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Cielito Lindo
Don't try this at home!
Mary/sunny and cool
08/05/2009, Tobermoray to Port Elgin

We had the most difficult sail we have ever experienced on our way to Port Elgin. We clocked winds at 37 knots, which is close to 50 mph! The waves were at least 12 feet! Not our idea of fun! The national weather forecast did not indicate that any of this was going to happen, otherwise we would never have set out. On the way our dinghy flipped, which slowed us down trermendously! It ended up being a 12 hour trip! We are leaving Port Elgin today for Goderich as we make our way down the Candian side of lake Huron. The weather seems to have calmed down and looks like we will have a high pressure system in the area for the next few days.

08/05/2009 | Dance Aweigh
Wow!!!!!!! Hope the dinghy motor's OK - good thing it's fresh water! Fair winds.
Margaret & Rich.
08/06/2009 | Mary
We're not sure. We'll have to have it serviced when we get back. I think we have insurance on it too:)
Mary/sunny and cool
08/05/2009, Tobermoray

We spent just one day on Tobermoray as we are on a schedule to be back in Sandusky, and need to sail while the weather is good.

Mary/sunny and cool
08/05/2009, Killarney

From Little Current we went to Killarney where we stayed two days before setting off to Tobermoray. We are on the return journey now.

Mary/sunny and cool
08/05/2009, On the way to Killarney

Can you tell we love lighthouses?:)

Mary/sunny and cool
08/05/2009, every evening!

On Alaina Jade every evening

Little Current
Mary/warm and summery!
07/30/2009, North Channel

We have been in Little Current since yesterday and will be leaving for Killarney tomorrow. This is a really darling town, and we are at the City Marina which means that we are within walking distance of everything. I've done laundry (that's it, now, no more for the rest of the trip) and we have stocked up on supplies. We have really enjoyed walking around and discovering cute places to buy souvenirs. We are currently in an internet's a boaters' world, after all!

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