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Chrysalis Adventures
03/31/2014, Boca Chic, Panama

We have been here in Panama for a few weeks now. For the last couple of weeks we wake up to the sound of monkeys (mono's in spanish). We have done some jungle exploring and meeting new people. We have now moved off the boat into a rental house up in Boquete, Panama. Boquete is up in the mountains and is much cooler so Leiann is happy no air conditioning required. It has been an emotional time for us and especially for me. After owning Chrysalis for seven years, three years of refitting for the voyage and then have her protect us from many stormy sea's and take us on an adventure of a lifetime. It's difficult to express the love that develops between a sailor and his boat. I told my wife I loved her more than the boat (although it was close) and that we could sell the boat and continue our adventure on land. As many of you know Leiann has fought sea sickness for the last two and half years. Add to that the heat, usually 85-95, for a gal in her fifties is difficult at best, she has been quite a trooper. Add to that she is becoming increasing anxious about heavy sea's especially at night. And our next crossing would be 600 miles, 6-8 days. Well I think you can see why she feels as she does. Not to mention my memory is getting worse. For those of you who don't know I have a progressive memory problem associated with a brain injury in the past (I know that's explains a lot). One time recently I forgot to put the oil cap back on the engine and ran it nearly out of oil, ugh. There have other memory lapses that could have been real problems had in not been for Leiann remembering to ask me if I remembered to do this or that. So we will stay here in North West Panama for two months exploring and maybe do some volunteering. We generally don't believe we end up somewhere unplanned, with out, there being a reason we were brought there. So we are looking around as why God brought us here, I think we are supposed to do something here. I have found a great AA meeting here maybe I'm supposed to talk to someone here about getting sober, it's a great adventure. We will then head back to the states for the summer and then return to Panama City in October. From there we plan to back pack it into Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Muchu Pichu. We have rented a car and have just started to look about. I am showing the boat today to a fellow from Costa Rica. Stay tuned

04/15/2014 | Jim Barlow
Hi David and Leiann, great meeting you at the Pizza place in Alto Boquete this evening. Veronika and I will be reading your blog to share in your continuing adventure. You are really doing it! Bye for now,

Jim and Veronika
Our Trip from Northern Costa Rica to Panama
Dave/Still Sunny
03/21/2014, Boca Chic, Panama

We set off from Playa Del Coco in the morning of February 20th. We fully expected to have some north wind at our back but alas the sailors curse; wind on the nose out of the south. However, sometime that evening we finally got big wind from the NE. We were trying at that point to get around Punta (point) Velas so we needed to head south east. We had the mainsail double reefed and a small headsail up and we were still heavily heeled and bouncing along. Leiann at this point had retired to the v-berth and was not doing well when our forehatch (which we forgot to secure) flew off! Now we had a potential issue. It's not good to have a "hole" in your boat that water can come in whether it is on the bottom or top. We had four to six foot breaking waves hitting our gunnels (side rail) with some making it up on deck. With Leiann still in the v-berth worrying about a breaking wave joining her I doused the jib and grabbed a cushion from down below. I threw it over the hole (hatchway) then took a piece of plywood and lashed that over the cushion. Then I took a sail bag (with a sail in it) and lashed that over everything and voila problem solved, at least for this trip. We continued the next day under much nicer conditions. While talking in the cockpit Leiann let me know that she really did not want to make the 6-8 day trip to Ecuador. I told her I loved her more than sailing (although it was close) and that we could just sell the boat and continue on land down through Panama, Columbia and onto Ecuador and Machu Picchu in Peru. Having that resolved we continued to our scheduled pit stop at Carrillo, having made about 50 miles in 18 hours. We ran into one of our friends there on the sailboat "Tug Tub" (long story on that name). We chatted them up and then slept getting up at 3:30 to get an early start on our next leg, hoping to make the next 50 miles in 14 hours so that we could make it in to our next port in the daylight. Making it in just in time our other friends on Kiviet (another long story) had dinner ready for us as they knew we were coming. We have spent time with Dave and Marjie on Kiviet at other anchorages over our journey. So we had a great dinner and the crew from Tug Tub joined in so we partied into the night (well at least to 9 anyway, (we're all getting old). We spent the next day snorkeling and just relaxing, then had dinner (and drinks, pop for me) on Tug Tub. We parted ways the next day not expecting to ever see these folks again, but we have said that many times only to run into someone unexpectedly, this is the way it is cruising. The rest of the way we were able to day trip it making Leiann happy, no more night storms. We stopped at a park "Manuel Antonio" to see more monkeys , sloths and other jungle creatures. Our next port of call would be the famed Osa Peninsula and Golfito areas. While the rest of Central America is dry this time of the year, these areas stay wet. We were greeted by thunder and lightning as soon as we got there. One morning Leiann looks out the port hole and says "honey there's a hurricane thingy out there". I looked and sure enough the biggest water spout I have ever seen (on tv) was 5 miles from us! We did not get any wind from it but it was eerie to watch as it was so big and so close and continued for 20 minutes. I think most folks will never see (probably happily) one of these freaks of nature, but I felt very special to see one up and personal. We spent a few wet but enjoyable days around Gofito (including another cruisers party get together at Tim's "Land and Sea" cruisers marina hangout. Alas we were out of time on our Visa for Costa Rica and had to finally clear out. We crossed into Panama waters on the 10th of March and then found some other of our friends at a little island with a white sand beach. Jeff and Harmony on Serenity (another long story) like our other friends from other anchorages. We hung out at the island for a couple days roasting lobster (that we bought off a local fisherman) on the beach and snorkeling (me Leiann not so much). The next day we came into Boca Chica, Panama and got checked in. A whole day and $700 later we are now legal to stay in Panama basically for as long as we want. We are looking for a little place to rent and working on selling the boat. So we are now planning to go back to visit family this summer before coming back to continue onto Ecuador! Stay tuned!!!!

03/31/2014 | Vicky
Wow! You sure have had some VERY scary adventures! And it sounds like the adventures ARE going to continue, just hopefully a little safer! Love you two!
Leaving Coco Beach
Hot and dry
02/19/2014, Costa Rica

We are heading out from Coco beach after a two month stay. I have been able to replace the leaking oil seal in the engine as well as removing the head and cleaning the valves. Also we now have a new propeller shaft and new cutlass bearing. The hull has been thoroughly cleaned of all barnacles so should be faster through the water. Leiann is now healthy and ready to resume or journey south. We have enjoyed our time here and had family come visit which was very nice. We have rented a car and have been able to drive around and see some of the country. We bought bicycles and got to ride around so were able to enjoy rides along dirt roads finding monkeys, birds and a biting dog (ouch). We have also been able to do some snorkeling and long walks on the beach. Leiann says we should come back here and retire! I tell her you never know what awaits us down the road. We will be out of email contact for a while so our next blog entry should be at the boarder of Costa Rica and Panama. We will do more exploring of dense rain forest there, then leave to cross to Ecuador 600 miles to the south across open ocean. Stay tuned for more adventures. Pic below is when Dave did the majority of the work on the boat. We actually slept on here as it was going from high tide to low tide. Another blog for another time.

02/22/2014 | Gary
It was good meeting you Lynn and Dave at our group meeting in Ocotal. I hope you have time to stop by again.
03/13/2014 | Jay
I just remembered the name of your boat and need to tell you that Theresa died. Don't know how else to let you know except this blog. E mail me. Jay
Land Based
Leiann/Sunny & Hot
01/30/2014, Playa Del Coco

It's the end of the month and getting closer to our last days in Coco. Dave is working as fast and furious as he can on boat repairs. What does that mean? Well you can only be as fast and furious as these countries will let you. There is a different pace to life and a whole different philosophy. You cannot tell them you will go somewhere else as that isn't usually an option. You work with who is here and what they have. Luckily we found a couple places that so far are working. One Dave is allowed to do his own work and the other the guy is doing the work....well he is attempting to do the work at a very slow pace and at Dave having to explain every time what it is he wants. We think there may be a little tipping going on, and we don't mean with money.
We have to go with the flow as right now the engine is out on the galley floor and the parts are being "worked" on. A little frustrating but we are learning that this is how life is here. The only time issue we have is that the boat needs to leave here by the 12th of March. Sounds like it is doable right? Let's hope so, otherwise we have to put the boat in bond and that is a whole 'nother can of worms and one we prefer no to have to open.
In the meantime we are finding things to keep us occupied. We recently rented a car to meet some old friends, Debbie & Jean, in another town down the coast when they came in on a cruise ship.(that is them in the photo) There we were just enjoying lunch and the company when some slime had to ruin the day by taking Debbie's purse. Luckily we got her back on the ship minus her passport and the ship's crew took care of the details for that item. One thing we did learn was that there really are professionals in the robbery business. He was so slick we never even saw it happen and her purse wasn't in an easy place to get. Hopefully the rest of their cruise is uneventful but enjoyable.
Another time we went to lunch at some people's home in Hermosa Beach, just down the road from Coco. We actually met Sam when he offered to give us a ride back to Coco from Immigration. We were waiting for a bus and he thought we had been o the same plane as him so stopped to see if we were ok. Then he offered us a ride. How nice is that? But then he and his wife, Camillia, invited us to lunch at their house. It was an incredible meal that started with appetizers all the way through dessert. It was like being in a restaurant and it was delish! We got there about noon and ended up not only having lunch but having Pizza for dinner and not leaving until 9:30. Is this overstaying our welcome???
Those are just a couple things we have done. the rest of the time we ride our bikes or go for walks to the beach. We finally got to see some Howler monkeys. All the way here people kept telling us how the Howler's would be running rampant. Well they have been on vacation I think as we have only heard them a couple times and seen them just as many. We have plans of going monkey hunting later today.
Sunday is the big game day for our Seahawks and we will be watching somewhere with a big screen. We have managed to watch the last 3 games and have been following all the fun our state is having with the team and as the 12th man. There are some incredible stories and we love following along with all the other fans.
On Monday we are getting guests! Yeah! My cousin Jimmy and his wife Ellen will be here to visit. I love when people from home visit. The last time we had a visitor was 2012. Looking forward to "showing" them around. So that is somewhat a part of our life lately. there is more but will leave that for another blog and to keep you on your toes. Adios Amigos!

02/09/2014 | It's your Mom
I get to your blog so late but I think of you all of the time. It sounds like you are ready to move to on. Stay safe and have fun. Live Mom
Pura Vida
nice 80's to low 90's
01/07/2014, Coco Beach

Well we have been in Costa Rica for almost a month now and have enjoyed renting an apartment with A/C, hot "potable" water and a Pool! We recently bought a couple bikes so we can ride to town 1.2 miles and also do some exploring. The other day we were riding "off the beaten path" so to speak when we were chased by two dogs. I yelled for Leiann to pedal as fast as she could and did not know she had been bitten until after the fact. She says I am always making her go to unsafe (unexplored) places. She is now all healed up no rabies. The little town of Coco beach (Play De Coco) is a small rough tourist town, very safe. It's more expensive than the countries we been for the last two years, but we still manage to find good deals when we get out of tourist central. The hotel s here are in the 2-4 star variety but there are 5 stars around for those with deep pockets. While Leiann relaxes at the house (she did have a little medical condition that required her to get out of the heat for while, ie bad rash) I have been getting some things done on the boat. I had to move the boat as it was in a pretty crowded area. This prevents putting enough scope (length of rope and or chain), the longer the scope the better holding power. So now it's got 200 foot out in 35 foot of water with a secondary anchor to boot. I sleep a little better now. I also hired a guy to watch it along with daily water taxi service. I have now pulled the engine and placed it on the galley floor. It had a small (but getting worse) oil leak. I have ordered a gasket set for it from the states and I'm busy trying to get it here. I am also trying to pull the propeller shaft to have it straightened/ balanced as it has developed a pretty good vibration. I am having some new oil lines built that had begun to rust. And I'm having a adapter built so I can run a larger alternator. This will decrease run time when we are just making electricity and give me a spare in the process, always nice to have. We had just planned to be here (Coco beach) for a month, but with the boat work decided to stay for two and then will continue down the coast. We have to have the boat out of Costa Rica by March 9 or face fines. This is because of what they call temporary import laws, every country has them but Costa Rica's is very short and strict. But that's fine as the best time to head to Ecuador is in March anyway. We will put up some pictures of inland travel soon. We plan to visit Rincon volcano and park soon. Pura Vida (pure life)

01/13/2014 | mom
I finally read your blog and it sounds like you have a great spot. Enjoy the sun and the warmth its a little chilly up here but a great winter so far. Go Hawks your Mom
01/15/2014 | Vicky
Wow, Dave! You are amazing with all you can do!
Costa Rica
80's with some overcast skies
12/18/2013, Coco beach

With the constant wind coming off Nicaragua one would think we could have a nice downwind sail. We timed our departure to avoid heavy winds but ended up having none and had to motor all the way around the point (Punta Santa Elana). The point is known for high winds and heavy sea's. We were able to motor right up close and get some good pictures of "The Rock". Most boats in heavy weather stay a mile off this point. We got into Bat Islands that afternoon and anchored they with our friend Greg on Foreign Affair. We woke to park rangers wanting money (the park fee) $15 a head. After some snorkeling and swimming we headed over to Olie's Point, famous for being the spot the North smuggled weapons into the Nicaraguan Contras. We stayed a night there and walked the beach, the surf was a bit of a challenge to land the dingy, we got just a little wet. The next morning headed for Bahia Huevos (egg bay). We stayed a couple days snorkeling and took the dink up the river estuary. Finally we anchored at Coco Beach (La Playa Cocos). This is a small turist town and has lot's of ex-pat grigo's living here. Lots of resturants and hotels. We spent a few days hanging out and checking out the availability of getting some parts and machine work done. Our engine has developed a oil leak that is slowly getting were and our propeller shaft that I had straightened was never perfect so we wanted to work on those issues and a few others when it was convenient and able to find parts which can difficult down here. I thought with all the ex-pats that at least I should be able to communicate and maybe make some connections to help find stuff. So it looks like this is a place to hang for awhile to see the sights and do some repairs (a never endind job). Rather than trying to work on the boat while living in the boat we decided to rent an apartment with air conditioning for Leiann and make it a lot easier to do the work. We found a nice little studio that even has a pool and a short walk to the beach, I may never get Leiann back on the boat. So we will enjoy some Costa Rica and get a few projects done.

02/18/2014 | Sailing Crew Member
“Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness.” – Ray Bradbury

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