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Sept 11
09/11/2011, Dock Eye Eye (II)

"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." --Bertha Calloway
A quiet peaceful morning, with our friend the 2011 offspring of Mr. + Mrs Ollie Osprey - Junior. Junior is the survivor, we think after the nest got whacked by a huge barge while he was still an egg, notice the lean. The osprey family usually has 2-3 chicks that survive fledging. Junior spends his morning chirping ( a loud chirp) hoping his ma will bring him a nice fresh fishy for breakfast...not!! Junior gives up by lunch and goes off to catch his own. The empty nest syndrome in reverse. Tough love works!!

If you get a chance catch Steven Spielberg's TV special on the 9/11 memorial. Another remarkable piece of work by a film-making genius.

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