Cruise aboard J-46 #33, CIELITA.
Artic Adventure
Ned C
06/25/2007, Ardfern, Scotland

Soon we'll be beginning our voyage and heading for Arctic waters, after transiting the Caladonian Canal and stopping in Shetland to pick up more crew.

Svalbard or Bust
Ned C
06/22/2007, Still in Ardfern

Our first port of call in Norway will be Longyearbyen, the capital of Svalbard, on the island of Spitsbergen at about 78 degrees north latitude. We plan to arrive in Svalbard waters around July 20. Time and weather permitting, we hope to get up to northern Spitsbergen and 80N !

Norway 2007
Getting Ready to Jump Off
Ned C
06/16/2007, Sill in the yard

Hopefully all will be in order for our departure on July 4 and the start of another great sailing adventure in high northern latitudes.

Norway 2007

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