Duke/UNC Oceanographic Consortium. Her homeport is at Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, North Carolina.
Coring complete
04/20/2010, 70 miles northeast of Corpus Christi, TX

All stations have been completed and we are transiting back to Galveston. Today we did 2 boxcores in 45 meters of water offshore of Corpus Christi.
Weather: clear, 68 degrees, winds 6 knots, seas calm

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Day 3 of coring
04/19/2010, Garrison Basin

Yesterday we had successful boxcores, multicores, and gravity cores in the Fisk Basin (about 780 meters). Overnight we transited to Garrison Basin. This morning was spent surveying the basin for an area of flat bottom. We are currently lowering the multicore to about 1560 meters, followed by the gravity core and a boxcore. We will core two sites in this basin today.
The image shows the scientist retrieving samples from a boxcore done yesterday.
Weather: overcast with rain this morning, 69 degrees, winds 3 knots, seas calm

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day 1 Bienville Basin
04/17/2010, Bienville Basin, Gulf of Mexico

Last night we began surveying the Bienville Basin with the 3.5kHz echosounder. We were looking for and found 2 areas that were reasonably flat. By the wee hours of the morning we had finished the survey and began coring. The multicore was unsuccessful. It's believed that it didn't touch legs first but rested on its side. Since then we have had 3 successful boxcores and 2 very successful giant gravity cores in about 2100 meters of water. We are currently doing the 4th boxcore in the basin. It will be followed by another try with the multicore.
The image shows the giant gravity core being lifted out of the water. You can see the mud that fills most of the core.
Weather: sunny, 71 degrees, winds 8 knots, seas 1-3 feet

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