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New Life for Christy Lee
Detailing the restoration of a classic Spencer 35...
Another minor touch

Little shelf installed in my berth with a 12vdc outlet for my cell phone/game machine/alarm clock. Cleaned up a bunch of electrical wiring today, too :-) .

01/15/2012 | Snoodle Time
It's hard to remember the inside of your boat on such a close up pic. Where is this inside?
01/16/2012 | Michael McCombs
see pic on previous post. It's up by the light. Port berth, main cabin
01/22/2012 | Snoodle Time
What did you get done this week?
Restoration update
01/11/2012, Edgewater, MD

It occurred to me this morning that this blog is supposed to be about the restoration. Oops. I'm finding that I have a LOT more time now that I'm living aboard. In the evenings I try, a couple times a week, to work on some little project or another inside. I've shifted my priorities to

1. Safety
2. Habitability
3. Sailing

In that vein, I've spent quite a bit of time working on the problem with the battery well. I'm in the process of drying it out, and expect to resurface the interior this weekend, maybe even getting my new-to-me house bank installed.

On a whim, I decided to do some dc work the other night, wiring my rack lights into the cabin lighting buss. Photo attached is of my rack light, shining away. Woo Hoo! You may note the glare of the hull. That's the insulation I installed a couple weeks ago. It's a 3/4" thick underlayment insulation that flexes pretty well, enough to mold to the shape of the hull without cracking at all. It's working WONDERFULLY and has made a marked improvement inside the boat. Not sure what's going on behind it in the condensation department, but at this point I'm happy to be warm!


This One Doesn't Have a Title.
01/05/2012, Norfolk, VA

Just wanted to throw this pic up. Thanks, Steve! This was taken on 12/9 after pulling into Waterside in Norfolk, VA. That orange and white canopy in the background is Hooters :-) .

01/09/2012 | Michael McCombs
Just realized a huge irony here I'd missed. My Grandpa used to stay at the Marriott nearby, he could see this dock from his room. Bet he never imagined his boat would be tied up there...
sitting on the bottom

right now I firmly believe my docklines are about the only thing keeping me vertical. a few other boats in the marina are lying over on their sides. hoping to make it through the night...


01/03/2012 | Snoodle Time
Ha!!! It reminds me of some of the nor' easters and hurricanes I have gone through when I lived on my HC. Not always fun, but always an adventure.

How are you doing otherwise?
01/04/2012 | Michael McCombs
doing well, although I didn't sleep well last night. A couple boats in the Marina were laying over against the dock. Fortunately the wind was on my stern, not my beam, I think that helped. getting things winterized, cold air drafts covered, etc. Found some underlayment that not only insulates, but flexes well enough to mold more or less to the shape of the hull. has made a HUGE difference in the temperature in my rack!
Woo Hoo!

I know this is going to sound trivial, but I've got AC power down the starboard side of the boat. There was a nasty, ate up receptacle in the galley just HANGING by some wires. It was the first in line. I've FINALLY gotten around to replacing it with one properly mounted in the bulkhead above the counter. This makes a HUGE difference in life here, as I can now plug in my computers and no longer have extension cords running everywhere!



01/16/2012 | Sandy Dahl
Yeah, I remember watching Ernie "fix" the wiring there. He had Julie helping him and she
was not happy about the way Ernie was doing it.
Adding to the body count

My list of destroyed items is growing. Guess I'll just keep adding to this list as I find things.

124 piece metric/standard Craftsman wrench and socket set.
All three batteries and associated connectors and paralleling cables.
Lost one fuel can over the side (forgot about that one). It was empty.

12/23/2011 | Snoodle Time
Holly crap. Did you have a lot of water in the bilge? Sorry to hear that. I know it is discouraging right now.

Now for encouragement.

I always loved working on my boat and was always happy when working on mine.

Conclusion: You must be especially ecstatic!!!

Hang in there...

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