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08 May 2012 | Acapulco
HOT 80-90
After leaving Zee Wat we had 200 miles to get to Acapulco. We had our buddy boat (Epiphany) tagging along with us, this meant two nights at sea. We had a nice cruise down without any difficulty. Lots of dolphins,(see Leiann's pic of dolphin tailwalking in next post) sea turtles, jelly fish and one whale. On both nights at sea we had a strange occurrence. The first night while being 12 miles off shore not one but two butterflies came inside the cabin stayed the night and left the next morning. Then the next night another one did the same thing. Now if you think of what the odds are of having this occur 12 miles off shore, add to that a boat named Chrysalis that has two butterflies painted on the side, seems like a sign aaaay. We came into Acapulco in the morning. It's a very large bay with craggy rocks and breaking waves on either side of the entrance. As we rounded into the bay it was amazing how deep it was, this makes it a challage to anchor. We need between 15 - 40 feet depth to anchor safely (5 to 1 scope). We could not find a place to anchor. The yacht club had said they did not have any vacant mooring and wanted $100 a night at their dock, which we cannot afford. We cruised around looking for a place to light. The other marina had space but we could not raise them on the radio to get a price. Finally we found what looked to be an unsued mooring ball and we figured what's the worst they can do, ask us to leave?. We spent two nights on the mooring and got the dinghy in the water and went over to the yacht club where Epiphiny was staying the night. All of us walked around a bit then me and Leiann got taxi and went and foound the town square. After a delightful evening we headed back to the boat for the night. The next morning we took the dink over to the other marina to find out what they charged. They told us that they were under construction so would let us stay for $37 a night! However we were not supposed to use the pool but they would make an exception for us because we were so nice. Back to the boat with the dink, and back to the dock with Chrysalis. After getting all paperwork done and fee's paid we headed up to the pool which we had all to our self. The view from the pool of the harbour was amazing we have to pinch ourselves from time to time to see if we are really here.(some of you might have seen the pics on FB) We spent most of the next day at the pool waiting for Michael and Diana(from Epiphiny) to come over to this marina. They got their in the late afternoon. We hung at the pool for a while longer than got a taxi over to see the cliff divers. We had an amazing evening having dinner and watching these brave hombres (men in espanol) dive from the cliff. If you don't know about divers they have to time there dive with the surging swell to make sure that they don't hit the bottom only fifteen feet deep (if you time it right!). We were approached by two of the divers after the show(they looked so young) and they asked us if we enjoyed the show we said yes and gave them a good tip. The divers are not paid, they only get what they recieve in tips! We also got a floor show included with the price of dinner, traditional Mexican and an Aztec dance depictng a hunter and deer. Our vist to Acapulco was over six nights and we tried to see as much as we could in that time so enough for now, more in the next post.
Vessel Name: Chrysalis II
Vessel Make/Model: 1964
Hailing Port: Port Townsend, Wa
Crew: Dave & Leiann
After getting together I talked Leiann into buying and rehabing an old Coronado 25. We spent all summer of 2001 rehabing, got married at Bowman Bay (Deception Pass) then sailed into the sunset together. We sailed that little 25 for the next 6 years before buying our Cascade 29. [...]
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