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Chrysalis Adventures
Another summer in WA
Hot (can you believe it)
06/27/2015, Washington State

Well it's the end of June and we are once again looking forward to returning south. We have spent much time with family and will certainly miss our grandsons when we leave. We are planning to do some retracing of our route south via back pack and see some of our friends that we made cruising down the coast. We plan to fly from Seattle down to San Diego. Then take a bus to Esenada where we have friends "Pat and Lynn" of S/V Cricket. They have bought a house just south of Esenada and have invited us to stay awhile with them. We will then plan to take a bus down to La Paz where we have friends that have their boats there. We will be taking the ferry over to the mainland (Mazatlan), and from there will take a bus down to a favorite place we stayed at San Blas. We plan to stay there for a little while (week or two) then fly down to Boquete Panama where we again try and do some volunteer work for a couple months. From there we will pick up where we left off in January and go visit the Kuna Indians on the San Blas Islands. From there we will take a ferry to Columbia and continue our trek to Muchu Pichu. Stay tuned for more adventures to come!

08/22/2015 | Karin and Gerard ten Broek
Dear leianne and Dave,
It is years ago but suddenly I thougt of you! What a brave poeple you are wauw all those adventures ! We are the couple from the Netherlands who met you in Nicaragua and saved the anchor of the Chrysalis. If you don't remember iT doesn't matter we just liked to read about your adventures. We hope you are allright and wish you a save journey.
Love Karin and Gerard
Family emergency
Cold and rainy
03/14/2015, USA

We have been back in the USA for a couple months now so thought I should update the blog. Not sure if anyone is still reading it but just in case. We had to return home due to a family emergency after being in Panama for almost a month. It seems like a long ago now. We are longing to be back in the warmth as it has been in the 50's and 60's here; cold for us but warm for Wa, state in February. Our family emergency is now under control but it is to late in the season to return now. We will most likely head back down in late summer or early fall. We plan to head back to Boquete Panama as we really liked it there and we liked volunteering at the children's handicapped center. After a few months in Boquete we will again head for the San Blas Islands on Caribbean side of Panama (home to the kuna Indians); then off again crossing the Caribean over to Columbia onto Ecuador and Muchu Pichu. So we will enjoy the summer with the grandkids and family. We are staying with our daughter at the moment but will return to our home in our little 20ft trailer on the Skagit river. I will update the blog through our stay although it will most likely not be to exciting to our readers. So stay tuned more Chrysalis Adventures await in South America.

Portabello hostel Wundabar
01/12/2015, Panama

We arrived back in Panama City on the 29th of January. We made it from the airport to our hotel without incident. Our room was adequate but basic, what do you want for $35 a day. We arranged to go meet an old cruiser friend who sailed his boat down to the canal from Boca Chica where we sold Chrysalis. After a nice visit and meeting other old cruiser friends we headed back to our hotel. We try not to be out after dark and our hotel in not in the prettiest (safest) part of town. But alas we were out a little late with our visits so it was dark on the way back. On recommendation from our friend we took a local bus into town to save a little money but were dropped off in a really bad (dangerous) part of town, so we got in the next taxi and did not quibble about the price. We spent two nights at our hotel so that we could go get yellow fever vaccinations (required for our trip to Columbia). We took a rather nice bus from Panama City to Colon for only $3 each. When we got to Colon (known to be dangerous) we immediately got on the bus going to Portabello and out of the City. We felt a definite difference here from all other Latin Cities we had been to. No hellos or smiles here. We got on the bus but despite the fact that there were plenty of seats we were denied a set and made to stand. It was very hot and felt very hostile. Looking at the likely hood of having to stand for the next 2 hours we decided to get off and look for a taxi knowing if would be expensive. We tried to walk away from the bus terminal as taxis are notorious for charging higher rates at airports and bus stations. Before we got one foot from the terminal a police officer and a solider stopped us and asked were we going. We told them and were told not to leave the terminal as it was very dangerous! The solider then proceeded in trying to get us a cab for the price he said was reasonable $40. The first cab said good price for you $80! After several cabs we finally settled for $60 as we needed to get out of there. After a short while our taxi said problemo, his wife who was pregnant needed to go to the hospital so he would have to get us another cab, don't worry. He did get us another taxi but worry we did when our taxi veered off the main road and down into what looked like a ghetto. I asked if this was the way to Puerto Lindo and they indicated yes. There was another man besides the driver, which is unusual and who just happened to be drinking beer. The driver and his side kick would not talk to us and were busy on the phone non-stop. We were starting to plan our escape. I told Leiann I thought I could take them and then we would have to steal the taxi. As we drove along in the ghetto groups of men nearly blocked our way asking for money. At each one of these "blockades" was a stuffed dummy (white bed sheets). We were getting very nervous. Finally we came out onto the main road on the coast and we could now see the Caribbean, we felt much better! We got to our hostel unharmed. We told our hosts of our experience and they told us the taxi took a short cut, the blockades were people trying to collect money for the fireworks on the New Year and the dummy was a tradition to burn as part of the celebration. We have now been at our hostel for 12 days and have enjoyed the laid back lifestyle. We are 15 miles from town so have to take a bus into town for internet so only go a few times a week, Say it isn't so. We have enjoyed many walks in the jungle, seeing monkeys and a baby sloth and toured several Spanish Fort ruins. Columbus landed here on his fourth and final voyage still thinking he was in India. Lots of looted Inca and Aztec gold was shipped here after being trekked over from the pacific side. Stories of pirate invasions and cannon warfare abound in the local history. We have another couple weeks here before we make the crossing over to Columbia. So we have lots more to explore before we move on so we will post again before we leave Panama.
Stayed tuned for more Chrysalis Adventures

Getting ready to leave the US
Cold and wet
12/17/2014, Bellingham, Wa

We are getting excited to be heading out soon. 11 days left in the US. We have made our reservation at the hostel we will be staying at in Panama, Hostel Wundabar. The hostel is on the Caribbean side near the little town of Portabello. We will explore the jungle and little islands while we wait for our ship (sail boat) to come in. We will be sailing aboard a 47 foot mono hull with eight other passengers so it's going to me intimate. We will stop in the San Blas Islands for two days to explore the white sand, snorkel and meet the famous San Blas natives. We are busy storing what little we own and getting ready to leave our little 20 foot trailer that has been a cozy home for our stay here. We will store it so when we come back for another (shorter) visit we will have a place to stay. Hopefully back on the river as it was a nice place to hang last summer. Our next blog entry will be from the jungle in Panama, so stay tuned.

12/24/2014 | Mike Montchalin
So long as there is a boat in your plans, I won't have to worry. Have fun in the Caribbean!
01/03/2015 | Rabih
Looking forward to see some pics from san blas.
Enjoy it :))
01/16/2015 | bill wethington
We are still in the US this year. Wish we were going with you.
How plans change
Cold as hell
11/14/2014, Skagit County Wa. State

As cruisers we always herd that cruisers plans are made in the sand at low tide, very subject to change. Being retired we don't mind change. We have had some family issues come up that require that we stay until after Christmas. Family comes first so no problemo we stay, although we are not acclimated to the cold!!! It's November 14th and currently 28 degrees outside! Ice in the fields has not melted in a couple of days. This is our first winter since 2010/11 so the cold is a bit of a shock. The warm sunny (HOT) days in Mexico and Central America seem a distant memory. Did we really just spend three years and 4,000 miles on a very small boat? I find myself longingly looking at sailboat adds these days. But my wife and love of my life has had enough of ocean sailing so I am content to just window shop. We are looking forward to getting back down south; only six weeks away. I'm sure it's going to go very fast with the holidays. We have our back packs ready to go and short of this 20 foot trailer and an old buick everything thing we own will fit in two back packs! It's rather freeing to own so little and we are content to keep it that way. It free's us up to travel where we please. When we get to Ecuador we will again rent a small place to use as a base so we can explore. We will be keeping up our blog if only so that we can look back at our adventures, but we really enjoy sharing the experience. So if you stop by the blog please leave a message so we know you were here. Greeting and salutations, happy Thanks giving and Christmass. Dave and Leiann

11/25/2014 | Mike Montchalin
Welcome back to the Pacific Northwest! Too bad it is winter. Have you ever considered winter-sailing in Puget sound?
12/12/2014 | June and Dennis
Shamaness congratulates you on a fine cruise.
We are continuing to do the San Carlos to Baja to LaPaz to Mazatlan to LaCruz loop...but everything getting harder every year!
12/13/2014 | Andrew
PCNW (Portland) boat builder checking in. Enjoy your new phase and new adventures.
12/13/2014 | Fred - N7KRN
Hope you have a good Christmas up here and maybe we'll get to see you next week?
Summer in Washington State, USA
Finally warm
07/29/2014, On the banks of the Skagit River

Summer in Washington State
I can't believe we have been back two months now. We have been quite busy with family and friends. When we first got home, well having no home, we rented a hotel for a few days so the grandsons could come over and swim and hang out with Grampa and Grama. Then we headed over to Eastern Wa to Leiann's sisters farm for a few days. We took the boys (age 3 and 4) with as they were stoked to go hang out at a real farm. We also got to take the boys to a train museum as they both are "Thomas the Train" freaks. The kids nearly drove Roy and Alisa (and us nuts), but they did get to: feed the chickens, hang with the cows and horses, throw the ball for the dogs and in general have a great time. We headed back to Western Wa (with the car that Roy and lisa had picked up for off Craigs list, only $900, deal, got another hotel for a couple days until Roy and Lisa could pull their 20" trailer over for us to live in while we are here. We now have more room than we did on the boat, television, internet and a nice shower "Living it Up". The coolest thing about living in a 20 ft travel trailer is it's parked on the banks of the Skagit River, where we take long walks on the dike with Eagle and falcons to watch. We (Leiann) have been visiting old friends non-stop, me only two friends so not so much. Had a birthday for our youngest grandson, went golfing with one of my two friends, helping my other friend build a hot rod, visited my family on the Olympic Peninsula, had a couple forth of July parties with fire works, house sat a home for a friend for two weeks, had a big birthday party for Leiann's 59th, with lot's of crab!, did I mention, going crabbing several times so as to have enough crab for Leiann's party, buying a couple nice REI back packs off E-Bay -CHEAP!,did I mention visiting a lot of friends? People ask me "do you miss the boat" definitely. But we are looking forward to our next adventure and spending more time with those grandsons before it is time to go again. We have been training with our packs taking longer and longer hikes and adding more and weight. I have been spending a lot of time researching our travel route through Columbia, Ecuador and onto Peru, hostels we will stay at, things to see and renting a place in Quenca Ecuador to use as a home base for further exploration. We may be able to do a little side trip into the Amazon rain forest and do some volunteer work with the indigenous peoples of Ecuador. So we have another two months here that I am sure will be action packed (with some down time thrown in). Stay tuned for our departure to South America in mid October!

10/04/2014 | Vicky
It was nice to see you two today! I will be looking up these areas on the map and looking forward to reading more!

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