Cruise aboard J-46 #33, CIELITA.
Gearing Up
05/05/2007, Ardfern, Scotland

Gathering information and working on logistical details for this summer's big adventure: Scotland to Shetland to Spitsbergen, then down the west coast of Norway to Denmark or Germany.

Norway 2007
Getting Excitied
Ned C
04/25/2007, Still on the hard in Ardfern

Plans are proceding. The charts have arrived. The cruising permit is pending. The crew has signed on for each leg. The yard has completed most of the repairs. The trip to Spitsbergen is going to be a great adventure in the highest possible sailing latitudes anywhere on the planet !

Norway 2007
Plans for Heading North in 2007
Ned C
04/21/2007, Ardfern, Scotland

After successfully completing a circumnavigation of Ireland in the summer of 2006, Cielita will be headed to Svalbard and Norway for the 2007 season, departing Adrfern, Scotland in early July, transiting the Caladonian Canal, sailing up to Shetland, and then heading way north to Spitsbergen and 80 degrees north latitude. In August, we will return to northern Norway and cruise south along the Norwegian coast - an ambitious but very exciting cruise track.

Norway 2007

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